How Love & Faith Achieved $3.8M First Year Using Teeinblue | Success Story

[Customer Success Story] How Love & Faith Achieved $3.8M in the First Year with Teeinblue

Teeinblue customer success story Love and Faith

Love & Faith is a German-based brand, offering dynamic & unique personalization on gifting products. As their name suggests, their philosophy is to “create unforgettable gifts that not only touch the hearts of the recipients but also make the world a little better.”

Andre - the founder of Love & Faith, had extensive experience in e-commerce before starting this personalized gifting business in 2021. Leading the business in the right direction, Andre achieved early success and has been able to maintain that success until now, making Love & Faith a thriving business with 5 different online stores across Europe.

On the road to success, his store has grown through two remarkable stages. Let’s discover them and how Teeinblue contributed to his success in achieving $3.8M in sales in the first year!

Stage 1: Find the Right Personalization Solution

3 years ago, after testing a wide array of products, Andre found that photo upload products were popular and could bring a high-profit margin. But Andre's keen eye spotted something even more exciting. In Germany, at that time, there was a noticeable gap in the market. Very few stores offered photo uploads with live previews, a feature that could revolutionize the customer experience.

With his high confidence, Andre made a decisive move. He invested his time, energy, and resources into personalized love gifts featuring photo uploads with real-time previews.

love faith finds the winning personalization option

At the initial stage, Love-Faith focuses on personalized gifts for couples and family

Andre needed a product personalizer that could provide comprehensive product setup and order fulfillment features, especially a fast photo upload feature and live previews. His search for a powerful product personalizer led him to explore various options. However, most solutions lacked the seamless experience he required. That is until he found Teeinblue. Andre's confidence in Teeinblue was reinforced when a big POD seller recommended the app to him.

"Teeinblue is the easiest tool to choose. We can upload artwork and connect product bases together seamlessly. Using Teeinblue is a no-brainer. Without it, we wouldn't have a business." - Andre said.

With Teeinblue's fast uploading speed of just 15 seconds and live preview feature, Andre's customers fell in love with the personalized products they created. The app's powerful features further elevated the experience, empowering users to:

  • Crop photos into custom shapes: hearts, circles, squares, and more.
  • Add stunning effects: Remove backgrounds, transform photos into cartoons, create face cutouts, or apply a classic black-and-white filter.

The enhanced shopping experience led to a significant reduction in return rates. Remarkably, his business generated $3.8M in sales within the first year for photo upload products.

product personalizer for photo upload

One of the best-selling photo upload gifts of Love-Faith

Teeinblue's smart workflow also boosted Andre's team productivity, enabling him to grow his business to five markets with a team of only eight people. Inspired by the app’s capabilities, Andre expanded personalization offerings by designing custom clipart products in-house, adding a unique touch to his market presence.

“Besides upload-photo, we’re expanding the personalization, selling custom clipart products that we mainly design in-house. The fact that we can design ourselves rather than using resources that every seller can use, offers uniqueness to the market.”

He also found inspiration in Teeinblue's frequent feature updates. He can improve products and develop new product ideas to sell more and adapt to the market demand.

print on demand product personalization success story love faith
They expand their offerings with clipart personalization besides photo upload

Stage 2: Transition to In-House Production

Since Love & Faith knows the struggle of integrating new, unique product categories for their own pod shop, they founded a production company based in Germany focusing on solving that problem. The company named Printlabs offers a wide range of unique pod products (like bags, plush toys, kezboards, etc.) for their customers currently in the EU market so that pod shops can scale products and make more profits. You can visit the site at to gain more information.

With Teeinblue's flexibility, Andre can reduce the hassle of integrating his own products while leveraging the app features. Andre unlocked a world of possibilities:

  • Add his own products with name, SKU, mockup, print areas, variants, description, and more.
  • Design and add personalization in one place.
  • Public products to his storefront with real-time previews within clicks.
  • Get auto print-ready files when orders come and edit them without re-ordering.
  • Export order details to CSV files for easy fulfillment.

Andre’s Tips for Newbies

When asked about his advice for new Teeinblue users, Andre emphasized the importance of market selection and understanding. This strategy can help to effectively tailor offerings and marketing strategies and achieve success.

"Should focus on specific markets and learn carefully about the market that you want to target," Andre shared.

Andre's success story is a testament to the power of Teeinblue Product Personalizer. By leveraging the app’s user-friendly tools and flexibility, Andre transformed his store - Love & Faith, achieved remarkable sales, and expanded his reach across multiple markets. His journey serves as an inspiration for other entrepreneurs looking to harness the potential of personalization in the POD industry.

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