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Compelling Commissions

Earn up to 50% in 1st month, and 20% recurring commission in the next months. The more referrals you influence through this program, the higher commission tier you will achieve.

Authentic Tracking

Our affiliate dashboard gives you comprehensive insights into your clicks, installs, upgrades, and commissions. You can check your earnings, track performance, and receive payout at the same time every month.

Easy Cash Out

We regularly pay on the 10th day of each month. Though, you can always request for early withdrawal right from the affiliate dashboard. We hope to share the benefits and also the hardship whenever you need.

1. Sign up 

Fill in all the required information to get your sign-up approval of our affiliate program via this link.

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Use your affiliate link to recommend Teeinblue to your audience. 

3. Earn Revenue

Feel free to withdraw and enjoy your commission.

 Level Of commision rate

Level 123
Required Number of Upgrades1310
First Month Rate 30%40%50%
Recurring Month Rate (From 2nd Month)
(max $100/conversion)