Printful Vs Printify 2024: Quality, Pricing, Review and More

Printful Vs Printify 2024: Quality, Pricing, Review and More

printful vs printify

If you are considering which is better Printful vs Printify, this article will guide you to find your perfect print-on-demand partner. By evaluating 9 criteria, you’ll gain a comprehensive assessment of the pros and cons of each company. Let’s delve into a comparison of product range, printing quality, pricing, production, shipping, customer services, and reviews. You're all set to start!

Printful and Printify Company Backgrounds

According to a print-on-demand market report from, Printful vs Printify are renowned as key players in this industry. With significant experience and notable achievements, both companies solidified their positions as top-tier POD suppliers.


During its 11-year progress, Printful has successfully established itself as a thriving company. It has boasted a workforce of over 1700 employees and a valuation exceeding $1 billion. This printing company has demonstrated the capacity to produce over 1 million items monthly and fulfilled orders for 79 million+ items (2024).

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Printful exerts its influence across America, Europe, Australia, and Asia through its 11 in-house fulfillment centers and global partners. Leveraging its services, you can expand your print-on-demand businesses and tap into potential markets worldwide.

selling print on demand with printful or printify
Printful has successfully delivered over 79 million items over the past 11 years


Founded in 2015, Printify has become a giant print-on-demand company with 500+ employees and a valuation of $300 million (2021). Until now, it has successfully delivered more than $500 million in print-on-demand products to international customers. With a user base exceeding 8 million, this figure continues to rise steadily.

Unlike Printful, Printify has chosen a different approach in serving as a middleman between POD sellers and numerous third-party print suppliers. With its headquarters in Wilmington, DE, USA, it has established connections with 110+ printing facilities worldwide. This large global printing network spans across 12 countries in America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

start to sell print on demand with printify or printful

Printify has established a wide connection with 80+ printing suppliers worldwide

Printify Vs Printful: Compare 9 Key Factors

To answer the question of which is better Printful or Printify, it’s important to conduct a comprehensive analysis of both companies. Let’s take an in-depth comparison under 9 key elements: pricing, product, fulfillment, delivery, tool features, branding customization, integration, customer service, and user reviews.

#1. Printful Vs Printify Pricing (Subscription)

Both Printful vs Printify offer flexible subscriptions with free and paid plans. The question is: Printful vs Printify – Which is cheaper? In terms of cost, Printful offers more benefits with a lower monthly price than Printify. Nevertheless, both Printful and Printify fees are suitable for startups and growing enterprises with relatively low costs to invest in.

Factor Printful Printify
Free sign-up Yes Yes
Free plan Yes Yes
Paid plan
  • Printful Growth: $24.99/month;
  • Printful Business: free.
  • Printify Premium: $29/month
  • Printify Enterprise: custom pricing.
Currency supported

13 currencies:


5 currencies:


Sample order discount 20% for 3 items per order per month No
Monthly app cost (Shopify) Free  Free

Printful Growth allows users to access up to a 30% discount for POD products, a 7% discount for product branding, and unlimited stores per account. You have a free 14-trial day to experience and enjoy the benefits of this paid plan. Moreover, if your store reaches yearly sales thresholds of $12K+, you can use this plan at no cost.

On the other hand, the Printify Premium offers a discount of up to 20% for all products and the ability to create 10 stores per account. However, the trial period is relatively short, lasting only 3 days when compared to Printful's 14-day trial.

printful vs printify pricing comparison
Both companies offer free and paid plans

#2. Printful and Printify Products

Both these companies allow merchants to sell unlimited print-on-demand products across various categories. Printify has an edge over Printful in terms of product quantity, uniqueness, and base cost. In the majority of product price comparisons above, it also wins with lower prices for most products. This competitive pricing is a significant perk, as it enables Printify sellers to maximize their profit margins.

Factor Printful Printify
Number of products 343 850+
Product categories Men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kid’s & youth clothing, hats, home & living, and eco-friendly Men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kid’s clothing, accessories, home & living, eco-friendly, and AOP clothing
Eco-friendly items 40+ 60+
Unique products Hair accessories, body wash, and body lotion Baby accessories, jewelry, kitchen, suitcase, car accessories, and more
T-shirt cost $6.95 - $29.95 $7.37 - $23.88
Eco-friendly t-shirt cost $11.25 - $29.95 $10.64 - $22.76
Bella & Canvas cost $11.25 - $34.5 $9.61 - $38.33
Mug cost $7.25 -$19.95 $4.4 - $19.37
Sticker cost $2.5 - $5.5  $1.12 - $58.36

#3. Printful Vs Printify Production

Each company has opted for distinct approaches in print-on-demand production. Printful operates its own printing factories and connects with some partners. Whereas, Printify works as a go-between to connect with printing providers.

