Best Shopify Custom Clothing App in 2023 – Teeinblue POD

Best Shopify Custom Clothing App in 2023 – Teeinblue POD

best Shopify Custom Clothing App

With an overall rating of 5 stars, Teeinblue Product Personalizer (Teeinblue POD) is the best Shopify custom clothing app in 2023. The app specializes in print-on-demand products, including apparel. It empowers you to create one-of-a-kind and personalized garments and accessories. Moreover, it also helps you to reduce 50% effort to fulfill orders. Let’s discover this all-in-one app to sell custom clothing on Shopify now!

Why is Teeinblue POD the Best Shopify Custom Clothing App?

Teeinblue Product Personalizer emerges as the best Shopify custom clothing app thanks to its essential features that bolster the selling process. From crafting custom designs for apparel to empowering customers with live previews for personalized experiences, Teeinblue POD excels at every step. It also delivers a seamless end-to-end solution for swift fulfillment to help you succeed in the custom clothing industry.

Set Up Multiple Personalization Options With Ease

This Shopify custom product designer offers a myriad of features to effortlessly generate any custom garment in no time. With these below indispensable tools, you can unleash your creativity and cater to any taste:

  • Add popular personalization options: text, clipart, repeated patterns, and upload photos.
  • Build advanced setups for your design: conditional logic, multi-line text, curved text, street maps, start maps, and more.

Get inspired by this stunning example of a custom T-shirt created by this application!

Shopify custom clothing app with demo product

A personalized T-shirt with multiple variants, design templates, clipart and text personalization (Source: Teeinblue POD Demo store)

In the app portal, a professional and easy-to-use design studio will help to save a lot of time to design stunning artwork and set up customization.

  • Manage image and text layers: upload, delete, duplicate, change the order, and more.
  • Build personalization with a preview of how they display in the store.
  • Create many templates for one artwork to offer more choices for customers.
best Shopify apps for custom clothing
An intuitive design studio in the app portal

Sell Unlimited Apparel Products

When it comes to Shopify custom clothing apps, finding one that allows importing endless items from any print-on-demand company is a challenge. However, the Teeinblue apparel customizer breaks the barriers by offering two convenient ways to add white-label clothing:

  • Auto import essential product information (for items from connected POD partners): mockup, print areas, variants, SKUs, and more.
  • Or Add yours manually within a few steps (if you can’t find your provider in the app list): fill in required information and upload mockups.

In addition to its core functionalities, the app also offers special features specifically designed to sell clothing:

  • All-over-print support: The app enables you easily create AOP designs. They are well-displayed on products, allowing customers to see a comprehensive view. Besides, design files are ready-to-print, streamlining the production process.
  • Manage multiple variants: Easily organize multiple sizes, colors, and styles in the store, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.
  • Change clothing’s color: Ability to change the garment’s color using one mockup, enhancing your store speed and personalization experience.
  • Edit perspective for designs with a smart mockup editor: Accurately align the design with the mockup’s angle shooting, size, and border to give the most realistic look.
  • Live preview: Dynamically visualize the design's placement, scale, and overall appearance on the apparel, creating a sense of engagement.
best custom clothing app for Shopify
An all-over-print clothing example

Manage Orders in No Time

Once you have an order generated from the app, you can send it to fulfill and track its status right in the app. Its powerful features can save you a lot of time!

  • Auto-generating design files and allowing adjustment before sending it to fulfill.
  • Centralizing all orders in one place with the most important information, including order value, customer information, design, fulfillment information, and quick action buttons.
  • Sending orders via API or exporting them in CSV format to accommodate different fulfillment methods and integrate smoothly with every fulfillment supplier.
  • Tracking real-time fulfillment updates for products of connected POD partners to timely handle emerging issues with orders.
Shopify custom clothing app with the fulfillment support
The order details with a ready-to-print file

Good for All Businesses Selling Apparel

Teeinblue POD offers a range of features that cater to the diverse needs of apparel merchants. Here are two key aspects that make it a versatile solution for starters and large-scale enterprises.

  • Multiple pricing plans: A 14-day free trial is available for all clothing stores. There are 4 plans accommodating various business sizes and budgets, from $19-$549 per month. You won't incur any extra charges as long as your order count stays within the free limit for each plan. The higher the plan, the more free orders you have.
  • Team management: It is perfect for businesses having multiple team members involved in the apparel-selling process. You can assign roles to different team members, ensuring efficient collaboration and streamlined workflows.
custom clothing apps for Shopify Plus
Assign roles to view or manage assets, artworks, orders, and more

5-star Customer Support

A 5-star overall rating sets Teeinblue Product Personalizer as one of the best Shopify apps for custom clothing. Along with app features, customer support is excellent as well. The team is readily available to assist you with any inquiries, or technical issues while using the app. Here are some testimonials from users on the Shopify App Store!

top rated custom apparel app on Shopify

Users are most satisfied with the customer support

How to Use Teeinblue POD to Sell Custom Clothing?

Are you ready to take your custom clothing business to the next level? With Teeinblue POD, selling personalized apparel has never been easier.

  • Step 1: Add apparel products from connected POD partners or add your own product in to the app.
  • Step 2: Create personalized artwork with intuitive design tools.
  • Step 3: Combine selected clothing items with artwork and publish them for sale on your Shopify store.
  • Step 4: Fulfill incoming orders seamlessly with the app.

Watch the below informative video to see Teeinblue Product Personalizer in action.

With comprehensive features, Teeinblue Product Personalizer stands out as the top Shopify custom clothing app in 2023. The commitment to providing exceptional customer support and the impressive overall rating on Shopify further solidify its position as the go-to solution for selling custom clothing. Embrace the app today and unlock endless possibilities for your apparel business!


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