Amazing Print-On-Demand Products To Sell On Halloween 2022

Amazing Print-On-Demand Products To Sell On Halloween 2022


This Halloween, make sure you're selling the most amazing print-on-demand products. To give you a helping hand, we will provide you with a list of amazing personalized print-on-demand products to sell on your store. First off, you can head over to our demo store to get some splendid design inspirations.

Now, get ready to spike your product ideas and grow your stores with our recommended print-on-demand personalized products below!

Why you should sell personalized products for Halloween?

According to the National Retail Federation, the Halloween total expenditure will expect to reach a record this year with $10.6 Billon (surpassing 2021 with $10.1 Billion). There are 65% of Americans willing to participate in Halloween which means they won’t hesitate to engage in shopping.

In such events as Halloween, the demand for shopping tends to grow per year. People want to celebrate this holiday in their own style, and nothing is more special than a personalized gift for themselves and their loved ones.

The personalized gift market is booming over the last five years. By the end of 2022, industry revenue is projected to reach $77 billion as the global retail sector expands. According to a CNBC report, consumers are changing their favor to personalized gifts more than ever. The report also showed the statistics of Etsy—an popular e-commerce site indicated that search queries for custom or personalized gifts have increased by 156% when compared to the same time last year.

This is the ideal time to take advantage of some seasonal income and research new opportunities for your POD online stores. And, selling custom products around the Halloween period is the key to grow during this time.

Top product categories to sell on Halloween

This list of product categories is stated based on our research on the current market trending. Make sure to inform your customers as soon as possible about these products. Remember, these Halloween print-on-demand products have to be ready on the storefront at least 2 weeks before the holiday.



Halloween-themed shirts are must-have print-on-demand products in every online store. From shirts, and hoodies to sweatshirts, personalized Halloween-themed shirts are in high demand for those who want to express their individuality this Halloween season. You allow customers to customize their designs and have a quick preview before buying it—this is an awesome method to increase customer retention.


Marketing insprirations

You can encourage customers to buy your personalized apparel by offering discounts. Promoting user-generated content - images of people wearing your shirts would be a more appealing method to grab the attention from buyers.

Home Decor


Halloween-themed doormats are the perfect item to make and sell online, as they are great gifts for everyone. Custom printed doormats with a one-of-a-kind print are unique, useful, and versatile. Their practicality makes them the ultimate item to have on your online shop.

Customers will love the opportunity to have their favorable graphic related to the theme. Get your store ready for Halloween doormats of various kinds.



Everyone with some seasonal spirit would love to include a canvas print for their home decor. Give your customers the opportunity to custom design canvas to capture everyone’s attention and leave their guests in awe. You can offer a custom Halloween canvas with various personalized designs. Match everyone’s home decor with spooky elements, pictures, or quotes.


Personalized garden sign

Giving an eerie look around houses is one of the popular decoration ideas that many people apply, and a personalized Halloween garden sign is the ideal option for this scenario. They transform an ordinary garden into something magical not just with the scent, but with looks as well. You can offer customers print custom designs to match everyone’s interest.


Marketing insprirations

Try to get your customers' questions on how they like to decorate their houses on Halloween on social media. By doing this, you will know their demand & tastes specifically. After that, you can showcase your product with photos and link to the product page.


Mugs & Tumblers

Mugs and tumblers are another great product to sell around Halloween. They make great gifts and can be used year-round. You can capitalize on the popularity of Halloween mugs by creating your own spooky, funny, or cute designs. Besides, you can also sell spooky mugs and tumblers with images like black cats, pumpkins, skeletons and more for a Halloween treat that's sure to make your customers jump with joy when they receive a creepy mug or tumbler with their favorite spooky image on it for their coffee!


Marketing insprirations

Because of its popularity, you can set to target many customers at once. Focus on visualization is the main key to promoting this product line. Public your products with designs on image-based social media platforms such as Pinterest—where many merchants make creative product designs and show them off.

Pet gifts

Last but not least, let’s not forget about our furry buddy! From custom collars, and bandanas for the furry friend to personalized pillows, phone cases, and keychains, these gifts celebrate the love of our dedicated companions in thoughtful, unique ways. Let your customers freely upload their pet images to enhance their personalized experiences.


Marketing insprirations

You can request product reviews from your prior customers. A good option for this kind of event would be social media marketing. Post clear images of your customers with their pets and their reviews of your products, then include links that take visitors right to the relevant product page.

Ideas for Halloween designs

Some people are born for Halloween—for them, this day will feel special like no other day of the year. You can find these people as your potential customers if you create a design to show the Halloween spirit to them. Whether you use witches, ghosts, zombies, vampires,…There is no shortage of ideas to choose from.

Keep it “spooktacular”

The first thing that might come to mind for most people about Halloween is the scary, creeping-looking stuff. The scarier the better is always a Halloween-related trademark quote. This is the day to have fun and “boo” at each other. Witchy vibes, scary pumpkin patches, zombies, spellbooks, and skeletons are all excellent ideas to incorporate into your designs.

Cute & funny characters styles

Not all Halloween designs have to be spine-chilling. There are numerous designs that do not elicit goosebumps.

For that person who enjoys Halloween with pleasure, cute & funny designs are great styles to create. You can add to your design collections something like illustrations of animated pumpkins, superheroes, or princes & princesses. Chibis is also on a trend for Halloween design recently. This type of design is suitable for all ages.

Text background

Putting graphics or images in the backgrounds of text has come back in favor. Designs such as Halloween Doodle Alphabet attract attention on busy feeds and make sure the products' visuals stand out. You can easily find these fonts on the internet for free of charge.

Apply the themes to your stores

When it comes to Halloween, it's always best for merchants to prepare as soon as consumers start their shopping journey in September. Here’re a few tips that you can make it happen and apply to your stores.

Go with the spooky theme

Decorate your store accordingly with some spooky Halloween banners. Also, it is crucial to showcase your popular products on the homepage such as t-shirts or doormats. Don't forget to add a banner or image to bring attention to any special promotions you may have for this holiday.

Set a collection of products for Halloween

Don’t forget to make a special collection of products featuring Halloween-inspired designs on your catalog. Take advantage of all the possibilities and create a collection that best fits your niche market and buyer personas.

Gain more customers with a promotion program or discounts that they can’t refuse. Offering things like coupon codes will go a long way to help your customers buy from you instead of your competition. This is a great way to win over customers, especially if you want to spread the word about your attractive offerings to new customers.

Bottom line

There you have it! After reading this article, you should have gained some inspiration on what print-on-demand product to sell for Halloween. A little reminder—with Teeinblue, you can create all designs & sell products featured in this article and fulfill your POD product orders in just a few clicks. Apply Teeinblue for your online stores today to experience our leading-edge features!

If you don't find a product you like on this page, there are plenty more. You can personalize these products for any holiday, so don't just stick to Halloween. Remember to check our E-commerce Calendar For The Second Half Of 2022 to catch up with the upcoming events for 2022.

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