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* Minor updates released daily will not be listed here.

May 20, 2024

Shortcut to edit option in Preview options panel



Quickly find and edit a layer through its option.

May 20, 2024

Edit assets right in Artwork editor



No need to go back and forth between Artworks and Assets. You can now edit a category (clipart, additional option, fonts...) right in Artwork editor, including uploading new clipart, re-ordering...

May 17, 2024

Bulk action for multiple layers & Duplicate with share options



•  Selecting some layers now show a bar with some bulk action for selected layers. Copy to clipboard, duplicate, delete are available for bulk action. Other bulk actions will be released soon.
•  Duplicate & share options: if you have many layers sharing with the same option, utilize this "Duplicate & share" button to quickly set up shared layers.
•  A "linked" icon appearing on shared layers for easier identify.

May 8, 2024

Copy layers to another templates


Use Ctrl+C (or Cmd+C) to copy layers to clipboard, then paste them to other templates. This action could copy not just the layers but also the personalization options in each layer.

APR 26, 2024

Better search for Clipart category



Direct search for a category at any level. The old search is still kept to search for top-level category.

APR 23, 2024

Alignment tool in Artwork editor



Easier to arrange layers in your design with the support of alignment.

APR 15, 2024

More options for Update campaign



Options for "Update campaign" without syncing some Shopify product's data, such as description, images, variants...

APR 15, 2024

Generate ready-to-print design without creating an order



No need to create a test order anymore, you can now make sure that your design is set up correctly by generating a test design. It will be the same as your ready-to-print file in the real order.

APR 11, 2024

New API-integrated provider: Marketprint



We integrated with Marketprint using both “API integration - campaign by Product base” and “Campaign by Shopify” flow.
You can now personalize Marketprint's products and send orders directly to Marketprint to fulfill.

Mar 23, 2024

Photo Reposition on Mockup



With this new feature, your customers can adjust their uploaded photo in the design, and see how it goes in the mockup, all within a popup. Customers can zoom in or out, drag the photo up down, or even rotate left or right to fit their photo to your design.

Mar 11, 2024

Photo Reposition - New upload type


Monosnap A campaign name – Trang's Tee - Google Ch.png__PID:67555a06-011d-4728-acbc-223ebf8707ac

With this new feature, your customers can adjust their uploaded photo in the design, and see how it goes in the mockup, all within a popup. Customers can zoom in or out, drag the photo up down, or even rotate left or right to fit their photo to your design.

Feb 20, 2024

Personalize Shopify products with multi artworks


A huge update for Campaigns by Shopify products. You can now:
•  Add more than one artwork to the campaign.
•  Display artworks based on Shopify variants.
•  Upload multiple mockups for live preview.


Jan 23, 2024

Set up Additional fee for your designs with Addon Charge



Addon Charge is an element in the personalization form that can help you offer some addon features to your customers to increase order value. When customers select an option in Addon Charge, it'll add an extra fee to the product price.

DEC 4, 2023

Direct Download for order design


One click to directly save the order design to your devices.

Monosnap TeeInBlue Portal - Google Chrome 2024-02-.png__PID:3eb99a3b-05d1-4511-8d67-a741e39fe627

Dec 3, 2023

Apply crop and effects when uploading a photo in Order


Monosnap TeeInBlue Portal - Google Chrome 2024-02-.png__PID:b63f3660-74d4-448c-aeb8-2582bd16a76f

When you or your customers want to change the photo they uploaded in an Order, you can choose to directly upload a new photo, or upload a new one but still use the current crop and effects.

NOV 20, 2023

Show only one mockup in the Preview popup


Keep customers focus only on one mockup that correctly show what they just personalized.

Monosnap TeeInBlue Portal - Google Chrome 2024-02-.png__PID:e1662c7d-2edf-4d7e-b774-d58f4e01cd6d

Nov 20, 2023

Add or delete mockups from Product base to Campaigns


Monosnap TeeInBlue Portal - Google Chrome 2024-02-.png__PID:dbf9b859-42d3-4320-a3bb-df3ab581f8de

Quickly update your changes of mockups to all campaigns using that product base. No need to edit each campaign and add the mockup one by one.

Nov 16, 2023

New display for Dropdown of clipart categories


•  Display 1 Clipart category as Dropdown of clipart name + thumbnail.
•  Enable Search in dropdown of 1 Group of clipart categories.
•  Enable Search in dropdown of 1 clipart category.

Monosnap TeeInBlue Portal - Google Chrome 2024-02-.png__PID:c6906b85-8590-4641-a67d-880d55d2190a

Nov 16, 2023

Photo Upload speed improvement


We've released an improvement for photo upload with 1.5x faster, especially for normal photos with no transparent background. The process might still take over 10s if having remove background or other effects from 3rd-party services.

