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About ShineOn

ShineOn is a global marketplace for unique and creative products. Designs are crowdsourced from talented artists all over the world and produced, assembled and/or shipped with love, in our US factory.

ShineOn offers premium print-on-demand products with HUGE margins such as personalized jewelry, necklaces, bangles, watches, and more. Your orders ship FAST from our vertically integrated facilities in the USA and the EU. We've built our entire business around the needs of our sellers, and provide FREE world-class training and support on not just how to use our app, but how to SELL your products amazingly well on TikTok, Facebook, Amazon, Etsy, and more!




Jewelry, necklaces, bangles, watches.


ShineOn x Teeinblue

ShineOn is an API-integrated provider in Teeinblue POD Personalizer. This means sellers can:

  • View ShineOn's catalog in Teeinblue
  • Import ShineOn's products to Teeinblue
  • Send orders directly from Teeinblue to ShineOn
  • Update tracking automatically from ShineOn to Teeinblue

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