Print-on-demand Trends 2023: Best Products & Design Ideas to Sell

Print-on-demand Trends 2023: Best Products & Design Ideas to Sell

print on demand trends 2023

Which items can give you the highest profit next year in a sky of print-on-demand products? To help you have a clear vision for the new year, Teeinblue will suggest the hottest print-on-demand trends 2023. Let’s follow the article to pick up worthy products, extraordinary design ideas, and practical business tips to launch successful campaigns in 2023.

1. Top 8 Trending Print-on-demand Products for 2023

The print-on-demand trend is constantly changing when 2023 comes. Are apparel, jewelry, and home decor still the best products to sell next year? Take a quick tour now!

Pet Print-on-demand Products

Surprisingly, people in the US had spent up to 123.6 billion dollars on their pets (2021 Statistics of APPA). This number increases by 20 billion in comparison with 2020. When the market’s growth is in the fastest period, it is an excellent chance for you to start campaigns for pets.

top trending Print-on-demand Products

The overall the pet industry in the US (Source: APPA)

People regard dogs, cats, etc., as best friends and family members. Therefore, the products for pets are as diverse as humans. Here are the most popular pet print-on-demand products for you to sell:

  • Pet clothing ideas include tank tops, shirts, coats, sweaters, etc. These items can bring an adorable look and keep them warm.
  • Pet bandanas: It is a piece of cloth to tie around the head or the neck of pets. Designing a bandana is very simple. You can start with a monochrome or pattern style.
  • Pet beds: Pets often play and scratch on beds, so most people have to buy a new mattress yearly. Cute, funny, delicious symbols are the hottest print trends.
  • Bowls: All pets need at least a bowl for a meal. The best idea is to print the pet’s name on the bowl.
  • Collars and Tags: Personalizing this accessory with customers’ text and favorite designs will be the top trend in 2023.
  • Pet blankets: It is essential to take care of the sleep of four-leg friends. Completing your print-on-demand products for pets will keep your customer staying longer and buying more.


Apparel or clothing has been one of the largest industries in print-on-demand market since the first days. From 2017 - 2020, despite Covid-19, the CAGR of this market kept growing at 12% (ComCap). The future for apparel is positive because the need for these products constantly expands.

Apparel trend forecast

Apparel is an evergreen idea to sell (Source: ComCap)

A large number of merchants has achieved significant revenue with the below products:

  • T-Shirts: Vintage, NFTs, and rainbow core designs will make a splash in 2023. So, prepare them as soon as possible to catch the trend.
  • Athleisure and sportswear: This product line is flourishing more than ever because of the body-positive movement, technological innovation, etc. Don’t forget to add them to your store.
  • Leggings: This niche is the queen of the apparel industry. Some sellers even can build million-dollar stores by starting with leggings.
  • Hoodies and Sweatshirts: You can sell thin hoodies for summer or fall, the thicker ones for winter. Think out of the box and impress your target audience with excellent designs.
  • Denim Jackets: They are new and high-profit. Embroidered denim jackets are worth selling for the 2023 fall.

Extra: Unisex clothing is emerging to explode when Gen Z consumers gradually occupy most of the market. Genderless fashion, such as joggers, T-shirts, and oversized items are the best to start.


60 billion will be the value of the global costume jewelry market by 2026 (Statista). It is near as twice the value in 2021. People often custom jewelry to gift to their friends and family.

It is a good idea to sell print-on-demand jewelry on 2023 special days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. Best-selling pieces are:

  • Bracelets: Silver, gold, stainless steel, and leather-strapped are the easy-to-print materials for this jewelry.
  • Necklaces: Engraved titanium, silver, and gold are the most popular materials because they are precious and meaningful. Your customer can print their photo on the surface and make a custom name.

Jewelry buyers prefer a store that helps them customize the message card. Consider connecting these two products to offer a better shopping experience.

jewelry print trends

The Clover necklace design is well-liked

Fashion Accessories

Along with clothes, accessories play an important role in completing an outfit and expressing one’s personality. You can see a lot of merchants selling hats, backpacks, bandanas, etc. But what is the worthiest?