Nov 15, 2023

Download mockup from Campaign editor


Monosnap TeeInBlue Portal - Google Chrome 2024-02-.png__PID:0137e6f2-491d-4e18-b014-76d2e375bbca

If you need the product mockup for your ads or other purposes, use the "Download mockup" button in Campaign editor to quickly save your mockup to your devices. 

Oct 30, 2023

Black & White effect for Photo upload


Automatically convert your customer's photo into Black & White to fit your design concept. Black & White is added to the Image effects in Upload photo settings.


Oct 30, 2023

Set minimum requirement for Photo upload



Sometimes, customers can upload a really low-quality image, making the order design unqualified. You can enable the "Set minimum size" in Upload Photo settings to require a minimum size of uploaded photo. Any photos with lower size than requirement will be failed to upload.

Oct 24, 2023

Generate order design in PDF format


Added a new design format for order design: PDF!

Oct 17, 2023

Import templates from another artwork


In Artwork Editor, when you click “+” to add a new template, there’s a new option for you to import templates from another artwork. This can help you save much more time while designing artwork.


Oct 16, 2023

Storefront code improvement


We’ve successfully released an important update to the personalization form & artwork in mockup on the storefront, with no downtime. This update should make no difference in your campaigns. However, to ensure everything runs smoothly, please re-check all your published campaigns now & contact our support team if anything strange.

sEP 25, 2023

Personalize your Shopify products


Have existing products in your Shopify store that you want to use with Teeinblue? Now it's possible! With "Campaign by Shopify products", you can add personalizaiton options to an existing Shopify product. All product info and inventory can be managed in Shopify instead of Teeinblue's product base.

Aug 29, 2023

Feature Requests page


Post your requests and get votes by other users. You can create, vote and contribute to the features you like. The more votes, the sooner it can be delivered.

Aug 28, 2023

New effects for Photo Upload with Cutout.pro


The new integration with Cutout.pro help you create stunning effects for the upload photo option:
•  Image background remover: automatically remove the background from any uploaded photo, leaving only the main object, such as people, vegetation, animals, sky, vehicles, graphics, icons, and symbols.
•  Face cutout: segment the face and hair of any human or pet in a photo, with hair-level fine details, reducing effort when designing artwork.
•  Cartoon selfie: turn your portrait into a cartoon selfie with different styles, from KPOP style to detailed manga portraits.

AUG 08, 2023

Theme App Extension


Teeinblue is now working as a Theme App Extension to match Shopify's requirement. To enable Teeinblue on your store, please go to Theme settings > App embeds and turn on the toggle of Teeinblue Personalizer.

AUG 01, 2023

Button to preview Customization Image on Cart page


We added a new way to preview customization image on Cart page: a "View image" button showing up right under product items on Cart page. This button will open a popup to show an enlarged Customization image. Contact our support team to help you add this button to your theme.

JUL 19, 2023

Change variant of order items


Customers want to change their product in an order? No problem, you can manually change a product in a Teeinblue order and re-generate a new design based on this new product.

JUL 05, 2023

Add Order design URL to Shopify Order's Line item

  New Feature  

Users can now choose to add the order design URLs to Line item property. It'll be much easier to see compared to saving to the Order Notes.
Other 3rd-party apps can also read the Teeinblue's design URL under each line item.

JUN 15, 2023

Select multiple values for Conditional settings

  New Feature  

• Select multiple values for a layer to depend on.

May 12, 2023

Support Vector-based design

  New Feature  

New design format to support Vector design is out now: EPS, SVG, Adobe illustrator.
For now, this feature only works with artwork with text only, no images.

May 08, 2023

Filter orders by date

  New Feature  

Pick the start date and end date to show only orders created within that date range.

APR 25, 2023

Team Management

  New Feature  

• Manage roles & permissions of all staffs logging in to Teeinblue.
• Invite staffs outside of Shopify.
• See history of all actions from all staffs in Activity logs.
• New app navigation for better organization.

Apr 12, 2023

Webp format for images synced to Shopify products


Change the format of images synced to Shopify products from PNG to WEBP for better optimization.

FEB 13, 2023

Increase preview size for Artwork and Cliparts


Size of images when previewing on storefront now has a bigger option: 1000px. This can make the mockup looks smoother and clearer.

FEB 07, 2023

Text number limitation

  New feature  

You can limit a minimum number and maximum number that your customers can enter in the Text field.

JAN 18, 2023

New Mockup editor


• Cleaner and easy-to-use interface.
• Choose an artwork to preview and adjust the printarea right on Product base.

