Summer Product Trends: TOP 6 Product Forecasting

Summer Product Trends Forecasting: 2023 Awaits

Summer Product Trends

Summer is coming. Are you confused with multiple of seasonal products that you can sell this summer? To help you on shortening your list of products, we forecast the below products will soon become top 6 summer product trends for within this sunny season.

#1 Athleisure

summer product trends - no 1 athleisure
Source: Instagram

Athleisure has been on the people’s radar for a couple of years now. From sports bras to leggings, comfortable clothing that everyone can wear at home or work out at the gym will tend to be even more popular in summer 2023.

On Instagram, it is shown that more than 1M times that the keyword #athleisure has been tagged. Google Trends also shows a strong search growth for the term “athleisure” and more brands are adding athleisure apparel to their stores.

summer product trends - athleisure insights
Source: Google Trends

On-demand printing provider are showing their interest in this trend as well by adding more products related to athleisure. To prepare for summer sales, I suggest you can add athleisure to your product list. Combining with an incredible design, these products can become best-sellers in a short time within this summer.

#2 T-shirt & Tank Top

summer product trends
Source: Internet

As the heat rises, comfortable clothing with cotton fabric - like t-shirt - will definitely become a hot search and best-sellers for the next couple of months. Although t-shirt is a must-have item no matter what season, but data shows that search term “t-shirt” is significantly grown during summer times.

summer product trends - t-shirt keyword
Source: Google Trends

Different from t-shirt, tank top is not a trending product throughout the whole year. However, it certainly makes impact on shifting consumption demand in summer.

summer product trends - no 2 tank top
Source: Internet

If you look up “tank top” on Google Trends, you will see that the demand for tank top is much lower than t-shirt over a year. However, during summer months, the growth of “tank top” search term is much more to be risen at peak comparing to “t-shirt”.

summer product trends - tshirt keyword
Source: Google Trends

Acknowledging the demand increasing for summer season, on-demand printing provider will surely push the supply chain of these apparel products to higher level. Thus, it’s no harm to give these products a try if you truly want to sell print-on-demand products during this summer.

#3 Swimwear

summer product trends - no 3 swimwear
Source: Internet

Swimming is a popular activity during summer. And along with this outdoor activity, people will also tend to go on a vacation, mostly to the beaches, across the whole season.

According to Oberlo, while it seems like Google Trends is showing that swimwear popularity is declining, there are certain styles that are making waves on online stores. For example, high-waisted bikini bottoms are a hit amongst millennial women, while sustainable swimwear is a fast-growing product category, according to Lyst’s conscious fashion report in 2020.

I won’t suggest on creating a swimwear store, but you might want to test it out as a collection on a women’s fashion store or a general on-demand printing apparel store. It would lead your business much better to long-term stability.

#4 Campfire Mug

summer product trends - no 4 campfire mug
Source: Internet

Summer is a good time for outdoor activities, and camping isn’t an exception. According to Google Trends, the search term “camping” reaches the highest during the months of June and July. Thus, it means that this outdoor activity will bring lots of opportunities for the camping accessories suppliers.

summer product trends - campfire mug keyword
Source: Google Trends

And campfire mug is one of those wanted accessories that everyone might want to look into while preparing their camp trip. Since every trip is memorable, it would be ashamed if you only sell a plain colored mug. In fact, you can offer more with a mug. As on-demand printing industry is growing quickly, campfire mug has been offered by many providers as one of their best sellers through out the years.

You can check on those and give your customer an opportunity to purchase a beautiful, meaningful mug for their trip. And who knows, a personalized mug like this one below might actually become your best selling product for this summer.

personalized campfire mug
Source: Internet

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#5 Tumbler

summer product trends - no 5 tumbler
Source: Internet

With outdoor activities during the whole season, it is necessary to have a water bottle, or also called tumbler, by your side. We all hear about drinking 2 liters of water per day benefits much to your body. Guess what? During summer, I might have drank to 3 liters of water per day because of the heat and because I need to stay outdoor most of my times. As an accordance, people who spend times outdoor will need to carry water bottle by their side all the time.

Using this consumption behavior of summer season, you can sell creative tumblers with cool design on it to attract those customers who need to carry water bottle with them all day long. Besides, instead of going to a convenient store and endlessly spending money on plastic water bottle, tumbler will soon be on people’s radar for its convenience, saving purpose and eco-friendliness.

#6 Garden Flag

summer product trends - no 6 garden flag
Source: Internet

The last summer product trend is garden flag. Summer is about parties, and how can everyone prepare for parties? Well, garden flag is one of the must-have decoration. Since COVID-19 situation is more under control, house parties are believed to be organized more within this summer. In fact, according to McKinsey, the situation will soon to transit to a new kind of normalcy in UK and US. This opens an opportunity for everyone to gather around and have chit chat face to face, instead of virtual contact.

Furthermore, holidays and independence days (especially in US) will also occur during whole summer. So I suggest you better get on the board of selling personalized designs for garden flags with us. Because the sooner you start working on it, the faster you can take control of market demand.

We hope these insights can help you on deciding which product you could sell during this summer. If you have any request on blog topic, remember that we’re welcome all suggesting topics in the comment section below.

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