Best Place to Sell Print-on-demand: 12 Top-rated Platforms

Best Place to Sell Print-on-demand: 12 Top-rated Platforms

best place to sell print-on-demand

Does finding the best place to sell print-on-demand make it a struggle at the start? If you’re drowning in the sea of information, this article is for you. Let’s dive into exploring 12 top-rated print-on-demand places in terms of their features, expenses, pros, and cons to choose your ideal one. Get it now!

Have a glance at an overview of the best place to sell print-on-demand, from e-commerce platforms to marketplaces.

  1. Shopify: E-commerce platform to create a website to sell all POD goods, especially personalized offers.
  2. Merch by Amazon: Marketplace for t-shirts, hoodies, pop sockets, and face masks.
  3. Redbubble: Marketplace for stickers, t-shirts, masks, posters, mugs, and notebooks.
  4. Teepublic: Marketplace for high-quality t-shirts, stickers, masks, magnets, and pins.
  5. Etsy: Marketplace for jewelry, accessories, basic clothing, home decor, and all unique items.
  6. TeeSpring: Marketplace for hoodies, sweatshirts, leggings, mugs, and stickers.
  7. Zazzle: Marketplace for t-shirts, mugs, stickers, invitations, and magnets.
  8. TPop: Marketplace for eco items like t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tote bags, and mugs.
  9. Fine Art America: Marketplace for canvas, framed, metal, and acrylic prints; posters.
  10. INPRNT: Marketplace for art, canvas, framed, and acrylic prints.
  11. Displate: Marketplace for metal posters and magnets.
  12. Threadless: Marketplace for t-shirts, hoodies, face masks, phone cases, and stickers.

Let’s uncover more about the nitty-gritty of each place!

1. Shopify – Best Place to Sell Print-on-demand

Shopify continues to dominate the global e-commerce world, boasting over 2 million merchants across 175 countries worldwide. In the third quarter of 2023, they achieved remarkable growth, with a 25% revenue increase to $1.7 billion. It offers lucrative opportunities for anyone looking for the best place to sell print-on-demand merch.

Features for POD

This place has emerged as the leading print-on-demand place, owing to several key features:

  • Intuitive tools and step-by-step guidelines help you swiftly set up and operate your website, rather than getting lost in technical hassles.
  • A vast selection of over 450 print-on-demand apps and providers on Shopify allows you to sell unlimited customizable products with ease.
  • Effortless customization of your store and offers without coding skills, ensuring they align perfectly with your brand vision.
  • The ability to access valuable customer data, which is a goldmine for both marketing practices and informed business decision-making.
  • Complete control over your website to fine-tune every aspect of your store like domain, mobile friendly, etc., to enhance customer touchpoints and amplify revenue.
  • Built-in marketing and sales tools to conduct promotion or marketing campaigns to entice target customers.

Pricing & Charges

New accounts on Shopify receive a 3-day free trial and an initial 3-month period for only $1 per month. With flexible plans starting from $25 per month, you can choose a plan that suits your needs and budget. If you plan to invest in a domain name or premium theme, don’t forget to consider them as additional costs.

where to sell print on demand items
Shopify remains the top-rated e-commerce platform for selling print-on-demand


Shopify remains the best place to sell print-on-demand globally due to its incredibly user-friendly features. Their seamless integration with various POD companies and robust customization options are a winning combo for online business owners.

However, running a print-on-demand Shopify store requires more effort and investment compared to other marketplaces. One significant challenge lies in generating traffic independently. It’s essential to understand marketing strategy, paid advertising, and SEO to increase visibility and attract more visitors.

2. Merch by Amazon

Launched in 2015, Merch by Amazon is a print-on-demand service of Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce company with over 310 million customers. It suits artists, designers, bloggers, influencers, and anyone with unique ideas or a substantial following. Within an intense competition, they can effectively showcase and promote their artwork.

Features for POD

Merch by Amazon stands out as a specialized place to sell print-on-demand merch worldwide with

  • Zero up-front cost to sell print-on-demand, which lets you start with a zero budget and avoid financial risks.
  • Hassle-free business operation as Amazon experts take care of producing, packing, and shipping across 200+ global fulfillment centers.
  • Integration with the Amazon ecosystem to leverage an enormous customer base and increase potential sales.
  • Benefit from Amazon's inherent traffic flow without needing to generate traffic independently.
  • Royalties policy allows you to receive money whenever someone places your products.
  • Fast and convenient shipping options include same-day, one-day, two-day, and standard shipping, etc.