DEC 14, 2022

Better manage Variants in Product base & Campaigns

  New feature  

•  Add variants to many campaigns at once right from Product Base. No need to go to each campaign and add variants anymore.
•  Set Availability of variants differently in each campaigns.

DEC 07, 2022

Customize CSV template to export

  New feature  

Create your own custom CSV template, so you can export orders in the template you need. You can choose the column to export, rename and re-order the columns. No need to re-edit the CSV later.

Nov 28, 2022

Manage Campaigns & Product base easier

  New feature  

•  Keep track of your changes or find a problem easier with the detailed Logs in Campaign & Product base.
• Filter campaigns by vendor or tags.

Nov 4, 2022

Add to cart on Preview popup

  New feature  

•  Call to action by showing the "Add to cart" or "Buy now" button on Preview popup.
•  Block clicking on "Preview" button if customers haven't filled in all required fields.

OCT 21, 2022

October Improvement


• Support rendering Right-to-left text (enable in Artwork editor > edit a text > Extra >  Right-to-left text).
• Support HTML in Product base's description.
• Improve speed of Orders and Bulk Fulfill page.
• Update interface of some pages.
• Change the way importing T-shirt products from Picanova.
• Add Zoom on Gallery.

Oct 1, 2022

Require Update campaign when changing variants


When you publish a campaign to Shopify store, it becomes a Shopify products, along with the variants from product base. Updating campaigns helps sync the latest data of variants to Shopify. Therefore, any changes to the variants in Product base or in Campaign needs to be updated to Shopify, to avoid unexpected errors when customers add a variant to cart.
Teeinblue shows a warning to make it easier to keep track of your changes and know what campaigns need to update to sync the changes to Shopify. 
• Go to Campaigns > "Update required" tab
• Click on "Update required" button to update the campaigns to Shopify.

SEP 30, 2022

Update Printful API token


Due to the deprecation of Printful API key, the old API key which Printful users used to connect to Teeinblue will not work from Sep 30.  Printful users will need to their Printful account to generate a new token and connect it with Teeinblue, in order to send orders to Printful.
For detailed instruction, please read this article: How to find API key of integrated fulfillment providers.

SEP 21, 2022

Personalized Star Maps

  New feature  

A new personalization option: Star Maps is available now.
After your customers enter a location and a date (and time), the star maps will show the alignment of the stars on the date and location they choose.

SEP 08, 2022

Teeinblue x Removal.ai: Use "Remove background" service for free in 4 months

  New feature  

Teeinblue partners with Removal.ai - a background remover tool that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence - to support sellers in this upcoming winter sales. Teeinblue users can use the Remove Background feature for free without creating and paying for a Removal.ai account. No account, no payment, unlimited credits. This offer lasts until the end of 2022.

Go to the Extras page → General Settings to enable the "Teeinblue X Removal.AI" option in the Remove Background Service section.

SEP 07, 2022

Convert images to WEBP format


All images uploaded to Teeinblue (cliparts, artwork layers, mockups, thumbnails...) are now converted to WEBP instead of PNG or JPG. This format can save up to 30% of the image size, which can help your product page loads faster.
This change is effective for new images uploaded from September 2022, older images are unaffected.

AUG 29, 2022

Paragraph / Multi-line Text

  New feature  

The highly-requested feature for Text becomes true now! The Paragraph (multi-line) is a new component  in Artwork (different from the single-line text).
Your customers can add a long paragraph and it'll automatically drop to the next line, or they can press Enter to break as well.
The Paragraph supports most of the same features as Text, except for Curve and Skew.

AUG 22, 2022

Bulk Create Campaigns

  New feature  

Bulk Create Campaigns feature helps users to quickly create and publish multiple campaigns. This action is suitable for simple campaigns which use only one artwork and no need advanced customization.

Jul 20, 2022

Share options with another layer

  New feature  

This feature can link multiple layers with one personalization option, so customers just need to personalize once and it'll apply to many layers. It is very helpful for selling pattern design, or mug with the same left and right design...
Enable the "Share with another layer" in Artwork editor to use.

Jul 06, 2022

Crop customer's photo into a custom shape

  New feature  

Sellers can now add a custom shape for the cropper, so the customer's photo can be cropped into a different shape. For example: circle, heart, diamond...

June 21, 2022

Personalized Text Colors

  New feature  

Add a collection of colors or show a color picker for your customers to change a text color.

June 7, 2022

Personalized Fonts

  New feature  

Your customers can now choose a font they like among the font options you offer. Custom fonts can now be grouped into a "Font categories" which can let customers pick from.

