9 Marketing Activities That Will Boost Conversion Rate of Your Online Business

Opening an online store isn’t easy. Not only that you need to take care of all the functions within your store, but also you will need to do marketing for your online store, in order to actually generate more sales.

To help you to find a suitable marketing activities for your store easier, let’s find out top 9 marketing activities that surely will boost your store conversion rate.

1/ Email marketing

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Although email marketing performance is not impressive in the recent years, but it’s still an essential marketing activity for merchants.


Because not only email marketing is a direct contact channel, it’s also an internal method to share special promotion deal, or product information (e.g. new collection, items,…) to your customers.

You can rather send newsletter, share a blog recommendations, or offer unique discount code. All can be done with an email campaign. This tactic is actually very effective to retend your customers and to keep customer loyalty. Thus, don’t hesitate to think if this marketing method will work. Because it will work with benefits coming along in the long run.

2/ Customer testimonials

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This is very important to actually convert your visitors from all kind of sources. Testimonials, in this case, are customer reviews for their purchases. It will help to confirm your store credibility to new customers. Imagine you visit a new store that you’ve ever bought from it before and it’s also online. Without any product feedback, would you spend your money on something that its quality hasn’t been confirmed?

This is a common psychology of any buyer, including yourself too, so think as a customer first. What will you look for within an online store, if you want to purchase something from them? Answer can be differentiated on many levels, for different niches. But one thing won’t change for sure, is that they will look for feedback of the product.

Testimonials is actually can feel difficult for those who are just starting up with a new store, but there’s always a trick. There are many tools that can actually help you to generate testimonials to display it on store. Just Google it up: “product reviews tool”, you might find a tool you need easily.

3/ Promotion Marketing: Discount

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Everyone loves discount. In fact, people tend to make purchase and shop even more items during sales promotion. Because they carry a thought that they won’t be able to purchase the product on-sale again, neither with the low price that they’re offered or if it’s gone out of stock.

To make the best out of discount and promotion, the best way is to have plan for it. You can offer a daily, weekly or monthly sales, or offer for new visitors. And lastly, don’t forget about holidays sales, special events are always good occasions to launch promotion campaign to double your store sales.

After Valve, a game developer, the more discounts it offered, the more sales and profit it received (about a 1470% boost in sales and 293% boost in revenue, for a 75% off sale).

4/ Launch giveaway

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This might be a little extraordinary, but it’s a very good method to boost your social channels engagement. Because it can create a trend, in hence, it increases your brand awareness. Since everyone enjoys to receive free goods, so this might be a very good strategy to help your brand boost engagement on social media.

So, how does it work?

Most social media giveaways invite participants to engage with the giveaway post. Participants, thence, will need to like, follow the brand, share giveaway post, and tag a few friends to spread the popularity of the giveaway.

It certainly does a good job, but also feel free to be bolder to add a few more steps like Urban Decay did with its “Get Electric with UD” contest. Participants had to create a Pinterest board featuring images of their favourite festival looks to win tickets to Coachella, the biggest music festival in United States. And after two months, Urban Decay’s Pinterest page received more than 51,000 new fans, which is definitely an impressive proof of how this activity can easily become an online trend.

5/ Referral marketing program

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Used by many popular brands, i.e. Uber, this method can widely increase your brand cover by offering participants to earn along with your store. This means that it’s a win-win situation where you can use the resources of participants to expand your brand popularity, while your participants can earn rewards or money from the program. Referral program targets on inviting your customers to join in voluntarily, since it focuses on the one goal of expanding the accessible persona audience to a larger one.

Uber managed to expand the program over 50 countries in 3 years, by using referral programmes for both riders and drivers (a rider referral earns the new and existing patron ride credits, while a driver referral earns the promoter between $100 and $500).

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6/ Feature user-generated content on social media

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Taking advantage of the growth of social media in the recent years, customers nowadays have a tendency to check-in, post story about moment in their lives. You can follow and repost your customers’ posts which included or mentioned your product. This way can help you to lower build brand credibility and also, represents what potential can have if they purchase your product.

The easiest way to get more engagement from your customers is to encourage them to create more content related to your products. You can stimulate them by offering discount for content that’s featured your product, or launching it as a contest that will have rewards for winner.

This customer engagement method is actually used by Urban Decay in 2016 with hashtag #UrbanDecayCosmetics starting with feature user-generated content, wearing their products on Instagram. Up until now Urban Decay has 11.1M of followers on Instagram and this channel become the biggest social account of the brand.

7/ Customer loyalty program

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This marketing method will be more suitable with online stores that aim to retend customers to re-purchase or re-visit. This program focuses on converting new customers to patrons of the shop. It can start out with a stamp card, where you encourage customers to come back by offering free items once they completed a required number of orders, e.g “With every 5 completed orders, get 1 free product”. Or it can be membership points, where your customers exchange their spending in your store to points. The more points they have, the more valuable rewards that they can redeem.

As an example, you can check out the Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar of Sephora, their program follows the latter system, using tiers and rewards like exclusive products to keep its patrons coming back for more.

8/ Start a Youtube or Blog channel

This is one of the rare methods that can effectively attract more organic leads to your store. It’s a very attractive way to apply search engine strategy for your store. Because it won’t cost you a cent to create a new Youtube channel or a blog account.

Assuming that you have a Youtube channel. On your channel, you can create content about your personal life, your products selling,… anything. Moreover, you can gain subscribers and fans from the channel, which gives you a consistent audience.

This process works the same with blog channel and blog articles. Your articles find potential readers on Google search engine then converts them to buyers via blog content. I would suggest you to use Medium to start a blog channel since this platform can easily push your article to top search result, so you don’t need to worry much about the article settings.

9/ Online marketing advertisements

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Last but not least, the most-used paid method that you should really know: Online advertisements. These ads can be seen anywhere online, from mobile apps to your social accounts. But for online stores, 2 main channels should be your top focused are search engine and social media.

After the Search Engine Journal, Google Ads is the most productive advertisement network to apply for model pay-per-click (PPC). Since Google is the biggest search engine platform in the world, this is the best channel for you to start advertising your product. Following Google Ads are Bing Ads, AdRoll and Yahoo are the channels that recorded a respective number of search results.

Moving on to social media, top 4 of advertising platforms that you should try are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Amongst the 4 listed platforms, I would recommend you to focus and put on some efforts to Facebook and Instagram. These are the 2 most-converted platforms for online store, since it shares the system, i.e., Facebook, so it can back up to each other in order to display your ad more efficiently.

For more details on these 2 platforms: Facebook Ads and Google Ads, I will explain and give detailed instructions in my next articles.

So, what method do you think that is most suitable to your store? Is there any method you want to try or you want to know more information about? Well, comment to me below so I can keep on producing more helpful articles to you.

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