Pricing & Charges

It’s totally free to sell print-on-demand on Merch by Amazon. You don’t need any initial charges to get started. However, this place requests you to apply to get an invitation to become a seller.

can you sell print on demand on amazon
Merch by Amazon connects to the vast customer base within the Amazon ecosystem


This place has the unparalleled advantage of tapping into Amazon's vast built-in customer base. Leveraging its immense size, you can tap into a high-potential market and substantially boost your earnings. The fast shipping and flexible royalty policy are bonus points to consider Merch by Amazon.

However, its invitation-only model poses a challenge for newcomers. Upon entry, there are tier-level limitations on design uploads. Additionally, the relatively lower commissions demand significant efforts to yield abundant profits.

3. Redbubble

Redbubble is one of the biggest standalone print-on-demand places with over 800,000 independent artists and designers. Since 2006, they have become a go-to destination for both creators and art enthusiasts seeking exceptional artist-made products.

Features for POD

Redbubble fosters an atmosphere that encourages POD sellers to turn creative ideas into profitable ventures.

  • In-house production network comprises 44 printing partners globally managing fulfillment, packing, and shipping (5th page, Shareholders 2022 report).
  • Diverse product range with over 70 unique items, from t-shirts, mugs, wall art to accessories.
  • Flexible pricing allows you to set your own markup and control your earnings.
  • A vibrant community of artists where you get invaluable insights and networking opportunities.
  • Massive organic reach ability that amplifies your high visibility on Google search.

Pricing & Charges

Starting print-on-demand on Redbubble comes at no cost. There is no significant upfront investment to get started. Instead, Redbubble charges a flat fee based on monthly earnings, as outlined in their Fee Table.

where to sell print on demand products
Redbubble is the best place for artists to sell print-on-demand artwork


The fantastic advantages of Redbubble lie in it extensive organic reach and an effective global fulfillment network. By joining this place, you gain access to a wide audience without hefty marketing efforts.

On the other hand, this place has constraints on branding customization, such as limited options for changing avatars and cover images. This may hinder you from standing out in an over-saturated market. New or lesser-known sellers might find it challenging to get initial sales.

4. Teepublic

Boasting high monthly traffic of approximately 8.6 million visits (Similarweb, October 2023), Teepublic stands out as an excellent place for selling print-on-demand. It's ideal for individuals seeking a hands-off approach to selling high-quality POD products.

Features for POD

Teepublic is a place that emphasizes simplicity, convenience, and effectiveness.

  • Easy-to-use bulk uploader tool saves time and boosts efficiency when uploading print-on-demand artwork to sell.
  • Fast shipping with numerous fulfillment stations across the US, UK, and Australia.
  • Top-notch DTG printing method on Kornit Digital printers guarantees high-quality and long-lasting colors.
  • The Redbubble-to-TeePublic store importer creates a seamless integration between two platforms, which is more convenient for sellers.
  • Credible authority with a decade-long presence and an impressive Trustpilot score of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Myriad choices with over 75 different product types, specializing notably in print-on-demand t-shirts.

Pricing & Charges

Similar to Redbubble, Teepublic offers a completely free place to sell print-on-demand, devoid of any subscription plans or service charges. You can sign up, create, and sell your unique design on Teepublic without worries about hidden fees or large initial costs.

where can i sell my print on demand products
It’s totally free to sell print-on-demand products on Teepublic


With a straightforward development, Teepublic simplifies uploading product progress. Its organic traffic is a significant plus in reaching a wide user base and promoting potential sales.

However, the fixed royalties policy of this place can limit profit with a narrow margin. For example, you only get $4 for every purchase of a classic t-shirt. You also might struggle to get products noticed in a crowded market.

5. Etsy

It would be remiss not to mention Etsy, one of the largest marketplaces catering to designers and artists. As of the last reported Q2 2023, they reached 90.60 million active users, marking a 3% year-over-year increase from 88.10 million.

Features for POD

Etsy establishes a dedicated place to sell print-on-demand with various one-of-a-kind items.

  • Low start-up cost and affordable fees for listing, transaction, and payment processing.
  • Easy setup and management of your Etsy store with an intuitive interface and guided tools.
  • Destination site with optimal traffic and a large customer base from all over the world.
  • Support to connect with POD suppliers like Printify, Printiful, Gelato, etc for production and delivery.
  • Etsy's search and recommendation algorithms effectively target audiences via keywords, titles, tags, and categories.
  • Built-in payment methods such as Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc, enhance the buying experience for customers and sellers alike.

