How to Sell Customized Products on Shopify in 2024

How to Sell Customized Products on Shopify in 2024

how to sell customized products on shopify

You can sell personalized items on Shopify through simple steps, including making a plan with specific products, adding customization options, then marketing them. Let’s wrap up the details in this article to learn how to sell customized products on Shopify with less effort. Here you go!

Step 1: Make a Plan to Sell Customized Products on Shopify

Don’t be intimidated when hearing a plan to prepare for selling customized products on Shopify. When it comes to ensuring success, focus on the key elements: products, fulfillment partners, personalization options, and the layout of your product pages.

Have a List of Customizable and Profitable Products

Having a list makes it easy to choose the optimum ideas to sell customized products on Shopify. It also helps you quickly identify the target market and offer appealing items. Then, your store can stay competitive and generate more sales.

choose customizable products before selling them on shopify

There are many high-profit niches for you to sell

The personalized product ideas are endless out there. Taking note of your surroundings, conducting market research, and analyzing Google trends can all be beneficial. Let’s make a table with many columns, such as product name, market size, profit margin, average price, best-selling personalized designs, etc.

A good product should be easy-to-personalized and high-profit. As an entrepreneur, shortening your list to 1 – 3 ideas will help you sell more efficiently.

Determine Types of Customization Options

Customization options can vary from item to item. Remember that less is always better when learning how to sell customized products on Shopify. Let’s maximize your profit with the most relevant and feasible.

Here are the most common types of customization options for you to choose from:

  • Add variant product options: sell multiple colors, sizes, materials, etc., at different prices.
  • Personalize product designs: custom text, image, maps, date & time, star maps, etc., in many styles such as monogram, minimalism, vintage, black & white, etc.

Note: Make your store more attractive by keeping up with the latest personalization trends.

choose customization options to sell customized products on shopify
Examples of variant product options and personalized designs

Choose Prime Fulfillment Partners

Most consumers who look for personalized products not only require uniqueness but also want high-quality products. Top-notch fulfillment companies can assist in fulfilling customers' requirements.

When learning how to sell personalized items on Shopify, you may catch another way: design, produce, and deliver yourself. It can help you manage the product quality and shipping process flexibly.

However, if you enter the e-Commerce market with a limited budget, working with fulfillment companies is much more cost-saving, low-risk, and easy to start. Shopify fulfillment network allows you to access the top companies worldwide. Here are two options for you to connect with them:

  • Directly choosing through Shopify suggestions.
  • Using print-on-demand apps on the App Store.

Tips: Pick a company that offers products, segments, printing technologies, shipping time, etc., that match your plan.

Decide How Personalization Options Display on the Product Page

You’ve determined the types of products and customization options. Now you need to determine the appearance of your product on the Shopify product page.

how to display personalized items on shopify to sell

An engaging product page on Shopify (Source: Teeinblue POD Demo Store)

Don’t worry, it is not complex as you think. You simply need to identify the most vital components, which include:

  • Personalization option display for text fields, image upload, multiple categories, etc.
  • Product mockup position for preview on desktop and mobile.
  • Action buttons position such as Add to cart, Buy now, etc.

Tips: It is possible to offer both customizable and non-customizable products in a Shopify store. In order not to create many product page templates, consider using a product personalization Shopify app, like Teeinblue Product Personalizer.

Step 2: Create Personalized Items on Shopify to Sell

In this section, Teeinblue Product Personalizer will give you the best practices to add multiple product variants and personalized designs to your Shopify store. Go ahead to discover!

Add Product Variant Options

If you want to offer more colors, sizes, materials, and styles, you can do it manually in the store admin.

  • Log in to your store at > Choose a store > Go to the Products page.
  • Click Add product on the top right corner > Fill in all required fields > Scroll down to the Variants section.
  • Click Add options like size or color > Select an Option name (for example, Color) > Fill in Option values (for example, Green). You can add more color variants in the field Add another value.
  • Click Done, then you can edit the Price, Available stocks, On hand quantities, SKU, and Barcode for each variant.
  • After adding all variant options, click Save to save changes.
create and sell multiple product variant options on shopify manually

Click Add another option to add more variants

Although this way is fast, you cannot add advanced personalization options such as uploading photo options, check boxes, conditional logic, image choices, destination picker, live preview, or others. Even if you customize your store theme with complex code, it takes a lot of time and may cause bugs. In this situation, having a Shopify custom product builder is much better.

Create Personalized Designs

Do you want to offer print-on-demand personalization and enable your customers to custom design with live previews in your stores? The best way is to add personalization software.

Don’t stress about the charge. The difference is trivial even if you include it in your retail price. The most important criteria are the features, stability, and customer support.

Consider using Teeinblue Product Personalizer, the top print-on-demand personalizer on Shopify with 5-star reviews from users.

how to sell personalized items on shopify without editing code

Five-star product personalizer on Shopify

With this app, selling personalized products has never been easier.

  • Easily create unique and personalized options by adding text, uploading images, and customizing maps and clipart.
  • Enhance the customization experience by incorporating interactive text effects and enabling customers to remove backgrounds from their uploaded images.
  • Access over 21 print-on-demand (POD) suppliers, selling an extensive product range. And even import directly from the API-integrated partner's catalog through clicks.
  • Manage orders on one page: Automatically generate print-ready files, quickly send orders to fulfill, and track fulfillment status from the app.
  • Free trial up to 14 days with unlimited features, making it easy to experience all the app's benefits.

Take a few minutes to see how to sell personalized items on Shopify with Teeinblue Product Personalizer!

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Step 3: Marketing Shopify Customized Products to Generate Sales

Before promoting your customized products, ensure they have clear prices, various customizable options, high-quality mockups, and a user-friendly product page. And the key to success is understanding your target customer's preferences, interests, and behaviors.

You can use free and paid methods to increase brand visibility, reach a larger audience, and boost sales and revenue.

  • Free marketing methods: utilize social media platforms, leverage email marketing, write blog and guest posts, or engage with online communities.
  • Paid marketing ways: run ads on social media platforms or search engines, invest in influencer marketing, etc.

Following the above steps about how to sell customized products on Shopify can help you succeed. If you're looking for a custom product builder, Teeinblue Product Personalizer is a great option. The app offers a wide range of customization options, as well as connections to POD providers and a streamlined order fulfillment process. Join the Teeinblue POD Global Group on Facebook to connect with a community of like-minded sellers who specialize in customized items!


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