Print-on-demand face masks are the hottest products during the Covid-19 period. Turning to 2023, the below items are on the trend:

  • Socks: You can sell customized items from January to December. The peak season is the fourth quarter. Novelty and fun socks are leading the trend.
  • Beanies: It is a seasonal product line but new and potential. People in long-winter countries such as America or Europe are interested in embroidery, all-over print, or labeled beanies.
  • Bucket hats: It is a high-profit niche to consider. You can choose a group of audiences, such as unisex fans, and then design unique items for them.
  • Hair scrunchies: This small accessory is adorable. You can launch a bulk sale campaign to get more revenue.
  • Flip flops: It is a highly creative idea to print beach or party patterns on flip flops. You can make it for everyone: children, men, women, families, etc.
best print on demand accessories to sell for the new year

Think about small but popular accessories

Home Decor

According to the Global Online Home Decor Market 2022-2026 research, this market will witness a CAGR of 8.92%, an increase of 58.99 billion dollars during 2022-2026.

New niches and trends will open great opportunities for new entrepreneurs:

  • Coffee Mugs have the highest sales volume in the home decor market. It is an essential item for everyone. It is also a meaningful gift and a memorable souvenir.
  • Canvases are diverse in prices (cheap, middle, or luxurious) and styles (minimalism, vintage, etc.). The advice is to do your best with one niche and gradually widen your business.
  • Metal Prints are fresh to the market. It might be hard to find a perfect partner. But if you are one of the first, your store will be the leading business.
  • Wall Decals are ideal alternatives to traditional paintings and canvases. They are cheaper, lighter, and more beautiful. The best target is home renters.
  • Ottomans and Bean Bag Chairs have great potential. This product line is one of the most expensive print-on-demand products. Consider scaling the profit to get a higher amount of sales.

Extra: The fastest-growing areas are Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe. Indoor and eco-friendly home decor items will dominate the market.

Home decor trending products for next year

The Bean Bag Chair is the latest home decor trend

People also love making their houses unique with personal taste. Buying print-on-demand homeware can help them do that. Adding the must-have but niche ideas below to boost your homeware stores:

  • Doormats and carpets: Surprisingly, the doormat market was valued at 5.1 billion dollars in 2018. Customers prefer natural fibers, non-skid, anti-dirt, and beautiful mats. Among them, personalized pet doormats are the top-selling.
  • Pillows and blankets: By following the latest fashion trends, you can get trending ideas for the primary colors and textures of the pillows and blankets.
  • Cushions: Textured fabrics, bold colors, and playful use of cushions are one of the hottest trends for 2023.
  • Trays: Selling multi-function, decorative and inexpensive trays can quickly increase traffic and sales volume for your store.
  • Tumblers: You can keep your customer buying more with a tumbler collection for grandparents, dads, moms, and children.
print on demand trends in homeware for 2023

The Digital lavender color might take the throne next year

Note: There are tons of different ways that you can incorporate different patterns into your cushion design to create a truly unique look. Note that each country, area, or group has a different culture and favorite to avoid cultural conflict.

Tech Accessories

Experts forecast the global mobile phone accessories market can grow by 32.73 billion dollars from 2021 to 2026. Moreover, the search volume for computer accessories and smart home upgrades is increasing.

What print-on-demand ideas will bring you breakthrough revenue in 2023?

