How To Level Up Your Sales With Product Personalization

How To Level Up Your Sales With Product Personalization

how to level product personalization for sales

For years innumerable, the demand for tailor-made products has always been the center of conversations. Giving customers what they want is the key to the success of every business. One method to level up your sales is offering product personalization.

Many online stores—especially Print-on-demand stores, have successfully captured the market by building their entire business on product personalization. The product personalization trend will likely continue and thrive, so store owners should be well-positioned to capitalize on this growing trend.

This article will give you a sneak peek of product personalization in print-on-demand businesses and explore its key benefits to POD stores. Additionally, we'll provide you with some actual cases of businesses that profit greatly from personalized products.

Without further ado, let's break into it in more detail!

Product Personalization in Print-on-demand

What is Personalized Print-on-demand?

Print-on-demand personalization is widely known as a process of offering goods and services to customers featuring their design and needs. Customers will have the option to completely personalize the products.

For print-on-demand stores, product personalization can look like customizing a mug with images of you and your loved ones on it or a canvas with a portrait of yourself. There are many products that you can add self-touches to make it more personalized, like pillows or doormats.

what is personalized print on demand

Demo products by Teeinblue Demo Store

Print-on-demand stores such as Giftymize have now successfully streamlined their business with product personalization. The design of products such as mugs, phone cases, or ornaments can all be customized. Customers just need to click on a few options on the storefront to change the design that they want before purchasing.

>> Read Teeinblue Customer Success’s Story: Giftymize to find out more.

Benefits of Product Personalization

Here’s what you can expect when you adopt a product personalization.

Build customer engagement

Product personalization can get more active buyers to your site. Your website's chances of generating conversions increase as more users interact with it. With online stores using personalization tools, it’d be an advantage to increase the engagement time of customers spending on the product pages.

According to research, a whopping 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from stores that remember their contact details and latest purchase information.

Gain customers' loyalty

The best strategy to gain customers' loyalty is to provide them the option to customize the product to their choices. Customer satisfaction is the main factor in gaining that loyalty.

Additionally, customers are more likely to stick around and develop a long-term relationship if they feel as though you are giving them your full attention. It creates a bond between the brand and the consumers and significantly raises customer retention. If customers enjoy the idea of personalization, then brands have a great chance to succeed in the market.

Drive more sales

Product personalization is a unique service that gives you the opportunity to crack your sales quicker as compared to other strategies.

A study by Deloitte shows that 1 in 5 consumers are willing to pay 20% higher than the original price to possess personalized products. Also, the study stated that 36% of customers yearn to possess personalized products. Customers are inclined to pay more for a personalized item because they view it as an extension of themselves rather than merely a product.

The more personalized, the better! At least 59% of online shoppers think that personalized online shops make it easier to find more interesting products (Invesp, 2022). The fact that customers are likely to pay higher for personalized products gives you an opportunity to give your prices an increase. This will lead to a better profit margin and expect a higher count in your revenues.

personalized vs non-personalize tshirt

Personalized t-shirts usually cost a little more than non-personalized t-shirts.

Streamline marketing channels

No one can deny that customers like following their preferred companies on social media. Numerous major companies engage in influencer marketing initiatives and actively seek out online product reviews and discussions from consumers. Personalized product customers are more inclined to interact with the brand and spend more time on the website.

Another channel that profits from product personalization is word-of-mouth. Product personalization promotes word-of-mouth channel because if a customer is completely delighted with your services, they will undoubtedly tell others about your store. If your products satisfied their tastes, customers are more likely to be drawn to your brand and select it over rivals in the future.

Increase Sales with Product Personalization

Here are a few tips that help your store increase sales with product personalization.

Personalized Products for Special Events

You can use product personalization to boost sales on special events. Applying theme colors, creative customized designs or fun quotes for products are some of the signature ways to prepare for such events. It has become a standard procedure these days.

Special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, New Year's, and others—always provide excellent opportunities for merchants to prosper in their stores. It seems that a lot of people enjoy celebrating these unique events by dressing in keeping with the theme.

halloween personalized products

Source: Etsy

Halloween, for example, is one of the biggest events for any POD store to take a chance to grow their businesses and push brand recognition. Many stores prepare customized products for this event such as apparel, bags, and other promotional products with a unique design related to the main theme.

Personalized Trend Prediction for POD Products in 2023

Personalization will continue to rise in 2023. With more and more people liking to have their personal touch printed on new products - that’s something to pay attention to. Till now, print-on-demand stores are quickly centering all of their activities on the consumer experience. With it, they are formulating plans for making scalable, really individualized purchasing experiences.

