Teeinblue Product Personalizer - Update Pricing Plan in 2022

Teeinblue Product Personalizer - Update Pricing Plan in 2022

To reflect all of that added value and ensure that we can keep investing in innovation, today we are officially announcing our New Pricing updates.

Let’s dive in to see what has changed and prepare yourself to the next selling plan!


What changes:

From Aug 1st, 2022:

1. Sunset the Free plan.

  • Free plan will be removed from Pricing table and it will not exist for all users to upgrade or downgrade anymore.
  • New users cannot activate the Free plan.
  • Current Free users (who activated the Free plan before August 1st) can still stay on the Free plan.
  • Users who haven’t activated any plans yet can still try our app the same. But we will only provide customer support for no-plan users until Dec 31, 2022.

    2. Welcome a new plan: Starter plan.

    • 50 free orders at $19/month (1.8% transaction fee for extra orders).

    • It’s a more suitable plan for starters and small businesses than the Growth plan.

    3. Require to activate a plan after installing.

    • New users who first install or reinstall need to choose a plan to start using the app.

    • Old users (who installed app before Aug 1st) when uninstall and reinstall Teeinblue Product Personalizer also need to activate a plan to continue using.

    4. A long free trial for all plans is available.

    • Existing and new users can all have a 21-day free trial when activating a plan (from July 24, 2023, the trial period changes to 14 days).

    5. For users who have development stores.

    • Development stores are still free to use our app.

    • But if the store transfers to a Shopify live plan, it is required to activate a plan to continue using.

    6. Other plans remain the same.

    Why changes

    If you follow Teeinblue Product Personalizer for a certain amount of time, you can see that the app is constantly growing to meet more and more sellers' requirements, to give an example: remove background, curve text, personalize fonts and colors… not to mention upcoming features (more text and personalization options, integrate with new providers…).

    With the expansion of app development and user base, we need a fair price to maintain the system stability and high-quality customer support, while still keeping the competitive prices. That’s the main reason for sunsetting the Free plan and coming up with the Starter plan.

    What you need to do

    • No action is needed for most users, the change doesn’t affect your current plan.

    • Or you can upgrade to the Starter plan between Aug 1st and Aug 15th to enjoy 30% off in 4 months.

    We guarantee that this is the only change to the pricing plan this year, so hope you can be worry-free about our app and fully focus on your business to be ready for the awaited peak season.

    Our continuous improvements wouldn’t have been possible without your valued feedback. If you have any questions about this pricing plan update, feel free to contact us at Live Chat Support!

    Thanks for supporting Teeinblue Product Personalizer!

    >> Read more about Teeinblue Product Personalizer Pricing FAQs.


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