  • Phone cases seem to be a must-have item for all smartphones. A personalized phone case can keep their phones in the best status and express themselves. The market is not saturated soon, and 2023 is the golden time for you to start.
  • Laptop accessories include sleeves, cases, and skins. You have multiple target audiences, such as gamers, travelers, students, etc.
  • Popsocket Grips have been on the print-on-demand trend in recent years. Because of their multi-use, they are becoming more and more popular.
future trends in printing tech accessories industry

Don’t skip phone cases

Holiday and Special Event Products

Some print-on-demand trends only rise when a holiday or a special event comes. Don’t miss the most significant shopping seasons and their high-profit products in your 2023 plan:

  • 2023 New Year: Greeting cards, home decor, clothes, etc.
  • Valentine’s Day (14th Feb): T-shirts, mugs, jewelry, etc.
  • Mother’s Day (14th May): Cards, gifts, flowers, etc.
  • Father’s Day (18th Jun): Cards, books, paradigms, etc.
  • American Independence Day (4th Jul): words include “4th Jul 1776”, “Independence,” American flag design, etc.
  • Halloween (31st Oct): Halloween costumes, masks, decorations, etc.
  • Christmas (25th Dec): Ornaments, stockings, ugly sweaters, etc.

Extra: Black Friday (24th Nov) is the best occasion to launch customer appreciation campaigns. Offer them the biggest promotion to increase loyal customers and push sales.

Yoga Products

Yoga is one of the most effective methods to keep the mental and physical state healthy. At present, there are about 300 million yogis. This number is going to increase fast. It opens a lot of great chances for the print-on-demand yoga market.

Check out the high-profit yoga products below:

  • Yoga mats
  • Yoga leggings and pants
  • Yoga bags
  • Yoga blankets
product trend forecast for 2023

A personalized yoga mat brings inspiration for yogis

Extra ideas: Travel Gear is worth selling. The demand for replacement or new items is very on trend after Covid-19. Consider adding these products to your campaigns: luggage, luggage covers, travel bags, passport wallets, and luggage tags.

2. Best Print-on-demand Design Trends in 2023

You have added a promising product list for 2023. Get ready to create supreme designs with the hottest ideas below!

Hottest Ideas to Design Your Artwork

Best-selling designs often include the elements below:

  • Besties: Using a personalization app, you can offer multiple cliparts to help your customer personalize designs with the number of friends, friend names & quotes, etc.
  • Couples: You can add love locks, hearts, hugging couples, kissing couples, holding hands, love anniversaries, girlfriend’s and boyfriend’s names, etc.
  • Animals & Pets: Pet head outline drawing, pet portrait, or humans with pets are the hottest trends. It is wise to create designs of the most popular pet, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, horses, and rodents.
  • Add Text & Quotes: Personalizing text and quotes is the simplest way to make your design unique and exciting. You can collect hot trending sentences or quotations, then change the fonts, sizes, print areas, etc.
2023 design trends

Keep the text short and concise

Besides the four prominent trends above, here are other high-value ideas:

  • Landscape: Paintings, arts, or landscape photos are trendy for canvas printings, yoga mats, or wall decor. Designing yours or paying for trending copyrighted works can diversify the products.
  • Cartoon Characters And Superheroes: The taste of countries and ages is different. For example, kids in the US might prefer Princess Jasmine, Queen Elsa, and Jessica Rabbit. At the same time, children in Asia love Mowgli, Fa Mulan, Candy Chiu, etc.
  • 3D effects: Young buyers tend to transform 2d pictures into three-dimensional landscapes to make cool T-shirts, mugs, tumblers, etc.
  • Brush strokes: There are many types of brush strokes. Each stroke adds to the overall effect and helps to tell a story. You can experiment with different brushes and colors to create the best.
  • Pop culture observations: Popular culture is the aggregate of all forms of art, entertainment, and popular discourse. When at least one element changes, new trends may come.
  • Crypto has become a hot topic in recent years with no signs of stopping. You can custom your product designs with jokes and the symbols of digital or virtual coins and tokens.
  • Holiday/Seasonal signatures: A peak season always comes with special symbols. For example, Christmas has pine trees, snow flowers, stars, holy reindeer, etc.
the best season to sell print on demand product

The fourth quarter of 2023 is the best sales season

2023 Design Styles Trend Forecast

A design style helps you to organize elements, colors, and typefaces into harmonious and attractive artwork. Take a look at the blooming print-on-demand trends for 2023 now!