Some POD product categories like clothing accessories (shirts, jackets, beanies…) or home & kitchen decor (mugs, ornaments, canvas,…) are still most sought-after by consumers. Customers also enjoin creative personalized designs such as text personalization with their names or their signature quote attached to products. Other designs like animated portraits or personal images are still on the rise.

However, customers' tastes in personalization change with the times so it’s crucial for print-on-demand stores to catch up with the latest personalized trend for the next year. After conducting several research, here are the trends that we believe it’ll expect to flourish in the future that sellers can apply for POD products right now:

personalized print on demand trends

Source: Amazon

How to Make Product Personalization Work on Your Store?

Decide Your Target Niche and Audience

First, it’s important to decide your target market or the audience that you want to focus on. This will help you set up a proper path for your business. There are a plethora of products that you can choose as your main target.

For example, if you want to target customers who have pets, then pet products personalization would be a great option to get started. Additionally, you’d like to do thorough research about niche markets such as wedding gifts, memorial products, or hobby groups to further your picks.

Estimate the Level of Personalization

When you’re done choosing your niche market, it’s time to tap into some personalization options. As a merchant, you’d like to allow your customers to have a variety of customized options such as the clipart that they can personalize on the storefront, change color or text font, etc. You can set it up to allow customers completely customize products from top to bottom.

Here are some step-by-step to help you visualize the process of seting up the personalization for your customers. Check the example below:

Assuming that you want to start a POD personalized product store specializing in canvas print. Now you want to offer customers personalized the canvas print that they want to purchase. So, which parts of the canvas do you want your customers to customize? Let’s see what you can do:

  • First, you need to let them choose the canvas size (this is a crucial option)
  • The background color also needs to be on the list
  • Some text personalization like adding names, selecting the angle, or changing fonts should be included too.
  • Then, you should let them freely upload their own images for the products

These are just some details that you could take as an example, there’re many aspects that you can let your customers personalize to their wishes.

Just in case, the more the better doesn’t seem right all the time! If you give customers too many personalized options, they could be overwhelmed and panic (literally!). With too many options, they won’t be able to select the right one and making it more time-consuming—it could end up in their departure. For that reason, make sure you set up all your options properly and logically.

Design Process (Choose a Product Personalizer Tool)

This is the part when you will choose how to apply product personalization to your print-on-demand online store. You can find many solutions for this process such as hiring a developer or outsourcing a graphic designer to make designs based on your customer's interests. However, these two are expensive strategies depending greatly on your budget.

You can also invest in a third-party app that can make the process of product personalization go faster. These apps will allow merchants to offer unique options for customers to personalize their products. With its easy-to-use functions, you can smoothly manage your stores without any hassle. Plus, you don’t need to acquire any coding skills in order to excel in these apps. To wrap it up, this is the best and most cost-effective alternative for merchants.

How Teeinblue Finesses the Product Personalization Process

Teeinblue is a wholesome option for product personalization in print-on-demand that let you provide a wide range of unique personalized options to your consumers. The product personalizer has a number of options like text personalization, custom maps, cliparts, upload custom images,… that allow your customers to customize the products exactly how they like.

 With Teeinblue, merchants can offer the most seamless shopping experience for personalizable product design, with live previews,… to all customers.

>> Learn more about Teeinblue’s cutting-edge features.

It also offers merchants features that can empower the sales force by focusing on boosting the store’s conversion rate. You can explore certain CRO-optimized features on Teeinblue, such as the addition of personalization data and photos to the cart page or automated emails, the ability to customize form actions, and many others, which will give you powerful control over your business.

Teeinblue can help users to keep track of their orders and send it easily to fulfillment. Using our Order dashboard, you can monitor your daily orders. Moreover, you will receive the personalization data as well as the final design image after your consumers purchase your personalized products.

This is a print-ready file, so you won't have to redesign it. In case customers want to change their minds after purchase, you may easily change the personalization options anytime.

The most crucial feature is that it allows you to send Print-on-demand providers for fulfillment of customized orders from Teeinblue directly to your Print-on-demand providers for fulfillment.

Orders with the same shipping address can be combined and sent to fulfillment all at once to save on shipping fees. So, if you want to add customization facilities to your print-on-demand stores, Teeinblue is the perfect option to choose!

That sum up our whole article in which we have hammered home a brief overview of how product personalization can help you increase sales for your print-on-demand online store.

As you can see, product personalization is a creative and effective way to improve your business. From boosting sales to increasing customer loyalty, understanding your customers better, and gaining a competitive advantage—there’s more to achieve from implementing product personalization in the print-on-demand sector.

If you’re planning to increase sales with product personalization to personalize your customer’s shopping experience, don’t hesitate to try Teeinblue on Shopify today!

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