Generate Catchy Print-on-demand Business Name Ideas In 7 Steps

Generate Catchy Print-on-demand Business Name Ideas In 7 Steps

best print on demand business name ideas

Your business name is one of the first things customers see when they want to buy a product. So, a catchy and creative print-on-demand shop name can make your brand stand out and help to increase sales. If you are stuck in finding great print-on-demand business name ideas, this article is for you. Discover with Teeinblue now!

1. What Makes A Good Print-on-demand Shop Name?

There are multiple criteria for a good print-on-demand shop name. You can create a good one by ensuring the seven core elements:

  • Include the key to brand recognition: An excellent shop name can help your customer immediately recognize your specific characteristics, such as products and service quality. It also enhances customer enjoyment and loyalty and increases product value.
  • Tell the business's story and represent brand position: A story-driven name is an invisible string to connect you and your customer. People often prefer to listen to stories than ample advertisements. Don't forget to show the voice, tone, and visuals through your name.
  • Represent your niches: If your POD marketing strategies concentrates on a niche, a creative name with your core product can help the audience to recognize your strength quickly. Slang, pun, and acronym are clever ideas.
  • Be unique: A copy or resembling name makes your brand blur. Creating a distinctive one is the best way to impress the audience at first sight. Moreover, it is a great brand recognition when your business expands.
  • Keep it memorable: A clear, direct, short, and simple title is the best to help your brain save your name. When the audience considers purchasing, your brand is more likely to come to their mind.
  • Choose an easy-to-spell name: Most people prefer an easy-to-spell name to a difficult one. Moreover, a simple print-on-demand name helps the audience to find your store.
  • Don't be too narrow: Representing the store's niche is good. However, if you plan to widen your business, it is wise to choose a broader name.
What Makes A Good Print-on-demand Shop Name

Make the name short, simple, unique, and relevant to your business

You've got seven criteria for a good print-on-demand name. Let's move to the next section to get step-by-step instructions.

2. 7 Steps to Get The Best Print-on-demand Business Name Ideas

Choosing a name when start your print-on-demand business will become much easier with a straightforward guideline. Let's save the simplest and helpful process below:

  • Comprehend Your Business and Products
  • Look for Inspiration
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Shorten Your Ideas List
  • Check the Legacy & Availability
  • Ask For Feedback
  • Register Your Store Name

Get details now!

Step 1: Comprehend Your Business and Products

It is impossible to create a name that includes brand recognition, brand position, and business story with a blind mind. Here is essential information you need to make clear:

 Elements Information
  • The products you want to sell
  • The main niche that you target
Target audience
  • Their demographics: age, gender, income, country, hometown, etc.
  • Social and lifestyle behaviors
  • Needs and expectations
  • Attitudes toward competitor's products and yours
Target market
  • Price segment of your product in the market: cheap, medium, or premium?
  • Type of print-on-demand industry and its specific

For example, if you sell luxurious print-on-demand home decor, words such as "cheap" or "low-price" can lower your brand value. Instead, consider adjectives like "deluxe, fancy, gorgeous, etc.” If you focus on selling personalized products, adding “personalize or custom” will help the audience recognize you quickly.

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Step 2: Look for Inspiration

Interesting print-on-demand business name ideas are always available out there. If you are stuck on getting brilliant and unique brand names, the below sources may inspire you.

  • Analyze successful brands: You can search top stores on some e-commerce platforms such as Shopify. Then, learn their sounds and the combining words methods.
  • Look at competitors: This way, you can ensure your shop name doesn't coincide with others. Moreover, you even get a much better name.
  • Use thesaurus and dictionary: Normal words may not express your entire needs. With digital dictionaries, you can easily find unique and significant synonyms.
  • Use a business generator: Typing your keywords, products, or anything, the tool will offer you great print-on-demand business name ideas.
  • Read books, watch videos, and relax: When it's hard to get new ideas, relax with your favorite books, videos, songs, etc. You might find the best one with a clear mind.
Best Print-on-demand Business Name Ideas

Take it easy, don’t rush

Step 3: Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorming is an excellent method to think out of the box and find fresh and creative names. The more team members participate, the more good ideas come.

There are some rules for making a successful brainstorming with your team:

  • Focus on quantity: get as many ideas as possible.
  • Don't criticize or eliminate any ideas: write anything that appears in your mind.
  • Feel free to give uncommon names: add make-up words, slang, private names, acronyms, etc.
  • Improve or build on others' ideas: an idea inspiring many new names is often a good one.

Here are the most effective brainstorming techniques. Take a look to choose and practice one!

  • Mind mapping: Write a topic at the beginning, think about the branch topic, and write them on a board, paper, digital tool, etc. For example, you can start with your product, vision, or goals.
  • Brainwriting: Set a timer and let everyone write their ideas. Then, pass the paper to each member in turn until getting a circle. In each turn, members add new names based on previous ideas.
  • Rapid ideation: List all your thought without disruption.

If you individually brainstorm, note all the ideas in a short time. Spending too much time on driving creativity might make you burn out.

how to get print on demand shop name ideas

Remember to set a timer when brainstorming

Step 4: Shorten Your Ideas List

After brainstorming, you are now having varieties of print-on-demand business name ideas. Shortening your list will help you get the best ideas. The method uses the above seven criteria of a good business name to filter inappropriate words.

