Pet Products to Sell Online: 32 Best Ideas for POD Merchants

Pet Products to Sell Online: 32 Best Ideas for POD Merchants

pet products to sell online

If you find yourself drowning in a sea of pet products to sell online, don't worry! This article will guide you to 32 of the trendiest pet items for launching your print-on-demand store. But wait, there’s more! Continue reading until the end to uncover expert insights and handy tips to boost your sales game.

Here is a helpful list to help you narrow down your options:

  • Sell pet clothes and accessories (1-8): bandana, tank top, hoodie, collar tag, dog jacket, coat, raincoat, and hats.
  • Sell pet furniture and home products (9-15): beds, blankets, food & drink bowls, mats, water fountain, and cat window hanging.
  • Sell toys and gaming items for pets (16-23): chew toys, cat scratchers, fetch disc, lick mats, rubber dog ball food dispenser, molar bite, carries, and muzzle.
  • Offer grooming kits for pets (24-28): paw cleaner, dog bath brush, hair remover, nail clipper, hands-free dog leash, and paw plunger.
  • Include pet products for walking and hanging out (29-32): collars and leashes, adjustable dog harnesses, car seat protectors, and travel water bottles.

Pet Products to Sell Online: Clothes & Accessories

Among a sky of pet products to sell online, pet clothing and accessories get the highest demand. According to Infinium Global Research, this market achieved a significant increase, totaling $5 billion in 2022. It is projected to reach $7 billion by 2030. It brings a profitable chance for print-on-demand sellers with a lot of products.  

1. Bandana

Bandanas are quite popular as they serve both decorative and functional purposes. People often wrap this triangle piece of fabric around their pets’ necks to make them look super stylish. Pet owners love dressing their pets up at special events like weddings, birthdays, holidays, as well as everyday walks. They also use bandanas for dogs, cats, and even rabbits to keep them warm and cool, or indicate a pet's identification or special needs.

pet products to sell online to enhance a stylish appearance
Wearing a bandana helps pets look more fashionable

2. Tank Top

When it comes to pet clothing, tank top is the perfect choice for dogs and cats. This sleeveless top works well for both indoor and outdoor wear. It helps pets stay warm, cozy, and still fashionable in colder weather. Many pet parent enjoy personalizing their pets' wardrobes with names, funny slogans, or other personalized elements.

3. Hoodie

Hoodie is an essential winter item for dogs and sometimes available for cats as well. With its warm sleeves and hood, hoodie protects pets against the cold winds or frozen snow. More than the practical use, it enhances furry friends’ appearance, making them look chic for special occasions or everyday wear.

hoodie is one of best selling print on demand pet clothes
Hoodies keep pets warm while maintaining their stylish appearance

4. Collar Tag

To help your customers prevent the nightmare of losing their pets, a collar tag is a must-have solution. These tags include vital information like the pet's name, owner's contact details, microchip number, or any special medical needs. As pet lovers may need to replace or update collar tags over time, you can encourage repeat purchases and foster customer loyalty.

5. Dog Jacket

These items are ideal pet products to sell online in winter. It prevents health issues while providing comfort and aesthetic appeal. It's wise to carefully prepare to capitalize on the high demand for dog jackets during colder months and maximize your sales.

6. Coat

Although animals already have their natural fur coat, they still need extra insulation during the extreme cold season. Coats made with heat-protect materials provide warmth and protection from heavy snow and strong winds. Selling different coats for various pets besides dogs and cats helps you expand potential buyers and increase profit.

print on demand pet products in the cold season
A coat is essential for pets during extremely cold seasons

7. Raincoat

Neither humans nor pets like the uncomfortable feeling when getting wet in the rain. Wet fur may become matted, dirty, and troublesome. Raincoats keep pets dry and warm, ensuring their comfort. By timing your product launch before the rainy season, you can seize lucrative opportunities to boost your print-on-demand store's revenue.

8. Hats

People love to dress up their furry companions to showcase their personalities and style. Hats are fantastic pet products to sell online, adding a cute, whimsical, or fashionable element to a pet's outfit. Especially, themed hats for holidays or special occasions, such as Halloween, Christmas, or birthdays are particularly popular. Remember to be updated with the latest trends and cater to the buyer’s taste.