Pricing & Charges

Selling on Etsy comes with reasonable costs. While setting up an online store on Etsy is free, you incur $0.2 as a listing fee for each item on your store. Consider including additional expenses such as pay transactions, payment processing fees or Etsy Plus upgrade at $10 per month.

can you sell print on demand on etsy
Etsy attracts a large number of organic visitors to its website every day


Etsy offers a lucrative prospect to sell print-on-demand due to its built-in traffic, which allows sellers immediate exposure to a wide audience. Additionally, its reputation and supportive community can foster trust and engagement, aiding in the growth of your store.

Nevertheless, heavy reliance on platform fees and policies may impact your profit margins and business decisions. Moreover, Etsy sellers also face limited control over accounts and branding as they operate within Etsy's framework.

6. TeeSpring

If you’re searching for the best place to sell print-on-demand items, TeeSpring is a standout candidate. Since its launch in 2011, it has navigated numerous obstacles and undergone significant transformations to regain its leading position. From a t-shirt-selling platform, it has become a comprehensive print-on-demand ecosystem with substantial impact, particularly within the gaming industry.

Features for POD

Here are some key elements that set TeeSpring apart from other print-on-demand places.

  • Complete control itself over printing, packaging, and shipping, delivering goods directly to the customer.
  • Excellent drag-and-drop tools facilitate a smooth process for creating, uploading, and publishing print-on-demand goods.
  • Selling over 50 kinds of print-on-demand products without ongoing or monthly fees.
  • Boosted Network to integrate with other platforms such as Amazon, Wish, eBay, and Walmart.
  • Seamless integration with Twitch, Discord, and Streamlabs, makes it suitable for creators and influencers in the gaming industry.
  • Tracking pixels with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google provides in-depth analytics and valuable insights of customers.

Pricing & Charges

Like other print-on-demand places, TeeSpring offers completely free to start selling. There are fees only if you choose to use sales-driving tools, such as the Boosted Network service.

where to sell print on demand t shirts
Teespring supports print-on-demand sellers with robust features


Brilliant features like Boosted Network or Teespring Go make TeeSpring stand out among various print-on-demand solutions over there. Apart from other places, this platform offers unique items like beanies, keychains, and pop sockets to attract customers.

Unfortunately, there is a limitation in styling options for the front and back of t-shirts, which may restrict creative design choices. You also barely customize your storefront, except by adjusting the background color, logo position, and brief store introduction.

7. Zazzle

As a pioneering figure in the print-on-demand industry since 2005, Zazzle specializes in made-to-order print-on-demand. With a vast customer base exceeding 30 million and an end-to-end solution, they work as an ideal choice for starters looking for the best place to sell print-on-demand.

Features for POD

Here are some important characteristics of Zazzle to support merchants in starting and expanding print-on-demand business.

  • Meticulously handling manufacturing, inventory, shipping, and customer service.
  • Various customization options enable customers to personalize products with names, quotes, photo uploads, configurable shapes, etc.
  • Over 500 product options, including popular items like invitations, t-shirts, mugs, business cards, and more.
  • Ability to set your own royalty rate and receive a payout for each sale.
  • Affiliate earnings with a 15% referral commission when joining the Zazzle Associate Program.

Pricing & Charges

It’s entirely free to become a Zazzle creator. For access to advanced benefits like free shipping or member savings, you need to register for Zazzle Plus or Plus Premium. The annual subscription of the Plus package costs $19.95 with a 90-day trial period.

where to sell print on demand personalized products
Zazzle offers built-in customization tools to create personalized products


People love Zazzle for their extensive product catalog, especially the wide array of customizable items. Their embedded customization tool offers an accessible way to create tailor-made items.

However, one downside of Zazzle is the lack of user-friendliness. Particularly, a complicated uploading process consumes more time for users who are not tech-savvy.

8. TPop

If you're aiming to start a green print-on-demand store, TPop is a perfect match that aligns with your values. They prioritize print-on-demand services that adhere to sustainable criteria, including plastic-free shipping, eco-friendly printing techniques, etc.

Features for POD

Hold critical points in hand before selecting TPop to sell sustainable print-on-demand products.

  • Full automation managing manufacturing, packing, and shipping via in-house production.
  • Direct order integration with popular platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce.
  • Excellent branding options to customize your artwork with logo, message, or even thank-you notes.
  • Sustainability approach by offering eco-designed items, plastic-free shipping, green printing techniques, and more.
  • Fast shipping within France in 2-3 days and across Europe in 3-10 days.

