Best 14 Print-on-demand Christmas Ideas to Sell in 2024

Best 14 Print-on-demand Christmas Ideas to Sell in 2024

print-on-demand christmas

Christmas is an ideal occasion for people to show affection to their beloved family and friends. They express gratitude and regard through meaningful wishes and special gifts. They also shop more to decorate and renew their house. That’s why Christmas is the wonderful season to boost your business.

The holiday is coming to town, do you need more product ideas to sell print-on-demand products? Let’s discover the best-selling print-on-demand Christmas items and business tips to launch out-breaking campaigns.

1. Print-on-demand Christmas Trends in 2024

Here are 15 exploding trends in the Christmas 2024 for your print-on-demand business.


Ornament has been a signature symbol of Christmas for centuries. People often use ornaments to decorate Christmas trees or lighting to wish the best for their family and friends. It is so popular that you can find it everywhere you visit during the holiday season.

print-on-demand ornaments

Ornaments appear everywhere (Source: Internet)

According to the Global Christmas Ornaments market by 2031, this market has been valued at millions of dollars and will continuously rise over the projected horizon. Christmas ornaments to make and sell are very diverse in shapes, designs, and materials.

  • Shapes: Bells, pine trees, circle, Benelux, oval, star, snowflakes, and 9-person Christmas are the most popular ornaments. You can also create unique shapes for your products.
  • Designs: Regardless of your country and culture, there are infinite ideas to create great Christmas art.
  • Materials: Acrylic, metal, wood, and MDF are the best choices. Acrylic ornaments often bring higher revenue because they are beautiful, cheap, and reusable for many Christmas seasons. If you follow sustainability, wooden or MDF are perfect alternatives.


You might be so familiar with stockings – empty socks or sock-shaped bags during the Christmas holidays. On Saint Nicholas Day or Christmas Eve, people often hang a pair of them in their house. And in people's imagination, when Santa Claus comes, he will fill it with candies and amazing gifts.

print on demand christmas stockings

People hang stockings on a bookshelf, ladder, window, etc (Source: Internet)

Stockings are traditional and must-have items on this occasion. However, their style and design need to be updated to the newest trend. Creating trendy personalized designs for your socks is a great up-selling method.

💡 You may concern: Get the Hottest Products and Designs for The Upcoming Year

Some ideas below may inspire you:

  • Text: custom name, a wish such as “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holiday”, etc.
  • Christmas symbols: Santa Claus, holly, snowflake, snowman, pine tree, candles, gifts, etc.
  • Christmas paintings: Holy Mass, your house, snowy sky, etc.
  • Trending modern characters: idol, meme, game character, etc.

Greeting cards

Millions of people choose to add a greeting card as a gift. Although this method is simple, it can help them to express gift-givers sincerity and love.

When selling print-on-demand Christmas greeting cards, you can print, sell, and deliver faster because of the simple design, uncomplicated print technology, small size, and lightweight. With these features, the cost is significantly reduced. And don't forget to allow your customer to personalize or upload their design.

print on demand christmas cards

An example of greeting card customization (Source: Internet)

This Christmas, which greeting card trend is leading?
  • Simple designs: Colors, fonts, and images should be as minimal as possible. This style not only helps the reader focus on the wishes but also makes the card more luxurious.
  • Add pets or animals: the little Santa, pets, or cute animals are the hottest ideas in recent years. Let’s think out of the box to create more extraordinary designs.


Christmas sweaters, especially Ugly sweaters are crazy but funny, interesting, and trendy. They have stayed in vogue for years because they can both show off the holiday spirit and stay warm. There is even a Christmas Ugly Sweater day on the 20th of December 2024 in the US.

This seasonal idea opens a promising chance for you to create a new record of your business. You can add it to your December plan with multiple designs:

  • Traditional wool knitted styles: add Christmas signatures like jingle bells, stars, stockings, stars, ornaments, holly, etc.
  • Popular styles: combine Christmas graphics with trending quotes to make sweaters more attractive.
  • Personalized styles: put your “Ugly” designs or whatever your customers need on your sweaters.
print on demand christmas sweater

Ugly sweaters have vibrant colors (Source: Internet)

Sweater color bases are often Christmas colors including green, red, blue, etc. You can put the design in the middle of the front or back of the sweaters.


  • The Christmas season in Australia and New Zealand is in summer, so please take notice not to target that market.
  • Jumper and Sweater describe a type of long-sleeved upper garment.
  • While the sweater is popular in the US, Jumper is used in the UK.


There is an ocean of ideas for print-on-demand Christmas T-shirts. What is the best idea in these last days of the year?

Let’s think about customized T-shirts for business. Remind your business customers that Christmas is the ideal time to affirm loyalty and reward their staff. And they shouldn’t skip personalized T-shirts for company because these items can enhance spirit, improve loyalty and strengthen solidarity among them.

Targeting groups is also a good idea. A group might be friends, students in the same class, members of a club, etc. The uniform can show off their interest and make them noteworthy among the crowd.

Christmas t-shirts ideas

Launch a big promotion to get more orders (Source: Internet)


Another basic product to sell in the 2024 Christmas is custom hoodies. Besides sweaters, hoodies are also the best-selling item in cold countries. It is also a perfect gift for family, couples, friends, etc.

If you have launched hoodies or modern Christmas prints campaigns previously, adding Christmas elements can be much easier and faster. Your printing designs will be the key to success. Creating fabulous templates and adding personalization options will attract more customers.

personalize hoodies for christmas

Hoodies are the top item for your print-on-demand Christmas campaign (Source: Internet)

There are various kinds of hoodies you should know about. Let’s start with the one that fits your business plan!