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Pet Print-on-demand Furniture & Home Products to Sell

The trend of treating pets as family members is on the rise, with 97% of U.S. pet owners sharing this sentiment. They believe their pets should also enjoy well-furnished homes and furniture like humans. The Pet Furniture Market is projected to register a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period from 2023 to 2028, making selling pet print-on-demand homeware online worth it.

9. Beds

Furry friends' comfort is a top priority for pet caretakers, making pet beds one of the sought-after ideas to sell online. A cozy bed provides a secure corner for pets to rest, relax, and sleep. This product also helps your customers eliminate concerns about preserving their furniture and a designated sleeping area. With a wide variety of styles available for pet beds, you have an opportunity to create something unique.

selling print on demand pet products
Cozy beds are the best cozy places for pets

10. Blankets

Just like humans, pets enjoy warmth and comfort. A POD blanket offers a soft, cozy surface for your pet to snuggle up on, especially in colder weather. People opt for versatile blankets that can be used in various settings, such as in crates, on car seats, or as a cozy spot on the floor. Pet blankets also address a common problem: protecting furniture from pet hair and scratches.

11. Food Bowls

Food bowls are popular and essential items for all types of pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more. Having a dedicated and hygienic space for meals makes feeding time more convenient and less messy. Buyers often replace or upgrade their pet's food bowls due to wear and tear, changing style, or evolving pet needs. This is an opportunity to tap into the demand and attract loyal customers.

selling pet print on demand products with customized food bowls
Selling POD pet products with customized food bowls

12. Drink Bowls

Drink bowls directly relate to a pet's health, which is a top concern for any pet lover. A dedicated and elegant POD drink bowl allows pets access to clean and fresh water, preventing dehydration. Additionally, some automatic drink bowls offer convenience and cleanliness, especially for busy parents. Therefore, don’t miss these popular pet products to sell online.

13. Mats (for Food, Cooling or Playing)

Made from non-slip and easy-to-clean surfaces, mats are functional and practical for pets to eat, rest on, or play. A food mat minimizes mess and keeps the floors clean, even when a clumsy puppy or kitten is eating. A cooling mat is filled with a gel to absorb the pet’s body heat, making them feel comfortable on hot days.

14. Water Fountain

Since many cats tend to be picky drinkers, a water fountain is an innovative solution for cat owners. This product creates a continuous flow of fresh water, which encourages cats to drink more frequently. Personalized water fountains provide a convenient and appealing way to meet this need of feline friends.

how to sell pet water fountain online
Water fountain encourages cats to drink water more frequently

15. Cat Window Hanging Bed

Cat lovers always seek creative products to make their furry companions happy. A cat window hanging bed is a space-saving solution that allows indoor cats to bask in the sun, and watch birds, squirrels, or passing cars. Increasing your average order value by selling pet-related products, such as toys, cat trees, or scratching posts.

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Selling Pet Products Online with Personalized Toys

Driven by the increasing trend in pet ownership, pet parents are increasingly willing to invest in pampering their beloved furry companions. A projection reveals that the pet toys market is expected to reach a value of US$ 15 billion by 2032. Selling pet products online is highly potential with these following ideas!

16. Chew Toys

Chew toys are delightful pet products to sell online, particularly for dogs. They not only provide entertainment but also aid in cleaning the dog's teeth as they gnaw, thus promoting dental health. Providing four-legged friends something to chew on will prevent them from targeting household items, furniture, or shoes.

print on demand dog products to improve dental health
Chew toys are playful games for puppies

17. Cat Scratchers

The fear of furniture damage due to cat scratching is a common concern for cat owners. Therefore, cat scratchers are definitely one of best selling products to sell online. By providing cats with an eye-catching design and a satisfying way to scratch, this product protects leather sofas, carpets, and wooden furniture from sharp cat claws.

