Teeinblue POD Personalizer - Features


Powerful features to transform your business

Get Started

How it works


Add product base

Use products from our POD partners. Or add your products



Create your design and set up personalized options


Publish personalized product

Publish personalized product to Shopify by combining design and product base


Fulfill Orders

Receive print-ready file and send to fulfillment via API or export CSV.

Intuitive Artwork Editor

Let your creative mind fly high with our intuitive Artwork Editor, where you can add images, texts & PSD files to create a complete design.


Basic Personalized Options

Simple personalization with 1-click setup

Personalize with clipart image

Personalize text

Upload custom photo

Personalize with street map

Personalize with star map

Advanced Personalized Options

Special personalized effects used for more complex products

Conditional Logic

Multi-line text

Curved text

Date Picker

Text background (to show texture)

Custom shape photo cropper

Image background remover

Face Cutout

Cartoon photo filter


Unlimited Product Base

Import product from fulfillment provider to your product base. Or, add products on your own.

Smart Campaign Editor

Easily combine your design with product in different campaigns and launch it to your store. Enhance shopping experience of your customer by product live preview.


Optimized Product Page 

Style your product page to match your site’s branding, empower it with conversion-optimized features to gain massive revenue.

Ready-to-print File

After customers purchase your personalized product, you will receive the customization data along with the final design image. This is a print-ready file so you won't need to re-design. 


Quick Order Fulfillment Process

No need to worry about how to send the orders to the fulfillment provider, because we’ll handle it for you. Orders will be sent directly to your provider’s account via API, or you can manually export them in a CSV file and submit it to your providers.

Feature List

Our features are available for all pricing plans.

Main Features

Text Personalization

Clipart Image

Upload Photo

Street Map/Star Map

Conditional Logic

Live Preview

POD Integrations

Print-ready file

Send order to fulfill

CSV order export


Personalized Options

Text color
Text font family
Curved text
Remove background
Cartoon Effects
Face Cutout
Upload photo in custom shape

Artwork Design

PSD upload
PNG/JPG/SVG upload
Group layers
Multi-design templates
Duplicate design templates
Multi-layer editing

Product Base

Import products (from our partners or Shopify products)
Manually add product
Edit mockup
Edit description
Compare price
Product variants

Order Management

Order list
Print-ready file
Download design
Edit customer’s options
Export order in CSV
Send order to fulfillment
Sync tracking to Shopify


Live chat support
Knowledge Base
Video tutorials

Features FAQs

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Teeinblue is definitely the best. With this app, you can add
practically any personalised product to your shop that you
can think of. There are no limits!

Sergej H. (Store owner)