Apliiq Vs Printful: Pricing, Products, Reviews, and More

Apliiq Vs Printful: Pricing, Products, Reviews, and More

apliiq vs printful

With the plethora of information, which company, Apliiq vs Printful, is better suited to your print-on-demand business? Let's delve into this article with Teeinblue, focusing on 9 key elements to help you make an informed choice. From pricing, product range, fulfillment, shipping, customer services, and reviews, to the pros and cons of each company. Get it now!

Apliiq and Printful: an Overview

In the profitable print-on-demand market by 2032, both Apliiq and Printful have emerged as top-tier manufacturers. They share similarities in operating their own fulfillment stations, managing warehouses, and offering delivery services to end customers.

Apliiq and Printful are renowned for their high-quality t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and other apparel items. They both offer Shopify-compatible apps, assisting you in growing your print-on-demand business.

Now, let’s delve into the key information about these two print-on-demand companies.


apliiq vs printful print on demand overview
Some key information about Apliiq and Printful

Apliiq Vs Printful: An Ultimate Comparison

It requires a comprehensive analysis of Apliiq vs Printful to determine which is better for your needs. Scroll down to explore valuable insights comparing them across 9 key factors: pricing, products, fulfillment, shipping, integration, custom branding, tools & apps, customer support, and reviews.

1. Apliiq Vs Printful Subscription

In terms of cost, Apliiq may be more affordable than Printful since it doesn’t offer a monthly charge plan. However, both companies stay cost-efficient for print-on-demand beginners. Setting up and using services from these suppliers doesn't cost a penny.

Unlike most companies with paid plans, Apliiq provides branding subscriptions for neck prints, private labels, patches, and woven labels. For example, you'll receive 10 free neck prints, with additional prints available at $2.50/ product, or in bulk orders of 10 for $9.99.

apliiq vs printful in pricing comparison

Both Apliiq and Printful are affordable for POD beginners

With Printful, you can upgrade to Printful Growth for $24.99 per month to access advanced benefits. These include up to a 30% discount on POD products, a 7% discount on product branding, and unlimited stores per account. This company grants you a 14-day trial period or one year free if your store reaches $12K+ of sales thresholds.

It also offers a 20% discount for up to 3 items per sample order per month. In contrast, sample products from Apliiq can be more expensive than typical orders. It includes Apliiq's artists reviewing to ensure your artwork meets the requirements.

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2. Apliiq Vs Printful Products

Printful dominates over Apliiq with its extensive print-on-demand product categories. On the other hand, Apliiq’s apparel items are much more diverse. Both Apliiq and Printful share similar custom apparel categories for men, women, kids, activewear, and accessories.

Let's explore the comparison table below to discern the differences between Apliiq vs Printful products.

Factor Apliiq Printful
Product categories Streetwear niche with clothes and accessories Clothing, home decor, accessories, and more
Bulk order From a 3% discount on 10+ items in bulk Get a discount for 25+ items in bulk
Blank order Yes No
Product strength Branded labelings for apparel Diverse product range

How about their product prices? With a focus on clothing and accessories, Apliiq remains a favored choice among merchants specializing in these product categories. It also spans from affordable to premium selections, ensuring inclusivity for all buyers.

Take a quick tour with Teeinblue now! (Updated: 19 March, 2024)

Product Apliiq Printful
T-shirts $3.25 - $81 $6.95 - $29.5
Bella Canvas $5.5 - $94.1 $11.25 - $34.5
Gildan $3 - $73.35 $6.95 - $25.25
Hats $4 - $39.4 $12.95 - $26.25
Eco-friendly $4.5 - $88.5  $7.75 - $59.95

3. Production & Printing

While Printful shines with fast turnaround times, Apliiq has an edge over diverse methods for printing and stitching. Both companies operate factories in the USA and utilize similar printing technologies including DTG, DTF, and embroidery.

Additionally, Printful boasts of wider in-house fulfillment stations and worldwide partners than Apliiq. This perk enables you to effortlessly reach potential customers around the world with seamless production and delivery.

When it comes to the quality of products, Printful is famous for its excellent items. On the other hand, Apliiq offers top-notch quality in a more eco-friendly approach without harsh chemicals. However, both companies occasionally receive negative feedback regarding inconsistent quality and blurry prints.

This comparison table provides a snapshot of the key fulfillment information of Apliiq vs Printful in the POD space:

Factor Apliiq Printful
Production time 1-7 business days 2-5 business days
Unique printing methods Screen printing and applique All-over print and sublimation
Factory 2 factories in the USA: Los Angeles and Philadelphia 8 in-house fulfillment centers in the USA (3), Canada, Mexico, UK, Latvia, Spain
Fulfillment partners 0 4 partners in Brazil, Japan, Australia
Printing location selection No No
Quality control process Hand-on quality control for final check 3-step progress: graphics assessment, printing audit, final check
Reproduction rate N/A  0.24%

4. Shipping Comparison

Thanks to an extensive network, Printful has the upper hand for faster delivery worldwide. Both companies offer worldwide shipping to over 150 countries through delivery services such as USPS and UPS. However, Apliiq's speed is slightly faster within the US.

Factors Apliiq Printful

1-5 days for US orders;

3-21 days for worldwide orders

1-8 days for orders within the US and EU;

1-20 days for others

Shipping rate calculation Flat rate for US orders and live shipping rate for the others Flat and live shipping rates
Shipping company selection No  No

Notes: Apliiq offers free shipping for sample and bulk orders over $100 in the US.

