What Are The Print-On-Demand Product Trends In 2021?

2021 Forecast: What Are The Next Top Print-On-Demand Trends?

To celebrate the wonderful vibes of new year 2021, let’s update some forecasting product trends (reported by AliDropship and PR Newswire) with us, that will surely can help you grow your business.

1. Home décor

Affected by COVID-19 pandemic, home decor brands are switching from offline experience to online in order to adapt with the situation. Along with the prioritized products, such as furniture, floor and wall design, side products like wall decor, house accessories are also welcomed and consumed. When lockdown situation keeps maintaining, the need of having a beautiful and comfort home becomes more necessary than ever. As a result, this has helped home décor to become the number 1 product trend of 2021.

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According to Research and Market research, the global home décor sector was valued $616.6 billion in 2019 and will continue to grow in the next years. They forecasted that it can reach the sector value of $838.6 billion in 2027. PR Newswire also stated that there will be a growth of CARG (Compound Annual Growth Rate) at level of 3.9% from 2020 to 2027.

It indicates that the consumption of decorative items is rising significantly as top trend. Taking advantage from this trend, many print-on-demand providers are offering more printing decorations, like canvas, ornament, rug, etc.

There cannot be a better chance to start selling in this home decor niche, especially custom products, why don’t you give it a try?

(Try out personalized demo: Upload photo on canvas)

2. Home accessories

Along with home decor, in-house accessories are also a trending topic on Google Trends. Since we’re not going out, what’s the use of nice clothes anyway? It will be more convenient and also comfortable to wear pyjamas, holding your pillow while walking around the house.

As also influenced by COVID-19, the need of having fancy and beautiful clothing is consequently decreased. Instead, people tend to buy home clothing like pyjamas or sport wear to feel more comfortable while staying in house. The search for keyword “pajamas” significantly increases in 2020. While comparing to previous years, this keyword only seems to be searched near winter season or holidays.

Source: Google Trends

Furthermore, according to AliDropship, their report considers pillows as a trending product as well. Not only because of its function, pillow is becoming a “good friend” to everyone when staying indoor.

Source: Internet
(See personalized pillow demo)

These home accessories can be easily added up design to enhance its aesthetics. Many fulfillment providers are leveling up their game by adding more trending products to their catalog. They offer not only various pillow lines, but also printing style, from one-sided print to all-over print. This opens an opportunity for print-on-demand merchants expanding their business. Moreover, they will have a chance to deliver more offerings to customers, in order to vary the store experience.

3. Personalized services

Personalization is a niche in print-on-demand services. In this article, I’m not going to explain the details of what it is. Basically, instead of having a fixed design for the product, customers are allowed to customize the product on their own (like name, photo, other design elements).

In fact, luxury brands are also adopting this services to vary their customer experience. You can instant see someone carrying a Dior Book Tote with their name on it instead of “Christian Dior”. Of course, this requires an extra fee for the personalized name but is it worth to have an one-of-a-kind luxury bag?

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Well, your brand may not be able to compare with Dior, since it has been lasted for almost 100 years now, but you can learn from the best. While this trend hasn’t taken place by other competitors, it is best to start planning and expanding your business to offer more services experience to your customers. This job is even easier for print-on-demand merchants since all you need to do is creating a design that is able to customize by others.

4. Pet’s accessories

Next up on this list, this 2021, we will be watching the rise of pet’s accessories consumption. If you ever wonder how can all other people can stay home for so long, then the secret is they might have a pet, or a lover, or maybe even both. On internet recently, we won’t be amazed by catching random videos online about pet and their owner working from home.

Thanks to the quarantine, people can spend more times hanging out and being closer to their beloved pets. It’s easy to recognize that people have tendency to purchase more pet clothing and also accessories for their adorable animal. Furthermore, products that have pet design on it are likely to be purchased more.

(Personalized mug with pet design)

If you’re considering which product to try first, collar tag is not a bad idea to start with. Depends on the fulfillment provider you’re using, you can add personalized design on the collar tag for pet, like a name or maybe a quote design, it can finally turn out to have good results. In the end, there’s nothing better than showing love to your pet, isn’t that right?

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To grow business in this tough time is truly a challenge to all merchants, but the matter is turning challenge to opportunity. Based on the situation worldwide, I hope this article can give you an in-depth of the forecasted upcoming trends of print-on-demand market. Seizing the opportunity to grow, to expand, or to change is in your hand and it’s your choice, but better be hurry because like one said, “Be the trendsetter, not the follower”.


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