Why Valentine Is A Good Occasion To Sell Personalized Products?

Valentine’s Day is approaching closer, so today let’s not talk about all the boring theories. Valentine is definitely considered as one of biggest events of the year. Why? Because not simply it represents the symbol of love, it’s also a good chance for merchants from all around the world to sell goods with theme. This includes print-on-demand merchants for certain, I mean, who can even resist a product that contains a design representing love vibes on it?

In fact, according to Savvy – a shopper marketing agency, although only 38% of customers said they were actually planning on getting involved in Valentine’s Day celebrations, those who do celebrate the occasion go all out, with a third of those involved intending to spend more by trading up to pricier products. Also according to the National Retail Federation, while the number of people who celebrate the holiday is going down, spending is actually going up. Think with Google also published that number of searches for Valentine is actually started right after Christmas ended.

We used to think that in this day, only chocolate and luxury goods can increase their sales. But you may have missed an important point, not everyone can actually afford luxury goods and definitely not the entire world love chocolate that much. For print-on-demand, personalized products are assuredly a good choice for Valentine’s gift. Imagine if your lover gives you a gift on Valentine’s with your name and his or her name on it, also a figure of you two. Would that be even more romantic?

During this special event, it would be best if you can combine your Valentine collection with some promotion offer. You can allow your customers to purchase as a combo, or buy 1 get 1 free would also help you to boost major sales. The idea of this is to encourage people purchase your product as a couple, which also fits the holiday theme.

So, have you come up with any idea for Valentine’s Day? There’s only 2 weeks and a half left, better hurry up because this occasion is definitely the biggest event that you need to focus on in February.

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