teeinblue affiliate

Join teeinblue affiliate program to earn up to 50% first month and 30% recurring commission

Becoming a teeinblue affiliate, you help us achieve the dream of growing Shopify community while enjoying these following benefits


Alluring commission rate

Boost your passive income with up to 50% first month and 30% recurring commission whenever your customers upgrade to a higher plan. We have three tiers with different commission accordingly to how many upgrades you gain.

Easy to manage

You will have a platform to track and analyze your performance, earnings and other related activities of customers. These data give you insights and strategies to achieve your desired goals.

Extra support

You and your customers gain our ultimate help whenever a problem arises.

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Step 1: Sign up

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Step 2: Use teeinblue link

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Step 3: Enjoy your commission

By requesting on our platform for all your hard work

Level of Commission rate

Level 1 2 3
Required Number of Upgrades 3 10 20
First Month Rate 30% 40% 50%
Recurring Month Rate (From 2nd Month) 10% 20% 30%