40+ Father's Day Gifts to Sell in Your Print-on-demand Stores

40+ Father's Day Gifts to Sell in Your Print-on-demand Stores

top fathers day gifts to sell

Print-on-demand ideas to sell for Father's Day are endless. You can offer daily items like clothing, coffee mugs, wallets, or hobby-related gifts for traveling, playing sports, etc. But what are the top Father's Day gifts to sell? You will find the winning products to prepare well for this big sale holiday from a detailed market analysis. Make your list with Teeinblue Product Personalizer now!

Top 40 Father's Day Gifts to Sell in 2023

US NRF 2022 survey for Father's Day showed the total expected spending was up to $20 billion. It is approximately the same amount as in 2021 despite growing concerns about inflation. 76% of US adults said they were going to celebrate this day. This 2023, the forecast keeps optimistic.

top gifts to sell on fathers day

Father’s Day product insights

The average spending was around $170 per order. Unique and memorable gifts were the top buying purposes, at 44% and 37%. Therefore, this is one of the best holidays to create and sell customizable print-on-demand products.

Get inspiration with 40+ personalized ideas below!

Personalized Special Outing for Father's Day

The special outing is the best-selling niche on this holiday. In 2022, US consumers spent up to $3.77 billion for outdoor activities with Dad. Catch the trends with the hottest personalized items for family outings and outdoor celebrations!

1. Waterproof and high-quality tents for family camping.
2. Sleeping bags printed with family faces.
3. Custom photo for family T-shirts, hats, etc.
4. Picnic blankets with multiple personalization options.
5. Outdoor cooking accessories.
6. Personalized travel bags.
7. Luggage with a family photo.

sell special outings for fathers day
Appealing picnic blankets for family pinic

Unique Clothing for Dad

Clothing has ranked second in the top favorite products for Father's Day since 2016. The total spending for apparel was $3.11 billion, and the average expenditure per person was $26.62 (2022).

You can make your print-on-demand store stand out by offering personalized clothing below:

8. T-shirts with fantastic print-on-demand quotes, images, or maps for Dad and children.
9. Custom shorts, pants, and underwear with funny symbols.

unique clothing ideas for dad to sell

Creative personalized T-shirts for fathers and children

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Specialized Gift Cards

The next idea (10th) is offering gift cards. They are small items with great potential ($2.69 billion in 2022). Specialized gift cards can create appreciation, excitement, gratitude, and connection between children and their fathers. Those things are what most people expect for a gift.

Bonus: Greeting cards (11th) are also good Father’s Day gifts to sell as their meaning. It had a total spending of $0.86 billion.

make specialized gift cards to sell on fathers day
Cross-sell gift cards with all Father’s Day gifts

Custom Electronic & Tech Gifts for Dad

Gadgets can provide a sense of supremacy to men. This explains why consumers drop cash $2.25 billion in electronic gifts.

Think out of the box with unique and creative design ideas for these products:

12. Engraved Classic watch or Smartwatch.
13. Wireless charger.
14. Bluetooth speaker.
15. Phone case.
16. Laptop case.
17. Headphones.
18. Wood phone docking station.
19. Mouse pad.

Tips: Adding symbols of hobbies, enabling name and birthday personalization, etc., are the best-selling design ideas for gadgets.

electronic and tech gifts to sell on fathers day
Engraved electronics are one the most popular gifts for Dad

Personal Care for Father

Personal care doesn’t stop at items for grooming routines such as face wash, scent, or hair gel. More ideas are available to make your print-on-demand store win target revenue. Scroll down to pick now!

21. Customized beard caring.
22. Unique meditation mat to take care of Dad’s mental health.
23. Personalized packages of skin care gifts.

24. A tailor-made book for Dad to relax, stimulate the brain, or learn a new sport.

offer personal care for father

Self-care products for Father are creative ideas

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Personalized Home & Garden Toolkits for Dad

Unsurprisingly, appliances and garden toolkits are among Father's Day's 10 most popular gifts. These niches generated $2.64 billion in revenue for US sellers. This 2023, this figure is expected to increase. If your store has strength in these products, don’t miss out:

25. Bespoke tool briefcases with Father’s name, favorite logo, etc.
26. Home and garden tool kits with engraved handle parts.