Factor Printful Printify
Production time 2-5 business days 2-7 business days
Printing methods

5 methods:

DTG, DTF, all-over printing, embroidery, sublimation

7 methods:

DTG, DTF, all-over printing, dye sublimation, embroidery, digital printing, screen printing

Factory 7 centers in USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Latvia, Spain None owned factories
Fulfillment partners

4 partners:

Brazil, Japan, Australia

80+ suppliers with 110+ print locations in:

the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Australia, China, and more.

Printing location selection No Yes
Quality control process 3-step process: design optimization, printing verification, and a final quality check 3 checks: blank products, printing progress, and final product before packing
Reshipment rate 0.24%  N/A

Printify boasts a larger range of printing global suppliers, while Printful tends to offer faster turnaround times. About Printful vs Printify product quality, both companies are excellent, yet there are some customer complaints about size, material, and color accuracy.

However, when determining if Printful or Printify is better in product quality, Printful may have the upper hand. This is because Printful manages its own factories, allowing it to control the entire production progress. In contrast, it’s hard for Printify to build a consistent standard across various third-party print-on-demand suppliers.

printful vs printify quality and fulfillment network
Printful can control product quality more easily, meanwhile, Printify has a larger fulfillment network

#4. Printful Vs Printify Shipping

Both companies allow custom return addresses, which enhance flexibility and convenience in delivery. While they generally provide fast delivery services, there are some differences between them.

Printful shipping

  • Duration: Shipment typically ranges from 1-8 days for US and EU orders, and 1-20 days for other orders depending on the customer's address.
  • Shipping rate calculation methods: Flat and live shipping rates.
  • Delivery partners: notably USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, Australia Post, and Royal Mail.

Printify shipping

  • Duration: The frame typically takes 2-8 business days for POD orders within the US and 3-30 business days for international orders.
  • Shipping rate calculation methods: Flat and live shipping rates, varying depending on each supplier.
  • Delivery partners: DHL Express, USPS, Asendia, DPD, Australia Post, FedEx, Royal Mail, Spring, OSM Worldwide, Canada Post, etc.

One advantage of Printify is the ability to choose the location for printing, which may be near your customer address. This proximity can lead to faster shipping time due to the shorter distance. However, Printful may have better control over the supply chain since they manage printing, packing, and shipping internally.

is printful or printify better for fulfillment and shipping

Printify sellers can choose a fulfillment location based on the customer’s address

#5. Printful and Printify Tools

The interfaces of both Printful vs Printify are beginner-friendly with clear layouts and drag-and-drop tools. Additionally, their intuitive mobile apps allow you to easily manage everything with just a few taps.

Indeed, Printful does seem to be easier to use with a slightly better UI than Printify. For instance, when you select "free shipping" on Printful, the system automatically recalculates the cost. This feature streamlines the process and saves time and effort for print-on-demand merchants.

Printful tools:

  • Design Maker tool provides diverse options like clipart, fonts, premade designs, and a premium photo library. This robust built-in tool simplifies the process of crafting engaging print-on-demand artwork.
  • Extensive mockup library with free 2.550+ options enhances your product visuals in an eye-catching manner. You can easily showcase your design with various mockup scene backgrounds and classic options available.

Printify tools:

  • AI Image Generator effortlessly turns your idea into tangible artwork with just a prompt. You'll have access to 15 image generations per day, which reset every 24 hours.
  • Free pop-up store creation is considered one of the unique selling points of Printify. This tool enables you to set up a simple standalone store without the need to connect with third-party platforms.

Printful offers a more straightforward and easy-to-use process, allowing users to quickly select products, customize them with designs, and be ready to go. Printify, however, provides various options from different print-on-demand suppliers, which can require more time and effort to consider.

is printful better than printify to use
Sellers can easily manage print-on-demand business with intuitive apps and tools

#6. Printful and Printify Branding Options

With both Printful vs Printify, you have two offerings: product branding and packing branding.

Product branding:

  • Printful sellers can promote brand awareness through inside or outside labels ($2.49), sleeve printing (from $2.49), and embroidered logos ($2.95).
  • With Printify, these option includes branded neck labels (from $0.55) and sleeve printing from 4 providers.

Packing branding:

  • Printful offers white-label packaging and custom packaging ($0.50), pack-ins ($0.50), free custom packing slips, and free customized order tracking page.
  • Printify sellers can enhance packing appeal with branding inserts ($0.15) and gift message inserts ($0.15) for Etsy orders.
which is better printify or printful for print on demand sellers
Include a thank-you note in the packing can delight customers

#7. Integration Comparison

Printful has a larger number of integrations with 24 print-on-demand partners, whereas Printify only has 11. In general, both of these connection works well. Scroll down to the 9th factor to get in-depth customer reviews on Printful and Printify.

