5 Tips To Prepare For Upcoming Print-on-demand Summer Sale

5 Tips To Prepare For Upcoming Print-on-demand Summer Sale

print on demand summer sale tips

Summer is coming soon and also the sales season. If you’re wondering what should you do to prepare for this summer sales, here's the 5 essential summer sale tips that can help you to answer your question.

#1 - Have a Promotion Plan

Summer sales - the name speaks for its purpose - is the season where business offers discount and promotion while consumers are dragged along and make purchase. Thus, you will need a promotion plan in order to manage your store during summer sales easier.

Plan Criterion

There are 4 criterion that you need to carefully consider to confirm before sales season coming:

  • Discounted products: Will it be all items or just selected ones?
  • Discount price: One level of promotion for all sale items, or a scale with multiple levels of promotion for different sale items
  • Bonus offers: Like free shipping, or gift for a specific value of order
  • Promotion duration: How long promotion will be available, and what the start and end date are

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Plan Metrics

Every marketing tactic will need to be measured and checked for its performance. Accordingly, this promotion plan also needs to have goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). For example, if you’re selling personalized products and you want to offer promotion for all products with different level of sales.

Measurement indicators you need to know:

  • Number of visitors during sales
  • Number of items sold per visitor
  • Conversion rate
  • Items with highest sale-generated
  • Items with lowest sale-generated
  • Number of items sold out

Why should you use these indicators?

From these information, you can dig in more tactics within your campaign, such as, if during promotion, you notice an item with the least sold count, you can add up extra sales for that item to improve conversion. Or, if any item is sold out during promotion, you will need to prepare a way or an announcing template to inform customers about those have been sold out.

By keeping your customers up to date with information during promotion, it can generate even more sales by creating scarcity and fear of missing out (FOMO) amongst target audience. Nonetheless, you need to remember that these measurements should be updated daily during promotion periods, in order to release the most suitable add-on update for your campaign to work effectively.

#2 - Update Your Store Display

This is a must, because you need to navigate your customers to all products that are on sale as much as possible. You can customize your theme to set up your store, or use store design applications to set up your store as wishes.

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Some applications that you can use to help you with store design (for Shopify storefront):

For other e-commerce platforms, I would recommend to search on Google, such as, “Woocommerce store design plugin”, then look for these applications or plugins within the platform store to check for reviews and rating.

#3 - Bring up the Best-selling Products

Every sales campaign is a wise occasion for you to promote new arrival but also to boost sales for best-selling products. In fact, best-sellers are attracted consumers more than new products, because of its credibility in quality and the FOMO that it can injects in consumer’s possession. 

summer sale tips 3 - bring up best-selling productsSource: Internet 

To make the most benefits out of this best-selling category, I would recommend to set up a category page for these products. This way, you can help your customers to look for your best-selling products easier, which later can help to boost your sales for all these products.

#4 - Prepare Content Marketing

Every promotion campaign needs a great favor from marketing to encourage consumers to join. As an accordance, social network, as the most efficient touchpoint, will in-deed a good assistant in bringing customers to your store. However, you need to be well-prepared all the content materials, and a following plan in order to keep marketing on track.

Content Marketing Details

A plan of content marketing should divide channels to different small plans. Then, for each channel, you will need to have tactics for proceeding. Now, you need to define your content marketing plan is a plan of scheduled time and date, with content subject and media. Thus, a content marketing plan should include these details:

  • Channel name: the channel you’re going to post content
  • Content subject: topic of the post
  • Content body: details of the post
  • Media type: image or video
  • Publishing date and time: the affirmed time that you will post this content
  • Due date: the affirmed time that you need to finish preparing this content 

summer sale tips 4 - prepare content marketingSource: Internet 

Recommended Content Topics

For a promotion campaign, there are several content topics that your plan should include in order to launch your campaign smoothly. The post topics are recommended as following:

  • Announcement about the campaign
  • Discounted products included in campaign
  • Product scarcity
  • Call to action post
  • Promotion deal information

You can also include other topics, such as daily update or product details to enrich your content plan. But the topics above are requirements if you want your social marketing activities to convert actual visitors and sales for your promotion campaign.

#5 - Summer Sale Campaign Information

This is also one of the part that you need to make clear and well inform your customers beforehand. During campaign, your sales will highly rise and also your customers. Along with sales season, you will receive many requests for support from your customers, including cases like return goods, shipping time, shipping rate, feedback and reviews,… If you don’t prepare enough of campaign information, the number of these kind of requests will eventually be out of control. No one wants to loose their control in handling customers, especially if you’re aiming your business to grow in long term.

So, to help you out with campaign information preparation, let’s check some must-included info that you need to work on:

  • Promotion applicable conditions
  • Shipping time and rate
  • Campaign policy (including return goods, refund, condition of goods)
  • Promotion duration
  • VAT (Value added tax)

Besides, you should also prepare some templates to quick reply to your customers in order to reduce the amount of direct requests that you need to handle.

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After filling the gap of all these information, remember to add all these information in content plan because you’re doing this for your customers, so you need to inform them as well. Since trading is a fair agreement, let’s help your partners - the consumers - to well understand and to concur with this trade procedure.

Hope the 5 tips from Teeinblue Product Personalizer will help you in getting ready for the upcoming summer season and the peak period of sales and promotion. If you need further discussion on any topic, don’t forget to comment below and let us know what should be focus next.


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