27. Individualized garden holdall tool bag.

create personalized home and garden toolkits for dad
An example of personalized home tools

Sports Gifts to Sell on Father’s Day

Most men love physical activities, especially sports. Focusing on items for the most popular sports will help to boost your sales.

28. Custom baseball gifts: batter, grill slugger, pinch gifter, etc.
29. Unique football gifts: shoes, kit with father’s favorite football team, or goalkeeper gloves with name.
30. Personalized golf gift ideas: caddy cooler bag, golf glove, towels, barrel headcover, hat, bag beer sleeve, etc.
31. Fishing offering: pop & sit, backpack, survival set, water bottle, knife set, hat, fishing lures, etc.
32. Gym items: gym clothing, personalized canvas with gym activities, gymnastics tumbler, duffel bags, etc.

33. Other sports gifts: accessories for surfing, skating, rugby, etc.

sports gifts to sell on fathers day
A baseball canvas art for Dad

Other Customizable Things to Sell for Father's Day

Small gifts are affordable and meaningful. Observing surroundings can inspire winning Father's Day gifts to sell. Here are small but powerful items to attract more customers:

34. Customized wine or beer label.
35. A set of whisky glasses.
36. Special coffee mugs.
37. Key chain with Dad’s hobby images.
38. Engraved wallets.
39. Auto accessories: portable bluetooth receiver for a car, hanging ornament, sticker decal, etc.

40. Personalized books or CDs.

customizable things to sell for fathers day
Creative customized keychain for fathers

FAQs on Selling Print-on-demand for Father's Day

You’ve got the best Father's Day gift ideas to sell. But which gifts do most men like? How do you turn ideas into actual sales? Let’s get your answer with Teeinblue Product Personalizer!

What do Most Men Desire for Father's Day?

Gifts of praise and thanks will surely make Daddy’s day, as most dads love to have appreciated feelings. They also love something fun and time with their sons and daughters. Therefore, special outings, customized family t-shirts, or sportswear are the ideal products to sell.

How do You Market to Increase Sales with Father's Day?

The Father’s Day market is enormous. However, the ROI cannot be as high as you expect without narrowing the audience. Save the best pratices from experienced POD merchants here!

  • Showcase your gifts on your homepage with an appealing banner.
  • Offer a variety of products and cross-sell to complete the customers' needs.
  • Create a sense of urgency through limited discounts and promotions.
  • Be innovative in targeting your ads.
  • Set reminders for the procrastinators to avoid last-minute stress.
  • Ensure flawless customer experiences to make gift-giving a positive experience.
how to market on fathers day

It’s important to understand your target customer well

Bonus: Interesting and helpful facts from NRF in 2022 can help you market print-on-demand for Father’s Day efficiently:

  • Nearly half of Gen Z looks for Father's Day gift ideas from retailers.
  • Men spend more than women on gifts ($199.84 and $145.13).
  • Men often buy gifts for their father or stepfather. Meanwhile, women purchase for their husbands.
  • Most gifts are for fathers; grandfathers don’t receive many.

Which Designs Should You Add to Your Father’s Day Gifts?

When adding personalization options to your Father's Day gifts, find a balance among the interests of your target audience, trends, and your brand's identity. Here are on-trend designs to kick off your sale:

  • Custom designs or engraving options with Dad's name or initials.
  • Humorous designs that are in line with your brand's image and tone.
  • Designs featuring images of Dad's favorite hobbies or sports equipment.
  • Family-focused designs that incorporate images of fathers and children or grandchildren.
  • Inspirational quotes or phrases that celebrate fatherhood.
  • Classic textures like plaid or stripes.
  • Bold graphics or typography for a modern and trendy look.
  • Father's Day quotes, for example, "World's Best Dad".

Ready to create unique Father's Day gifts? Try Teeinblue Product Personalizer on Shopify today and add custom designs and personal touches to your products in no time!

personalized ideas to sell for fathers day

A personalized product to sell on Father’s Day created by Teeinblue POD

In conclusion, selling personalized Father's Day gifts can significantly amplify your print-on-demand store. From custom engraving to humorous graphics and seasonal designs, there are endless possibilities for creating memorable and thoughtful gifts. By using the right tools, such as Teeinblue Product Personalizer, you can offer one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gifts to sell.


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