  • Categorized by styles: Full-zip hoodies are more convenient than pullover hoodies. While wearing pullovers brings a younger look.
  • Categorized by fabric quality: Choosing a comfortable fabric is important. Besides, the higher quality of the fabric, the higher detail, and the durability of the printing.


Mugs are ever-green ideas for Christmas. This print-on-demand Christmas product is a wonderful souvenir and gift. A pair of mugs with images and quotes is the best for couples and families. People also print on mugs the memorable events happening in the past year. Mugs also give practical usages: drinking, storing snacks, decorating, etc.

It is easier to start selling mugs on an e-commerce platform such as Shopify. It offers you a great website generator as well as product personalization apps to customize mugs.

Print customized mugs for Christmas

Shopify is one of the best platforms for e-commerce (Source: Internet)

Home posters

The vibrant colors of Xmas posters can bring a festive atmosphere, the warmth of love, and strengthen family relationships. Therefore, you will find this item gets the highest search volume each year-end period.

Low investment and a large number of buyers might make this occasion an ideal time to sell home posters. Along with Christmas symbols, adding trending quotes to posters can drive more benefits.


Instead of Christmas home posters, art is also a high-profit product to sell. People buy it to decorate their home for Christmas, New Year, or longer time.

Ideas for art posters are unlimited. However, you need to personalize your product based on your customer favorite. The below ideas are suitable for any store:

  • Depict any person or any object outlined in black and white.
  • Single-line handwriting or quote.
  • Landscape, portrait, still life paintings, etc.

Pillows and Blankets

Christmas happens at the end of the year. Everyone often takes this chance to renew their house and their room to welcome good things. Besides, pillows and blankets are great print-on-demand Christmas gifts because they are meaningful, memorable, useful, style, pretty, and affordable.

personalize pillows gift on Christmas

Children love Christmas pillows (Source: Internet)

Make your products unique and high-quality with Teeinblue ideas:

  • No-sew pillows are simple, cost-saving, and never outdated.
  • Embroided flower pillows.
  • Pillows with Christmas symbols and text such as reindeer, pine tree, noel, etc.
  • Colorful pillows with red, green, white, gold, and purple.


Tumblers are popular in both northern and southern hemisphere countries. They can keep the temperature of the water, even if it is cold or hot.

Customizing tumblers is more cost-effective than a few years before because there are more print-on-demand services on the market. If your store concentrates on friendly-environment products, this can be a perfect idea.

You can print everything on tumblers but take notice of the resolution of the design. Too low resolution makes the printing broken. While a high one causes the file size very big and the extremely tiny unfit to be printed.

Tips: Consider printing the logo of your brand on each item to advertise your brand at a lower cost.


There is no doubt that legging is one of the best-selling items. People wear it every day for daily activities such as practicing yoga, gym, exercising, walking on the street, etc.

Print on demand christmas leggings

You only need to create a store and then cooperate with print-on-demand partners to sell leggings (Source: Printful)

Here are the best-selling ideas for your store:
  • Christmas custom designs
  • Bright patterns
  • Tropical patterns
  • Geometric, floral, food, drinks, pet, or animal prints
  • Space, star map, or map personalization

The position you put your design in is very important. You should follow the provider’s instructions to get perfect printings.


You can come across doormats in every house you visit. It is a great home appliance to protect the floor from moisture and water.

Don’t miss this niche and high-profit business idea for Christmas. Start with pets, space, cars, and especially Christmas themes.

There are multiple doormat materials so you should know them well before personalizing. The most popular materials include rubber, coir, polyester, velvet, polypropylene, etc. In addition, it is better to sell common doormat sizes in your target markets.

Phone cases

According to the Mobile Phone Cases Market research, in 2020, this market in the world was valued at $6.572 billion and kept growing 5.4% each year. While the personalization trend is spreading globally, stay ahead to become the leading business in this niche.

phone cases ideas for christmas

 Your customer prefer personalizing their phone case (Source: Internet)

Take some of the following options to sell print-on-demand phone cases in your stores:

  • Slim and gel cases are soft and light because they are often made of rubbery silicone.
  • Bumper cases have harder borders and higher quality.
  • Folio or wallet cases are high-fashion and more expensive.
  • Tough cases are heavy and manly with excellent protection.

2. Tips to Boost Your Christmas Sales

Now, you have got the best-fit ideas, let’s boost your business during the Christmas season with effective Teeinblue tips below:

  • Think about your customer: To whom you will target? Parents, children, home decorators, or couples? Each group has a distinct behavior, so you should know them to set the right target.
  • Improve your website: It is necessary to update your website interface, improve page loading speed, payment process, etc. Especially, it is best to get a print-on-demand product customizer like Teeinblue. Then, you can add customization options to create an extraordinary experience for customers.
  • Give Big Discounts and Flash Sales: This strategy seems always effective to boost sales. Remember to prepare for this season early and advertise it widely.
  • Retargeting Ads or Remarketing: It not only helps to save money but also brings higher conversion. Website visitors from the retargeted ads are 70% more likely to buy your product.
  • Make use of Social Media: Instagram is the channel where 37% of Gen Z get their shopping idea. TikTok is hot and it is a good marketing channel than a selling platform.
  • Build a great Timeline: A good timeline helps you to keep up with the progress and ensure that your Christmas sale campaign reaches its goals.

Do you get some print-on-demand Christmas ideas to sell through these articles? Christmas signatures such as ornaments, greeting cards, and stockings are seasonal but high-profit. With other products, you can still add Christmas designs easily.

If you have any questions about Christmas trends or the way to personalize your products, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with other POD merchants on the Teeinblue Facebook community.


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