  • Minimalism: It focuses on simplicity, usefulness, and elegance. So, you need to remove the low-importance elements.
  • Typography is how you adjust font style and structure to generate emotions and send specific messages.
  • Vintage Design: You need to make your design have a similar style to objects from 40 - 100 years ago. A soft and feminine color palette and beautiful, flowing lines characterize this piece.
  • Black and White: Printing black and white is timeless. Stunning designs following this style should focus on solid composition, the subject’s expression, distracting color, texture, shadow, the contrast among elements, and high-contrast light.
  • Doodle Artwork: A doodle is a simple drawing composed of random, abstract lines and shapes. Draw whatever you see, anywhere you want.
  • Psychedelic Art: The art may include highly distorted visuals, bright colors, full spectrums, and animation.
most popular design style for print on demand

An example of a Psychedelic Art

In addition, don’t forget to fill in your idea notebooks with on-trend styles in recent years:

  • Pastel/Monochrome: Themes use one primary color in different tones. By breaking away from traditional paint colors, you will expand your creativity and imagination with soft, pale, and light colors.
  • Horror designs are the most suitable for Halloween. Understanding your audience’s fears will help you to create scary designs.
  • Realistic wildlife: It is for nature lovers and the best to print on mugs, carpets, t-shirts, blankets, etc.
  • Optical illusion art: Creating a design that can deceive the human brain is complex. Starting with literal illusions, physiological illusions, or cognitive illusions is a good choice.
  • Retrofuturistic design: It demonstrates the future world. Consider adding images of eccentric gadgets, machinery, virtual worlds, astronaut, robots, the universe, etc.
  • Gradient: A gradient is a smooth blend of colors that transitions from one end to the other. It is a great way to add visual interest to your print products.
  • Positive vibes: These designs bring comfortable and positive energy. Yellow, green, red, and orange can bring radiance, flexibility, warmth, and cheer.
2023 design trend forecast

Bring to life beautiful designs

3. The Most Effective Business Ideas to Boost Sales in 2023

After the Covid-19 pandemic, customer behavior has changed a lot. Therefore, it is necessary to update the selling strategy.

What Should You Focus On in 2023?

Top print-on-demand sites have earned huge profits thanks to the following:

  • Optimize for mobile shopping: Store design, mobile loading speed, friendly UX and UI, intelligent filter and search feature, product navigation, etc.
  • Sell on multiple channels: Social media and offline channels can extend the reach of your products and help customers buy whenever they want.
  • Choose sustainable niches: Add friendly-environment products, packaging, and shipping options to be the leading merchants.
  • Add personalization options: More and more people love creating their designs. Consider a good product personalizer to offer customized print-on-demand products.
  • Increase subscription: When getting a subscription, your customer can quickly receive your promotion news to buy products at a lower price. Netflix and Spotify are the most effective channels for sellers.
print on demand business trends in 2023

Mobile commerce sales reached $3.56 trillion in 2021

2023 Marketing and Selling Tips for Your Print-on-demand Business

Sweet success always comes to the pioneers. Have you brought these ideas to your business?

  • Add flexible payment options: cash, checks, cards, mobile wallet, QR payment, especially buy-now-pay-later.
  • Live-stream to show your products in intuitive ways.
  • Allow users to respond, discuss and review: It will help you improve the quality of products and services.
  • Recommerce: It is to sell second-hand products and is favored by young buyers.
  • Tiktok marketing: There were up to 1.2 billion monthly active users in the fourth quarter of 2021. You can use this social media by launching ads, renting KOCs, and using Tiktok business.

Besides, consider enabling voice search, adding artificial intelligence, and integrating virtual assistants to enhance the experience for your customer.

You have gained the hottest print-on-demand trends 2023. Which products are you interested in most? Print on demand market is getting more competitive and challenging. Keep your business on track by following our latest forecast to prepare a more effective business plan.


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