Both Printful vs Printify share some connections with various platforms, including:

  • E-commerce platforms: Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, Squarespace, BigCommerce
  • Online marketplaces: Etsy, Walmart, eBay, Prestashop
  • Social commerce: TikTok Shop
  • Custom API is also available that allows you to easily connect with POD apps or product personalizers like Teeinblue.

Additionally, Printful also has connections with other platforms, such as Square Online, Webflow, Ecwid, Amazon, Big Cartel, Weebly, Adobe Commerce, Storenvy, Gumroad, Nuvemshop, ShipStation, Shift4Shop, and Launch Cart.

difference between printful and printify
Connecting with third-party platforms has never been easier with Printful and Printify

#8. Customer Support

About Printful vs Printify customer support, they both provide a robust help center with valuable information and guidelines for print-on-demand sellers. These resources cover everything from helpful tips, and practices to clear policy in production, delivery, subscriptions, payment, integration, return, etc.

Printful tends to offer better customer service than Printify. They provide responsive support tailored to the needs of global sellers across the world.

Factor Printful Printify
Available time 24/7 24/7
Live chat Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
Phone No No
Language 6 languages English
Response time Under 2 hours One minute for live chat and hours for emails
Return Free replacement or refund if Printful fault, time to claim is within 30 days Free replacement or refund if Printify error with a 30-day claim period
Reproduction No-charge replacement due to Printful fault with a 30-day claim period Free reproduction for damaged products within 30 days upon a claim

#9. Customer Reviews

Overall, most reviews for both companies across six platforms are positive. Printful gains more reviews and a higher average score than Printify. Customers highly praise them for quick integration set-up, excellent quality, and intuitive tools.

For more insights into both companies, it's essential to check Printify vs Printful reviews across the above platforms.

Platform Printful Printify
Shopify 4.8 (of 5.261 reviews) 4.7 (of 2.616 reviews)
WooCommerce 2.5 (of 80 reviews) 3.0 (of 31 reviews)
Wix 4.7 (of 983 reviews) 4.3 (of 218 reviews)
BigCommerce 4.0 (of 50 reviews) 4.0 (of 7 reviews)
Trustpilot 4.6 (of 4.210 reviews) 4.8 (of 2.549 reviews)
G2 3.6 (of 64 reviews)  3.7 (of 12 reviews)

Which is Better in 2024: Printful or Printify?

It’s hard to say what is better Printify or Printful since the answer depends on your specific business goals and expectations.

Printify is better than Printful in cheaper pricing, a wider range of products, and faster shipping. In contrast, Printful wins in the realms of larger integrations, product quality, and branding customization.

It is also worth a mention to Printful warehousing services as a notable highlight. This service assists you in managing storage and order shipping, even if they are non-Printful products. By outsourcing to Printful, your business can save time, effort, and costs related to renting space and handling logistics tasks.

Notes: This service of Prinful is currently available for North America and Europe warehouses.

what is better printify or printful to start selling print on demand
Choosing Printful or Printify depends on your print-on-demand business goals

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Main Difference Between Printify and Printful?

The main difference between Printify and Printful lies in how they manage the fulfillment. Printful operates its own network of in-house fulfillment centers and global partners to control the entire production, ensuring consistent quality. On the other hand, Printify acts as a middleman between POD sellers and printing providers worldwide, offering a diverse range of prices and products to choose from.

Can You Use Both Printful and Printify to Sell Print-on-demand?

Yes, you can absolutely use both Printful and Printify, especially if you want to offer products that are not available on the other. By utilizing both, you'll have a wider range of options and can leverage the strengths of each company to enhance your business.

Should You Use Printful or Printify for Shopify?

Choosing to use Printful or Printify for Shopify depends on your business needs and preferences. Both companies integrate seamlessly with Shopify. If you prioritize product quality and a wide range of branding options, Printful may be the better choice. On the other hand, if you're looking for lower base prices and more diverse print providers, Printify could be the better choice.

can i use printful and printify to sell print on demand

You can use both Printful and Printify, then consider which one is better for you

After a thorough analysis of the 9 factors, this article aims to provide you with a comprehensive comparison between Printful vs Printify. The ultimate decision on which is better Printify or Printful should hinges on your specific needs. Consider trying both to find the best-fit print-on-demand partner. Don’t forget to update more invaluable tips about the print-on-demand industry by joining Teeinblue Global Community today!


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