5. Integration Comparison

With 24 integrations outweighing 3, Printful is the winner when compared to Apliiq. Its large connections allow your print-on-demand business to easily scale up and cater to wider customers across different channels.

Printful vs Apliiq share common platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and custom API. Besides, Printful has connections with numerous additional e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. These comprise Etsy, Wix, Squarespace, Walmart, Square Online, BigCommerce, Amazon, TikTok Shop, eBay, Prestashop, Storenvy and more.

Notes: Integration between Apliiq and Etsy is coming soon (update in March 2024).

printful vs apliiq in integration connection

Printful boasts connections with more than 20 online platforms

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6. Custom Branding Options

While Printful is famous for diverse branding options, Apliiq overpasses it with exceptional branding-on-demand services. This company empowers sellers to differentiate POD products with brand identity and creativity. Therefore, you can set yourself apart in the crowded market.

Both Apliiq vs Printful provide branding services for label products and packing with several different options.

Branding options Apliiq Printful
For product
  • Woven label ($1)
  • Private label tags ($2.5)
  • Neck prints ($2.5)
  • Embroidered patches (from $2)
  • Custom pocket t-shirt (from $13.66)
  • Inside & outside label ($2.49)
  • Sleeve customization (from $2.49)
  • Logo embroidery ($2.95)
For packaging
  • Interior packaging ($0.5 for each): hang tags, poly bags, stickers, promotional inserts, embroidered patches, scented inserts, small pins or buttons, lanyards, or key chains.
  • Exterior packaging ($0.5 for each): various types of mailers, custom tape, and custom stickers.
  • Branded packaging ($0.50)
  • Pack-ins ($0.50)
  • Free personalized packing slips
  • Free order tracking page customization

Notes: To use packing branding services from Apliiq warehouse, you need to contact them to get started.

7. Selling Tools and Apps

The websites of both Apliiq and Printful are beginner-friendly, boasting clear layouts and easy-to-navigate menus. Nevertheless, Printful edges ahead with its more intuitive interface and robust tools. For instance, it’s easier to find and select products via its filters.

printful vs apliiq both have intuitive websites

Sellers can easily find and select items using the various filters available

Both companies offer compatible apps with Shopify. However, Printful gains an additional advantage with its dedicated mobile app, which Apliiq lacks.

Let’s take a look at some key features of each company.


  • Fiverr partnership helps sellers find skilled designers who can create high-quality artwork.
  • Fashion labeling and branding options to elevate trustworthy brand presence and attract more buyers.
  • Strict artwork guidelines with artist reviews to maintain high standards for print quality and consistency.


  • Outstanding Design Maker that makes it easier to craft engaging artwork.
  • Mockup Generator provides access to over 2,550 free mockup options, helping your products stand out professionally.
  • Helpful resources for instructions, tips, policies, and FAQs to assist sellers in developing print-on-demand businesses more effectively.

8. Customer Support

Printful is highly complementary for its superior customer support, boasting flexible availability and prompt response times. Additionally, the company offers a more accommodating return and refund policy. In cases of damaged, lost, or low-quality products, it provides free reproductions or refunds if the fault lies with them. The time to claim should be within 30 days to avail of these benefits.

On the other hand, Apliiq also maintains clear policies regarding product errors, offering free replacements within a 30-day claims window. However, it's important to note that Apliiq does not accept returns or exchanges for any reason.

Factor Apliiq Printful
Available time 8:00 - 17.00, Monday - Friday 24/7
Live chat Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
Phone Yes No
Language English 6 languages
Response time Within 24 hours Under 2 hours

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9. Apliiq Reviews Vs Printful Reviews

Apliiq and Printful receive high praise in most reviews, attributed to the premium quality of their products. Notably, both companies receive similar ratings on platforms like Shopify and Shopdog. However, Printful garners reviews at a tenfold higher rate than Apliiq.

Platform Apliiq Printful
Shopify 4.8 (of 466 reviews) 4.8 (of 5340 reviews)
Shopdog 4.6 (of 359 reviews)  4.6 (of 4287 reviews)

Printful's popularity extends across various platforms including Trustpilot, G2, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc. You can gather more comprehensive insights about this company by reading reviews or engaging in discussions on Reddit or the POD forum.

Apliiq or Printful: Which is Better for Print-on-demand in 2024?

Between Apliiq and Printful, the best fit significantly depends on your specific needs and priorities.

Apliiq is more aligned with sellers who want to develop in the streetwear niche and expand branding aspects. On the other hand, Printful is a better choice if you aim to sell diverse print-on-demand products internationally on a larger scale.

apliiq vs printful which is better
Apliiq is better for businesses focusing on apparel

Pros and Cons of Apliiq


  • A vast array of apparel products
  • Diverse branding options and printing methods
  • Unmatched quality for streetwear apparel and accessories
  • Better control of printing progress and shipping with only 2 in-house factories in the US


  • Fewer integration options
  • Limited fulfillment center and warehouse
  • Lack of mobile app

Pros and Cons of Printful


  • Wide-ranging product catalog featuring 340+ offerings
  • Seamless integration options across diverse platforms
  • The global network of fulfillment stations and partners


  • Modest profit margins
  • Inconsistent product quality and custom service
  • Complicated policy about return, reshipment, and refund

In conclusion, both Apliiq vs Printful offer unique advantages for sellers looking to start a print-on-demand business. By considering 9 key factors, you can now choose the optimal partner that aligns with your business goals. Don’t be afraid to dive in, test, and learn from your experiences. Join Teeinblue Global Community for more helpful tips from fellow POD sellers.


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