18. Fetch Disc

Fetch disc is a popular pet toy, ideal for dogs that enjoy outdoor play. Typically made from lightweight materials, it can fly long distances quickly. Playing fetch with a disc is an excellent way to provide man's best friend with exercise and training. It's not only fun but also helps your customers and their dogs have an interactive playtime together.

Tips: Personalized designs, such as a pet's image, their name, or their favorite food, can certainly engage customers.

print on demand dog products for outdoor play
The fetch disc is a favorite outdoor play toy for dogs

19. Lick Mats

If your customer is looking for useful accessories for their dogs, a lick mat is a great pet product to sell online. Spreading foods like peanut butter or yogurt on these textured mats can slow down a dog's eating. This product also provides mental stimulation, reduces anxiety, and creates distraction during grooming or vet visits.

20. Rubber Dog Ball Food Dispenser

Dogs relish the challenge of extracting treats from these interactive pet products to sell online. Hence, a rubber dog ball food dispenser is an ideal addition to the carts of dog parents. This toy promotes mental stimulation, physical activity, and problem-solving as dogs retrieve treats. It also slows down eating for improved digestion.

21. Molar Bite

Molar bites are dental chews specifically designed to promote healthy teeth and gums in dogs. These chews feature layered tooth ridges that effectively remove plaque and tartar buildup from your dog's teeth. Moreover, molar bites make indoor play more engaging. Your customers will no longer need to worry about their dogs getting bored at home.

selling pet products online with dog molar bites
Molar bites keep dogs entertained while promoting good dental health

22. Carriers

Pet lovers require reliable carriers for various purposes, from vet visits to vacations. Durable carriers allow them to go out with their pets comfortably and safely. Remember to sell carriers in different sizes and designs to cater to a wide range of pets, such as cats, dogs, birds, and other small animals.

23. Muzzle

Muzzle is an essential item to prevent dogs from biting or nipping. This is crucial to protect both dogs and others from potential harm. Wearing muzzles for their dogs is sometimes compulsory when using public transportation or visiting places with strict pet policies. You can make your muzzle offers more lovely with cute dog images or vibrant colors.

Print-on-demand Pet Products: Grooming Kits 

The global pet grooming and accessories industry is on a path of steady growth, set to surge from $72.50 billion in 2023 to a staggering $116.23 billion by 2030. The pet grooming kits niche represents the best pet products to sell online with hugely profitable opportunities.

24. Paw Cleaner

Portable, user-friendly, and highly practical, the paw cleaner (plunger) addresses a common problem: dirty paws. This clever gadget effectively removes dirt, mud, and debris from pet's paws after outdoor adventures. Its soft and gentle bristles ensure a painless cleaning experience. Paw cleaner is a must-have for loving-pet people, particularly those with dogs.

TipsDemand for this product may increase during rainy or muddy seasons, so make sure to seize seasonal opportunities for online sales.

selling useful print on demand for pets
Paw plunger is useful for cleaning pet paws

25. Dog Bath Brush

Dog parents are sure to love a dog bath brush, which makes bath times easier than ever. This handy tool scrubs away dirt and removes loose fur effectively. Especially for dogs with long or thick fur, a bath brush can help detangle knots and mats, making brushing and grooming more manageable.

26. Hair Remover

Anyone with furry pets will tell you about the struggle of finding pet hair everywhere. That's where a hair remover comes to the rescue. It's an indispensable tool for animal owners, effortlessly tackling the issue of pet hair on furniture, clothing, and carpets. Selling these small accessories can help pet owners keep their living space clean and hair-free, reducing the risk of allergies.

Hair remover is one of the best pet products to sell online
Pet hair can be a struggle for any pet owner

27. Nail Clipper

Pet nail care is more effortless and efficient with nail clippers. This tool is especially for pets, ensuring painless nail trimming. Trimmed nails reduce the risk of scratches and injuries to both pets and humans. It’s wise to bundle nail clippers with other pet grooming products for upselling and boosting the average order value.

28. Hands Free Dog Leash

Hands-free dog leash is essential for active customers who enjoy jogging, hiking, or outdoor activities with their dog. Unlike traditional leashes, this product brings convenience while ensuring the dog remains secure and under control. It promotes an active lifestyle for both pets and owners.