Depending on your list, you can filter twice, thrice, or more times. When the list has 3 - 5 names, it's time to move to the next step.

Step 5: Check the Legacy & Availability

Checking the legacy and availability is to avoid legal issues and build a solid foundation to develop business. There are millions of companies out there. It is normal if your most confident name is registered.

Here are the two essential factors you should take notice of:

  • Trademark: In some countries, it is impossible to register the same name in an industry. You can look into the trademark's availability in the US at The United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Domain register status: You can run a business without registering a domain. However, some people may register it and cause trouble.
how do i name my printing business

Your domain must be unique on the Internet

Tips: It is advantageous to have your store domain with the ".com" and use the same social domain as your business name. The ".com" domain helps you to reach global buyers, while the consistency in using the brand name can increase the revenue by 33%.

Step 6: Ask For Feedback

How many qualified names that you own now? It becomes more challenging to decide if you have more than one choice. Asking your team, friends, or experts for feedback and advice will help you choose the greatest one. And accidentally, better alternatives may come.

Step 7: Register Your Store Name

You've done an excellent job of finding the best print-on-demand store name. It's time to implement the final step – registering. You can search for the trademark department in your country to register your business name, domain, trademark, and relevant element (such as social media domains).

Register names for print-on-demand stores

Register the selected domain before you create it

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3. 50+ creative print-on-demand store name ideas

Get inspiration with the best print-on-demand shop name ideas from Teeinblue now!

Best T-shirt Printing Business Name Ideas

Print-on-demand business name ideas for T-shirts will never run out. What name is waiting for you?

  • Demand Fit
  • T Quality
  • T Slick
  • Demand Splendour
  • Personalized Imperial
  • T-shirt Dynasty
  • American Wrap
  • PubHunt
  • Printart
  • Ratiomand
  • Magover
  • T Classics

Sublimation Business Name Suggestions

You will sell sublimation print-on-demand products but still don't have a good name. Get ideas now:

  • Alchemical Printing
  • Sublimation Source
  • Custom Sublimation
  • Quick Sublimations
  • Digital Smart Printing
  • Sublime Me Prints
  • Pro SublimPrint
  • Sublimation Lifestyle
  • Sublime Labelet
  • Sublimated Clothing
Sublimation print on demand company names

Think out of the box for your sublimation print-on-demand store

Mug Printing Business Name Recommendation

The global drinkware market was worth over 28 billion dollars in 2022. The forecast of Global Market Insight shows that the CAGR of this market is 6% in the next ten years. Catch the trends with a new store with great names!

  • Penguin Mugs
  • Maximon Cup Co.
  • Customug
  • Zozo Mug Co.
  • Recycled Tumblers Inc.
  • Green Cups
  • Cupo
  • CupSev
  • Cupzi
  • Drinko
  • Muggee
  • Strong Sustained

Anime Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Anime clothes have been a top trend in recent years. Start your print-on-demand shop with the following:

  • Assassin Anime
  • Animejet
  • Happening Anime
  • Knick Anime
  • Stylish Anime
  • Notch Anime Clothing
  • Anima
  • Pavement Anime
  • Animae Fashion
  • Amarias

Other Catchy Names for Print-on-demand Stores

Print-on-demand business name ideas are endless. Listing all of them is beyond the bounds of possibility. Use these tips from successful brands to create yours:

  • Use 5-10 characters like Honda, Apple, Starbucks, Ford, Intel, etc.
  • Invent a name, add or drop a letter, and add "ly or ify" if you have trouble with the trademark.

Here are examples:

  • Pet stores: Petro, Petzi, Peta, Petista, etc.
  • Home decor: Housman, Homefo, Housify, etc.
  • Canvas: Canvasly, Canvara, Canvasa, etc.
  • Jewelry: Jewelari, Diamondon, Silverily, etc.
  • Gift: Gifter, Gifoso, Gifte, etc.
  • Doormat: Dovado, Doreto, DoorKnock, etc.

4. Best Print-on-demand Business Name Generators

Tools for generating business names are vast. What generators will suggest unique, catchy, and diverse ideas? Check it out!

  • Shopify Business Name Generator is ideal if you want to open a new store on Shopify. You can find and get available names that have not been used on this platform.
  • Looka offers ideas for business in multiple industries. You can choose invented, compound, multi-word and real-word names.
  • Nameflix has a friendly display. It suggests large filters to help you take the best ideas.
  • Wordoid suggests print-on-demand names in 6 languages, including English, Spanish, French, French, Italian, and German.
  • Panabee provides a very creative name. It can reverse, merge, drop, replace, prepend, and append characters.
Print-on-demand Business Name Generators

Business Name Generator for Shopify merchants

Are you ready to find the best print-on-demand business name ideas? You may discover a forest of names; let's narrow by criteria and choose the one that meets your expectation. And be sure you enjoy it. Still have questions about how to name and start a print-on-demand business? Don't hesitate to leave comments or ask the experienced sellers at Teeinblue Facebook Community!


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