May 17, 2022

Curve Text & more text options

  New feature  

Curve Text is now available! You can now make a personalized text curved. This feature can work well with auto scale, but cannot work with alignment, skew, or text background.
• More input types for personalized text: Normal, Number, Date picker, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalized.
• Add non-customizable prefix and suffix text.

APRIL 21, 2022

Skew Text

  New feature  

Text is now having a new effect: Skew!
A text can be slanted in the horizontal or vertical direction, making it fit in some artworks better. 

APRIL 19, 2022

Auto Remove Background for Uploaded photo

  New feature  

•  Photos that customers upload to personalize can now have background removed.
•  This is an extra service. You can use the service from remove.bg or removal.ai

APRIL 1, 2022

New interface of Artwork Editor

  New feature  

• New Toolbar for quick edit image/text (Some features are moved into the toolbar and soon will be removed from the left sidebar)
• Group settings into accordions for better navigation
• Undo/Redo (within a template)
• Text is now scalable
• Better UI/UX and more instructions

March 23, 2022

More display options for Variants

  New feature  

• Color swatch is now available. 
• Variant options on storefront can now be displayed as: Radio button or Dropdown list.
• You can change the label of Color and Size options to other name (Material, Pack,...)

March 7, 2022

API-integration with Gelato

  New feature  

• Connect API with Gelato - Global Print-on-demand Platform.
• Import Gelato catalog in Teeinblue.
• Send orders directly to Gelato.

February 17, 2022

Updates styles of personalization form & improve order design's render method


Update styles of Personalization Form:
    ○  For better viewing: Add stroke to the form, darker shadow on clipart image options, optimize text hierarchy, change spacing between Field’s heading and Field’s content
    ○  Change classname: form-check-input become tee-checkbox-input, tee-clipart-wrapper become tee-clipart-row
    ○  This change might affect stores having custom styles of personalization form. Please double check your personalization form's style and contact us if any problems.

Improve order design's render method:
    ○ Change the way the app renders order design to better match with mockup preview.

February 14, 2022

Change image preview size on storefront to maximum of 960x960px


• Preview size of images displaying on store front will be raised higher, from 600x600px to 960x960px, in order to match the screen resolution of the latest devices but still maintain a fast loading speed.
• The following elements are affected: Mockup, Campaign Mockup, Collection image, Product image, Facebook Shop (image send to Shopify). Only apply to newly upload image (old image will not be affected) and  do not apply to Clipart & Artwork upload in app.
• Notes: Preview size is the image version teeinblue creates to load on storefront. No matter how much is your image resolution uploaded to teeinblue, we will still limit the image size displaying on store front. This limit is just for faster loading speed and will not affect your order quality.

January 10, 2022

Manage layers in Artwork editor better with Groups

  New feature  

• Now users can group layers in Artwork editor by creating a group and moving layers into that group, or press shortcut Ctrl (Cmd) + G. This group can help users manager layers easier, and move groups of layers quicker.

• Quick way to update campaigns of artwork right on Artworks page.

December 1, 2021

Improve performance of Upload photo personalization


• Increase the limit photo upload to 32mb and increase success rate of uploading.
• Remove limit 1500x1500px for image cropper (now will upload the original size which customers crop).
• Show error message when uploading failed (edit message in Product page settings).

november 23, 2021

Preview and re-order personalization options in Artwork Editor

  New feature  

• Creating a complex artwork is now easier with a "Preview Options" panel - which allows you to preview all personalization options you've added, and arrange the order of them.
• Disable the old re-order feature in Campaign editor.

november 19, 2021

Add and send Fulfillment Shipping Method

  New feature  

• Edit order details to add shipping method name. Or use "Shipping method match" to auto detect and match shipping method's name from Shopify.
• Send shipping method along orders to Picanova, Dreamship & Customcat.
• Add shipping method column to CSV export file.
• More about this: Setup shipping method to fulfill.

november 10, 2021

Optimize performance of Clipart Library page


• Restrict to search only the top clipart level (level 1). This new way of searching will help unify the system and make the app load faster (before it'll load slowly if there're more than 100 clipart categories).
• Real-time update when creating & editing clipart category.

november 1, 2021

Custom SKU for Google Shopping

  New feature  

• To sync Shopify products (Teeinblue campaign) to Google Shopping, Google requires different SKU for each variant and each product. But Teeinblue must have the same Fulfilled SKU for the same variants in product base. Therefore, Teeinblue releases a new "Shopify SKU" to create different SKUs for each variants to sync to Shopify, and it'll be the SKUs synced to Google, but keep the same Fulfilled SKU to send orders to fulfillment.
• Edit the prefix of Shopify SKU in General settings. 