Pricing & Charges

You can start selling on TPop with no initial cost. For more advanced features, TPop offers two reasonable subscription plans: Plus and Pro, starting from 30 EUR per month.

where can i sell print on demand products in a sustainable way
TPop is suitable for merchants with a goal of sustainability


TPop stands out for its commitment to the environment with eco-friendly products and sustainable services. Additionally, its extensive branding options empower sellers to elevate brand visibility effectively.

However, it's essential to note that their fulfillment center in France may particularly benefit European sellers. Slow international shipping could impact your customer satisfaction and your reputation.

9. Fine Art America

Fine Art America is renowned as one of the largest art-focus marketplaces, with hundreds of thousands of artists, designers, photographers, and illustrators from all corners of the world. It’s an ideal place to offer wall art and posters in multiple sizes, with or without frames.

Features for POD

This place offers profitable chances for artists through their print-on-demand model with:

  • Global fulfillment system of 14 fulfillment centers across 5 countries, handling printing, framing, packing, and shipping.
  • Museum-quality prints with premium materials, ensuring long-lasting art without fading or color loss.
  • A generous return policy allows customers to return orders for any reason in 30 days.
  • Auto-sync feature between your website and Fine Art America for seamless management.
  • Solid reputation as a trustworthy place to sell print-on-demand merch from 2006.

Pricing & Charges

It offers two subscription plans: Free Standard, allowing only 25 listings, and the Premium plan priced at $30 per year. Upgrading to the Premium plan provides access to selling from your own website, marketing and promotion tools, and unlimited image uploading. It's a fairly reasonable upgrade for enhanced selling capabilities.

where to sell print on demand art products
Wall art and art prints are signature products to sell on this platform


As a trusted place renowned for art, Fine Art America carries a sense of credibility to both artists and buyers. Another perk for selling on this platform is premium quality, which indeed fosters a positive customer experience.

Print-on-demand sellers here face challenges in capturing attention amid the saturated market. It’s a battle to enhance your product visibility among thousands of sellers. It also may not align well with serious artists, who prefer selling original artwork rather than reproduction across various item types.


INPRNT has been known as a print-on-demand place to sell art prints and canvas products since 2006. They are one of the best ideal platforms for artists seeking to monetize artwork online.

Features for POD

INPRNT prioritizes artists by offering robust support in selling artwork.

  • A generous profit margin of up to 50% of the sale price, significantly higher than many other places.
  • Freedom to set up your own price to optimize profit based on market demand.
  • All-inclusive print-on-demand service from printing, packing, and shipping to customer’s doors.
  • High-quality print on museum-quality paper with exceptional color accuracy.
  • Invitation-only format for seller approval, which ensures a level of legitimacy and quality control.

Pricing & Charges

It’s free to sign up and sell print-on-demand on INPRNT. However, you need to submit your application with your original artwork and wait to be approved within approximately 48 hours.

best place to sell print on demand artwork
INPRNT is a good choice to start selling art with a budget


INPRNT offers artists a less competitive place compared to some other art marketplaces. Top-notch print quality and flexibility in pricing are good reasons to start your print-on-demand journey with INPRNT.

On the other hand, their relatively lower popularity may hinder the attraction of a broad customer base. Several drawbacks in the absence of detailed customer information or expensive international shipping rates could potentially impact your business efficiency.

11. Displate

Specializing in metal wall prints, Displate has emerged as a dominant name in this niche market. Their long-term licensing partners encompass renowned brands such as Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Netflix, Universal, DC Comics, etc., driving their brand shop, as well as the website a huge traffic. If you love crafting unique metal posters, joining Displate's community of 42,000 artists is an opportunity to showcase your creativity.

Features for POD

Displate yields high chances to generate income in a niche of metal posters.

  • Trendy niche focuses on metal wall print, which has gained popularity for its incredibly unique.
  • Stellar reputation on Trustpilot, with a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 from over 12,000 reviews.
  • Top-tier quality with the giclee printing technique on thick metal plates.
  • Share and Earn policy allows sellers to earn a substantial 50% commission by sharing affiliate links in 30 days.
  • Global cover from production to packaging and delivery to over 46 countries.

Pricing & Charges

Opening a print-on-demand store on Displate is completely free. However, you must submit your portfolio for approval from the Curation Team. Review progress may take about 5 business days.

where to sell print on demand metal posters
Displate specializes in selling print-on-demand metal posters


The metal poster niche of Displate presents both advantages and drawbacks for print-on-demand sellers. Appealing to modern tastes, this type of product opens a window of prosperity for sellers to tap into.

On the other hand, supporting only one type of product might restrict artists who wish to diversify their offerings. Additionally, it’s important to be aware of print-on-demand copyright issues on Displate to avoid legal troubles.

