[Teeinblue Product Personalizer] Customer Success Story – Tortli

Teeinblue Customer Success Story: Tortli

Tortli success story in personalized print on demand

Tortli is a young e-Commerce brand specializing in personalized print-on-demand gifts. Their custom mugs, t-shirts, paintings, and bags have generated a lot of attention among e-Commerce consumers. They are operating their stores with rapid growth. Their inspiring journey may give you valuable insights to achieve your goals.

Since their establishment in May 2021, they have been in a close partnership with Teeinblue Product Personalizer. After nearly 2 years of selling custom gifts with Teeinblue, from a small business, Tortli has expanded their team to 15 employees, making their gifts present in 14 foreign countries.

The Journey to Triumph

Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Stability

Generally, stabling revenue of a new personalized POD store often needs a haft of a year or even longer. For Tortli, they made it in only a quarter. What was the core factor making their incredible success? Whether they didn’t have to face any obstacles?

At the very beginning, Tortli did find it challenging to create unique, high-quality gifts that would be much more appealing than the competitors. Thanks to their extensive skill and knowledge, they solved their obstacles quickly and gained stable sales in only 3 months. Here is what Tortli did.

“The biggest challenge initially was the question of what products and designs to add to the store. Over time, when we got to know our customers better, we were able to better customize the designs.”

Let’s discover their solutions.

Firstly, they found an app that allows customers to create their own designs. And they have been using Teeinblue Product Personalizer since the day their store launched.

“We chose Teeinblue because we were looking for a tool that would best meet our needs. We searched the Internet for various tools and read various opinions and it turned out that Teeinblue will be the best for us. Teeinblue made it possible for us to run our online store. Customers are very impressed with how easy and pleasant our wizard is to use :).”

Tortli store
A personalized mug product on the Tortli’s store

When customers could create appeal and unique personalized print-on-demand products, Tortli focused on building marketing strategies, improving product quality, and learning from customers.

“The main goal during this scaling period is to properly manage advertising campaigns, the shopping funnel and our online store. It is important to properly show our products and take care of their quality. It is also worth asking customers about their needs and what they would like to improve or change in our online store and what they lack in it.”

Offering the Highest Quality at the Best Price

Besides design, other Tortli’s big advantages are product quality and price. Unlike other merchants, they have made their own path, which somehow seems to be challenging – building their own factory and managing the fulfillment process themselves.

“We create all orders in our own factory on our own machines. This involved a large investment, but this is what gives us the ability to deliver the best quality products. Thanks to this, we also have full influence on the entire production process.”

It may sound crazy, but this approach enables Tortli to handle all stages of production, which allow them to immediately adjust products and proactively set prices.

tortli strategy to sell pod products
They research customers' insights carefully

Tortli’s brave movements have helped them successfully establish a strong presence in 14 foreign markets and maintain steady growth since launching their online print-on-demand store.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

Tortli team commits to meeting customer needs about designs in a timely manner. That’s why you can see their designs are very engaging and trendy.

“We often ask our customers what they miss in our store. If possible, we try to implement it as soon as possible.”

Tortli's actions toward customer satisfaction don't stop there. This brand has also built a dedicated customer service department to make sure all customers have a wonderful buying experience from start to finish.

“We have employed a customer service department within the company. Thanks to this, we are able to respond quickly to any inquiries or problems. We have described all the processes of what good customer service should look like and what we expect from it, and our employees try to work accordingly.”

Besides, they always try to offer the best experience for customers in their store. And Teeinblue Product Personalizer is one of their best partners.

“Certainly, it is very important that customers can easily personalize almost any design. We get a lot of messages from our customers who are excited about how simple and easy the wizard is, where you can choose characters, clothes, hairstyles, and accessories.”

Take a quick tour of how the Teeinblue Product Personalizer app helps them to create personalization options for mugs here:

3 Keys to Tortli’s Success in Selling Personalized POD Products

Tortli's success in the highly competitive world of e-Commerce can be attributed to the 3 following key factors:

  • A good and stable product personalization app: Tortli has been with Teeinblue Product Personalizer since the dawn of their business. The user-friendly interface and robust features have helped Tortli create designs and launch selling campaigns straightforwardly. Moreover, they can also offer extraordinary experiences for the customer to personalize designs.
  • Fast implement customer needs: With many years of experience in e-Commerce, the Tortli team has been able to implement customer needs quickly and efficiently. They have kept listening to customers, analyzing reviews and sales data to refine their product offerings and ensure they are giving the best service.
  • Offer the best quality at the most affordable price: Thanks to fulfilling orders and managing quality control themselves, Tortli can offer high-quality products at a competitive price point.

Overall, Tortli's keys to success are quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. By leveraging the power of Teeinblue Product Personalizer and having many experts in the e-Commerce industry, Tortli has established themselves as a major player in the personalized POD products market.

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