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Product Personalization with Teeinblue

Ecommerce experts stated, “Product Personalization is future of Print On Demand Business”. In fact, 80% of consumers would be more likely to purchase if products include personalized elements (Epsilon, 2018). As a result, there is an increasing trend in possessing one-of-a-kind properties with a personal touch. This is when Teeinblue comes in to help you optimize the process of building and managing personalized products in the most efficient way possible. 


I. Who we are

Teeinblue is a product personalization software on Shopify. We aim to help print-on-demand merchants maximize conversions by offering seamless personalization. We pride ourselves on being the best all-in-one personalization software, that can automate the whole selling process. From designing to managing orders and sending them to fulfillment, you can do it all with us.
Teeinblue is built based on our comprehension and broad experience in the SaaS field. We understand clearly the workflow of developing an optimized system. During these years of building software, we have successfully served more than 36,000 merchants across the globe. Each and every feature in Teeinblue is developed through meticulous research, to provide our users with the most innovative and stable solution.

II. Key features of Teeinblue

1. Powerful product personalization options on storefront

You can offer personalized design elements with live previews. This advanced shopping experience will increase your customer engagement.


- Clipart personalization: allow customers to change the figure's hairstyles, skin color, clothes, dog breeds, or any predefined elements that they want.
- Text personalization: allow customers to add their name & personal message. Pre-define font style. Limit characters & autoscale text length.
- Upload Photo: let your customers upload their favorite moments on fixed positions.
- Map styles personalization: allow customers to search specific locations and display artwork under unique map views.
Furthermore, our advanced settings allow you to show/hide options and set a condition for an option to be displayed based on another value (Conditional Logic)

2. Intuitive Artwork Editor

Our Photoshop-like editor makes it easier for you to create stunning personalized designs with multiple templates. In addition, you can add images, text layers, and PSD files to perfect your artwork. All the amazing personalization options can be set up here. 


3. Unlimited Product Base

There's no limitation when it comes to adding products. You can add product catalog from any provider manually or import products from our integrated provider with just-1-click.
We support API connection with 5 most reliable fulfillment providers in the market: Picanova, Dreamship, ShineOn, Customcat, and Printful.  All the necessary information about the product has been automatically filled out for you.


>> Your favorite providers aren't on the list? Explore our instructions on how to add products manually

4. Smart Campaign Editor

This is where the magic happens. Here in Campaign Editor, you need to combine the “raw product” with a personalized design to create a final product on live store. You can upload realistic mockup images that best illustrate your product. For a better cross-sell, you can group multiple products into one campaign.

product personalization campaign

5. Optimized Product Page 

Choosing Teeinblue, you will be able to use our “conversion-boosting” product page layout. Our Product Page is specially optimized for mobile devices.
- Sticky Gallery, sticky ATC, dynamic live preview, preview window, option label translation, form color switcher, and many more 


6. Quick Order Fulfillment Process

Our smart Order dashboard helps you keep track of your daily orders. You can even edit the personalization options easily if customers change their minds after purchasing
The most important feature is that via API connection, you can send personalized orders from Teeinblue straight to your fulfillment platform. If your provider isn’t integrated, you can fulfill orders easily by exporting them to CSV files, which also include the final print file URL.
With orders that have the same shipping address, you can combine and sent them to fulfillment at once, to reduce shipping costs. 

personalized orders

III. Why you should choose Teeinblue for your personalization business 

Our team always strives to release the best solutions that go beyond the user’s desire. At the same time, as a leading firm, we always put customers at the heart of our business. Acknowledging that our users play an important role in deciding whether our features are suitable, we put considerable effort into getting users involved in the development process.

Dedicated support team

Our team is comprised of e-commerce and technology experts who are experienced, proactive and passionate about their work. We are always here to support and drive your business forward as fast as we can.

We are committed to guiding you on how to use the app in the most effective way and bringing out the best solution for your business since Day 1 of installation.

Fair Pricing

We offer 2 pricing tiers, including 5 pricing plans that are suitable for product personalization businesses of all sizes. You can try Teeinblue free for 21 days on Shopify!

Regular Plans: perfect for small and medium businesses
- Starter Plan: $19/month, Free first 50 Orders, 1.8% transaction fee (from 51st order)
- Growth Plan: $59/month, Free first 350 Orders, 1.4% transaction fee (from 351st order)
- Premium Plan: $159/month, Free first 1000 Orders, 1.0% transaction fee (from 1001st order)

Enterprise Plans: best fit for pros and high volume businesses
- Enteprise Plan: $549/month, Free first 5000 Orders, 0.8% transaction fee (from 5001st order)
- Custom Plan: contact us for more details

>> Using our Pricing Calculator to find out a suitable plan for your business

Who should use Teeinblue

Teeinblue works best for all Print-on-demand sellers that are looking for a smart product personalization solution.
- Self-employed entrepreneurs
- Startups
- Big Ecom companies

IV. What POD merchants say about Teeinblue

We have received 99% positive feedback from merchants worldwide. Let's see how Teeinblue help users achieve their goals.

"One of the best apps I've ever used. The app is awesome because you can do so much with it. Once you've mastered the learning phase, it's pure gold. Customer service is excellent. Quick and helpful answers when you need them. Above all, you get a lot of helpful tips. I can only recommend this app.”

Daniel M. - Store Owner

"This app is by far the best personalization app for Shopify stores. It does it job perfectly. The support team is always there to listen to feedback. And they implement new features also on request."

Khalid B. - Store Owner

“Absolutely, without doubt, the best Shopify app for customized products. We tried all the other options. This is simply streets ahead of anything else. We thought we were stuck until we found Teeinblue. The support is phenomenal, very quick to reply, and super knowledgeable. The designer is quick to load and customer-friendly. We've had lots of customer feedback. Save yourself time and don't bother with the other apps. 

Shane K. - Store Owner

V. Personalized Product Inspiration From Us

Explore the latest personalized trends on Print On Demand through our Demo Store. Visit at 









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