12. Threadless

Unlike conventional print-on-demand marketplaces, Threadless positions itself as an artist shop. With over 20 years in the industry, Threadless stands as one of the oldest names in the print-on-demand space. Hosting hundreds of thousands of artists, this place continues to grow and evolve.

Features for POD

Threadless is on a mission to empower artists to turn their captivating designs into significant revenue

  • Hassle-free experience with in-house order fulfillment and logistics.
  • Design challenges provide invaluable feedback and get your artwork printed and sold worldwide.
  • Complete control and customize the storefront of Artist Shop, from changing a layout, font, color, logo, banner, and more.
  • Access to customer information such as names, addresses, and emails to practice marketing strategies.
  • Integration with other platforms such as Shopify or Etsy to streamline the selling process.

Pricing & Charges

Threadless offers a free sign-up option for a print-on-demand Artist Shops. Alternatively, there's an Artist Shop premium plan starting at $2,500/month, offering advanced access like VIP support, merch management, etc. However, the cost of this premium plan may seem expensive for many sellers to consider.

best place to sell print on demand items
Start your print-on-demand business with Artist Shop on Threadless


The topmost advantage of Threadless lies in the storefront customization with no code. This empowers artists to reinforce brand identity with customers. An extensive catalog with over 100 product types also adds to Threadless’s appeal as a print-on-demand platform for artists.

Its sellers may find it difficult to attract customers without the support of marketplace-generated traffic or marketing initiatives. Consequently, you have to independently run marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your Threadless store. Another crucial aspect to notice when using Threadless is inconsistent print quality, which can significantly affect your reputation.

Where to Sell Print-on-demand? 3 Tips to Pick the Best

Amid numerous print-on-demand platforms, how to pick your best place to sell print-on-demand? Here are three Teeinblue tips to help you find your answers.

Define Your Niche and Product Types

Each place specializes in different products and caters to specific audiences. Aligning your products with a platform that resonates with your customer base enhances your sales potential.

For instance, if you're selling custom print-on-demand Christmas hoodies, Etsy might be ideal. During holiday seasons, it attracts a surge in traffic appreciating unique products with creative artwork, making it the perfect place to leverage and boost sales.

Stick With Your Goals

Your business goals act as a compass to determine product types, target audience, and overall strategic plan. A place that aligns with your business objectives creates a cohesive approach, which enhances the chance of success.

determine business goal before choosing print on demand platform

Choose a platform that aligns with your goals to create a cohesive strategy

Imagine you start a sustainable print-on-demand business committed to environmental friendliness, consider TPop. It offers everything necessary, from organic materials, and eco-friendly ink to plastic-free shipping. Therefore, you can generate revenue while minimizing negative environmental impact.

Know Your Budget and Strengths

Understanding your financial capabilities is crucial for business success. Selecting a platform that aligns with your budgetary constraints helps avoid financial troubles. Additionally, one that complements your strengths provides a competitive edge and enhances efficiency.

For example, if you want to sell high-quality wall art but on a limited budget, you might find INPRNT affordable. They specialize in high-quality art prints with generous profit margins and no initial selling costs.

FAQs on Places to Sell Print-on-demand Items

What is the Best Practice to Sell Print-on-demand Products?

Before starting your print-on-demand business, hold in hand some critical steps, including:

  • Define a specific niche that targets high-potential customers effectively.
  • Establish a well-designed online store with user-friendly features.
  • Select trustworthy POD companies to ensure quality printing and timely delivery.
  • Spend time creating appealing designs to get your products noticed in the crowded market.
  • Establish a comprehensive customer service approach to increase buyer satisfaction.
how to find the best place to sell print on demand product
5 helpful tips to figure out your best print-on-demand platform

Is Shopify Good for Beginners to Start a POD Online Store?

Yes, Shopify is ideal for print-on-demand newbies with its intuitive features, scalable options, and impressive profitability. Staggering a 36% year-on-year surge, it reached a gross margin of $901 million in the third quarter of 2023.

Personalized print-on-demand products are a lucrative trend in this place. With customized options such as text addition, photo uploads, or diverse clipart selections, you cater to various customer demands. Consequently, launching a print-on-demand Shopify store allows you to rock your revenue and optimize profits.

In summary, this article guided you through 12 print-on-demand platforms, spanning from e-commerce to marketplaces. Understanding the features of each place assists in selecting the best place to sell print-on-demand products. While the print-on-demand journey presents challenges, it also holds significant prosperity. For valuable advice on this industry, visit the Teeinblue Global Community now!


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