Pet Walking and Hanging Out Supplies to Sell Online

Roughly half of all U.S. pet owners consider their pets to be integral members of their families. This includes taking them for walking, engaging in outdoor adventures, and even traveling together. You can take the chance to sell pet products online with walking and hanging-out accessories.

29. Collars and Leashes

Collars and leashes are mainstream pet accessories, commonly used for dogs, cats, and smaller pets like rabbits and ferrets. The demand for these products remains consistent as pet owners frequently replace or upgrade them. To set your online store apart from your rivals, consider offering personalization with various styles, materials, and designs.

30. Adjustable Dog Harness

Adjustable dog harnesses, unlike traditional collars, fit around the dog's body instead of the neck. They provide a safer and more comfortable option, especially for dogs prone to pulling. Many pet owners are willing to invest in high-quality harnesses to prioritize their pet's well-being. Think about providing high-quality products to take advantage of this demand.

print on demand pet products for walking and hangouts
Adjustable dog harnesses are trending pet products to sell online

31. Car Seat Protectors

Traveling with beloved pets can be enjoyable, but nobody likes dealing with scratches, mud, or dirty paws. A car seat protector is the ideal solution to safeguard car seats from pet hair, dirt, scratches, and accidents. Additionally, they ensure a more comfortable and secure seat for your pets during car rides.

32. Travel Water Bottle

Ensuring pets remain well-hydrated during outdoor activities, walks, hikes, or trips is of utmost importance. Travel water bottles provide an easy and convenient solution, making them trending pet products to sell online. These items should be hassle-free to use, often featuring a built-in drinking tray or bowl. It’s simple to offer fresh water for dogs and cats on the go without the need for a separate bowl.

print on demand pet supplies is essential to protect pet’s health
A travel water bottle is a must-have item for outdoor activities

Frequently Asked Questions: Sell Pet Items Online

What Pet Product Sells the Most?

The top-selling pet products are personalized print-on-demand items, with clothing and accessories leading the way. Following closely are furniture, grooming kits, and pet-walking items.

Pet products that feature pet names, images, or unique pet illustrations tend to fly off the shelves. Pet owners enjoy adding a personal touch to their pet-related items. Which allows them to highlight their pet's unique personality, appearance, and character with joy.

How to Sell Pet Print-on-demand Products Online Successfully?

Selling your pet print-on-demand offerings through an e-commerce platform is an excellent way to rapidly attract customers. Here are seven essential steps to initiate your online store:

  • Identify a pet niche by pinpointing specific pets and selecting the categories and pet products to sell online.
  • Analyze your niche and competitors to find your competitive advantages and develop a strategy that sets you apart from your rivals.
  • Find a reliable POD pet supplier with high-quality products to handle fulfillment and logistic processes.
  • Choose an e-commerce platform that aligns with the specific requirements of your pet print-on-demand business.
  • Build your brand store by creating a visually appealing and user-friendly site, which improves the customer's shopping experience.
  • Promote your product with a comprehensive marketing strategy on social platforms or online ads to drive traffic to your online store.
how to sell pet products online for beginners
Print-on-demand pet items offer great opportunities for beginners

Is It Good to Start Print-on-demand Pet Products on Shopify?

Yes, Shopify is worth it to kickstart your online print-on-demand pet store. This comprehensive platform provides robust support for selling pet products online.

  • Easy store creation: Intuitive tools and templates make setting up your store a straightforward task. You can effortlessly customize and handle the entire store to meet your unique requirements.
  • Extensive POD network: Shopify allows you to collaborate with numerous providers worldwide. This global reach helps you to source and sell products to a broader customer base.
  • Simple product personalization: It offers robust product personalization software, for example, Teeinblue Product Personalizer. Using this app, you can easily create customized pet products to cater to various customer preferences and tastes.

Now that you have explored these fantastic pet products to sell online, it's time to turn your aspirations into reality. The pet industry is brimming with opportunities to rock your revenue. Don’t forget to join the Teeinblue Global Community to access even more valuable tips and lessons about the print-on-demand industry.


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