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$19 $ 19 /mo

14-day Free trial

Free first  350 Orders

All features

Unlimited uploads

1.4% transaction fee
(from 351st order)
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Regular Plans

 Perfect for small & growing businesses

 30% OFF


$19 $ 13.3 /mo

21-day Free trial

$ 19 /mo

14-day Free trial

Free first 50 Orders

All features

Unlimited uploads

1.8% transaction fee
(from 51st order)




$ 59 /mo

14-day Free trial

Free first 350 Orders

All features

Unlimited uploads

1.4% transaction fee
(from 351st order)



$ 159 /mo

14-day Free trial

Free first 1000 Orders

All features

Unlimited uploads

1.0% transaction fee
(from 1001st order)


Enterprise Plans

Major deal for pros & high-volume businesses


$ 549 /mo

14-day Free trial

Free first 5000 Orders

All features

Unlimited uploads

0.8% transaction fee
(from 5001st order)


$ - $

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Feature List

Our features are available for all pricing plans.

Main Features

Text Personalization

Clipart Image

Upload Photo

Street Map/Star Map

Conditional Logic

Live Preview

POD Integrations

Print-ready file

Send order to fulfill

CSV order export


Personalized Options

Text color
Text font family
Curved text
Remove background
Cartoon Effects
Face Cutout
Upload photo in custom shape

Artwork Design

PSD upload
PNG/JPG/SVG upload
Group layers
Multi-design templates
Duplicate design templates
Multi-layer editing

Product Base

Import products (from our partners or Shopify products)
Manually add product
Edit mockup
Edit description
Compare price
Product variants

Order Management

Order list
Print-ready file
Download design
Edit customer’s options
Export order in CSV
Send order to fulfillment
Sync tracking to Shopify


Live chat support
Knowledge Base
Video tutorials

Pricing FAQs

What does it mean by "Free first xx orders"?

It means that you can create xx orders without transaction fee during the subscription cycle, in accordance with the pricing plan that you’re followed. This number of free orders will be renewed also according to the renewal of the subscription cycle. 

Do I get charged transaction fee with product that isn’t created by Teeinblue? 

No, you won’t. We charge fee if only the ordered product is created by Teeinblue; and also, within the total value of an order, we only charge the value of product created by our app. 

Does Teeinblue count test order? How do I create a valid test order? 

Our app doesn’t count orders that are marked as tested, however, this is only valid if the user uses Bogus Gateway in Payment checkout. To produce a valid test order using simulating transaction, you should follow this instruction by Shopify: Placing a test order. 

What is transaction fee? 

Transaction fee (or extra fee) will be applied once you reach the limit of orders of your pricing plan. With every extra order, Teeinblue will charge only the percentage (according to the pricing plan) of extra order’s value. 

How does Teeinblue define a valid order created by app?

A valid order is counted when customer successfully creates an order with product that is launched via Teeinblue. With each successful order is created like that, we will count to your created order history which you can be noticed inside our app dashboard’s Usages page. 

If my store uses a different currency than U.S. dollars (USD), how will Teeinblue charge the extra fee? 

For stores that are using a different currency, if you exceed your free order limit, Teeinblue will calculate the extra fee in the currency that is using by your store, then exchange it later to U.S. dollars (USD).