Special Discount from Teeinblue Provider Partners

Special Discounts from Teeinblue Provider Partners


To help you sell more this BFCM, we've partnered up with our provider partners to get the most appealing discounts for Teeinblue users. Let's find out more what you'll get below!

1. Discount from Dreamship

Dreamship is an American tech company, that understands The US's customers' needs and the US's quality standards. Dreamship is a good fit for merchants who want to build a long-term business, and/or a sustainable brand. High product quality, reliable production, and shipping can help merchants to get positive customer reviews. Besides, merchants also benefit from Dreamship's big partnership programs such as Google, Paypal, Amazon, Twitter, and Stripe. 

Top Products from Dreamship to sell this BFCM

  • Ornament ( Dreamship has 11 types of ornament made from Ceramic, Metal, & Wood)
  • Pillow

  • Doormat

  • Canvas

Dreamship discount for Teeinblue users

The offer is only valid for new Dreamship sellers

>> Sign up Dreamship at: https://app.dreamship.com/signup. Fill in the Referral Code: TEEINBLUE to get the offer.

2. Discount from ShineOn

ShineOn offers premium print-on-demand products with HUGE margins such as personalized jewelry, necklaces, bangles, watches, and more. Your orders ship FAST from ShineOn’s vertically integrated facilities in the USA and the EU. ShineOn built the entire business around the needs of sellers, and provides FREE world-class training and support on not just how to use the ShineOn app, but how to SELL your products amazingly well on TikTok, Facebook, Amazon, Etsy, and more!

Top products of ShineOn to sell for BFCM

  • Interlocking necklace

  • Forever necklace

  • Love knot necklace

ShineOn discount for Teeinblue users

>> Install ShineOn app here: https://apps.shopify.com/shineon. ShineOn team will message you to apply the discount


3. Discount from Gelato

Gelato powers print production for creators, entrepreneurs, and enterprises who sell their products online to customers anywhere in the world. Gelato production is local with 100+ printing partners in 33 countries, delivery is faster and shipping distances and carbon emissions are reduced. They process millions of print jobs each year for creators and startups to large enterprises.

Top products of Gelato to sell for BFCM

  • Canvas

  • Poster

  • Mug

  • Phonecase

Gelato discount for Teeinblue users

>> Sign up to get the discount from Gelato: https://forms.gle/LD1S9uhh8QWHWgcj7


4. Discount from Shirtee.Cloud

Shirtee.Cloud is a POD provider from Germany with years of experience in textile printing, an extensive machine park, and large storage areas.

Top products of Shirtee.Cloud to sell for BFCM

  • Mug

  • Pillow

  • T-shirt

  • Hoodie

  • Canvas

Shirtee.Cloud discount for Teeinblue users

>> Sign up to get the discount from Shirtee: https://forms.gle/46sY3obYu6BiVAXo6

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