October 15, 2021

Optimize launching campaigns & Campaign Logs


• Before: Launching/updating a campaign with heavy data (eg. >20 mockup images) could cause timed out because too long time to sync from Teeinblue to Shopify.
• New: Launching/updating campaign is split to 2 steps:
    ○  Sync variants and product info to Shopify immediately.
    ○  Updating mockup images is working under background, so mockup images can be delayed a few minutes to sync to Shopify.
• You can check when mockup images are synced successfully to Shopify, along with launching history, in "Logs".

September 22, 2021

Campaign 2.0 - Ultimate way to create a campaign

  New feature  

• Select different artworks for each printarea and product base.
• Render order design bases on printarea (before based on artwork).
• Locate how artwork placed in printarea.
• Create custom variant's printarea to support products with multiple variant size (poster, canvas, mug...)
• Better preview & UI/UX.
• More about this: All about Campaign 2.0.

September 15, 2021

Stroke & Background for Text

  New feature  

• Add stroke color to Text, for better display.
• Add background to Text, and allow customers to change the background image.

August 3, 2021

Personalized Maps

  New feature  

• Sell Maps poster/canvas... with "Personalizable Maps" feature.
• Customers can search for a location on maps, change map styles, and see changes in live preview.
• More about this: How to setup Maps.

July 22, 2021

Auto scale Text & Clipart Thumbnail

  New feature  

• Text is auto scaled down to fit the container box when text is too long.
• Upload thumbnail for the whole clipart category.
• Change custom thumbnail for each clipart.

July 8, 2021

Improve Image upload & optimizer


• Improve & optimize images uploaded to teeinblue, including cliparts, artworks, mockups (reduce file size & keep file quality as much as possible).
• Chunking upload for big files.
• Able to set "Max-width display" size for each clipart category.
• Fix Lighthouse score on teeinblue's product page.
• Add loader for mockup gallery.
• Optimize product page's loader.
• Block inspect of cliparts on storefront.
Note: Users don't need to take any action, these changes will apply on all stores automatically.

JuNE 11, 2021

Show customization data on Cart & Checkout

  New feature  

• Show what customers choose or type under product info on Cart and Checkout page.
• Enable/disable this feature for each layer.

MAY 25, 2021

New CSV integration

  New feature  

Support CSV export for:
• Gooten.
• Zootop Bear.
• Teelaunch.
• Teezily.
• Shirtee.

MAy 13, 2021

New Image uploader in Artwork editor


• Upload and optimize preview size of images upload in Artwork.
• Manage uploading process and uploaded layers in one popup.
• Re-use uploaded images on different Artworks.

April 12, 2021

Optimize speed load on storefront & Customization Image available on Cart by default


• Speed load for campaign data on store front is fully optimized, data should be very small.
• Fix crash issue on iOS when mockups are too heavy.
• Customization image will be rendered on mockup by default (instead of rendering only design like before) from now on. You can disable the mockup in app if you only want to show the design.
• Thumbnail image in cart page will also be rendered according to customized design. This new thumbnail in cart page will be applied immediately for all teeinblue's products.
• Other: Increase limit of artwork size to 12000x12000px.
• Other: beta of Bulk Fulfill ends, feature is now only available for paid users.

April 6, 2021

Better Support Channel


• Our support team is now available for Live chat channel right in app.
• Our supporters can access to users' portal for better guide and debug.
• New Helpdesk channel: support.teeinblue.com.

March 11, 2021

Enhance design tools in Artwork Editor

  New feature  

• Multi layer editing: select multiple layers at once to move easier. Tips: Use Ctrl or Shift + mouse click to choose multi layers
• Lock layer.
• Center axis - Show on snap.
• Snap guideline (snap to layer): Tips: Hold Ctrl while moving layers to hide snap.
• Grid layer.
• Move personalized options setup panel to the left (In order to save more space and to prevent mis-click on other layers while editing).

February 9, 2021

New integrated provider: ShineOn

  New feature  

• API key connected with ShineOn.
• Import catalog from ShineOn, including product mockup, variants...
• Send orders to fulfill to ShineOn.

January 12, 2021

Manage & send orders in bulk with Bulk Fulfill

  New feature  

• Key feature: Sending to fulfill multiple orders at once.
• Order item is listed as individual row.
• Edit artwork details right on tables.
• Combine all orders with the same shipping address + same fulfillment provider, then send them to fulfillment as one order (save shipping fees for orders come from the same customer).
• View and edit order statuses (ready to fulfill, paused, error, processed, fulfilled, late tracking, archived, cancelled).