Make Print-on-demand Passive Income: The Ultimate Guide

Make Print-on-demand Passive Income: The Ultimate Guide

print on demand passive income

Are you intrigued to print-on-demand passive income? Are you curious to know how people do to reach success? This article will give you an overall picture and suggest ideas to make passive earning from print-on-demand. Here you go!

Is a Print-on-demand Store Passive Income?

Yes, a print-on-demand store is excellent for generating passive income. But you should notice that it's not a get-rich-quick scheme. By dedicating just 2-3 hours a day, you can steadily build up profits.

What is It?

Print-on-demand is a business model which you work with a third-party supplier to customize white-label products under your own brand name. On-demand printing services allow you to add your label to various products, such as apparel, accessories, wall art, homeware, and tech accessories.

Print-on-demand industry offers lucrative opportunities to grow passive income for newcomers indeed. According to Market Analysis Report 2023-2027 by Technavio, the market size of this industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.42% between 2022 and 2027. Newbies entering the print-on-demand market can succeed by targeting low-competitive niches like personalized gifts, pet-related products, hobbies, and interests.

is print on demand passive income
Print-on-demand market size growth from 2017 to 2027

How Does It Work?

In the print-on-demand model, there are 3 primary elements: merchants, print-on-demand companies, and consumers. Here is the way they work together:

  • Merchants: Create and promote products, then send orders to POD services to fulfill.
  • Print-on-demand companies: Fulfill, pack, and ship products directly to consumers.
  • Consumers: Make payments and receive products they ordered.

Pros and Cons

Having a grasp of the pros and cons of print-on-demand allows you to decide if it’s worth starting.


  • Low starting cost: Without upfront cost of inventory or machine, you only have to pay for fulfillment, store creation, marketing costs, etc.
  • Low risk – High return: Since you only pay for products when an order is completed, there's less financial risk. Moreover, selling a wide range of products helps to maximize income.
  • Simple to start and manage: Running a print-on-demand store is simple, as you don't have to worry about production and shipping aspects.
  • Easy to change products: Without the burden of excess inventory, you are free to adjust products to adapt to the latest market trends.
  • Work online and sell globally: The booming technology and worldwide shopping needs offers golden chances for online business.


  • Longer order fulfillment: Print-on-demand products require longer time for printing and customization. However, most customers understand and accept this trade-off.
  • Great depends on POD partners: You can’t control fulfillment and delivery process of POD supplies. Carefully research and select reputable suppliers to avoid low quality or shipping delays.
  • High-competitive market: Due to the ease of entry, no upfront cost and low levels of risk, print-on-demand industry has led to a fierce rivalry. To stand out, start with a personalized niche or finding unique design concepts.

Do you think print-on-demand is interesting? Are you curious to know how people can earn thousands of dollars in passive income from this business model?

Keep following reading to find out how you can make passive income through your print-on-demand store in the following section. Additionally, you can get more inspiration with some success stories from personalized print-on-demand brands: Tortli and Giftymize.

passive income print on demand
Print-on-demand business model is worth trying

4 Essentials to Make Passive Income With Print-on-demand

Let’s delve into the most important factors that make a successful print-on-demand business. They are a profitable niche, creative designs, good fulfillment companies, and a well-established online store.

A Profitable Niche

A great niche with specific target audience and less competition can help you to increases the likelihood of sales and passive income. To select a perfect niche, consider your interests, market trends, and rivals. Research niches with a balance between demand and competition to find your sweet spot.

Personalized print-on-demand gift niche is an excellent choice for newcomers. Customers would love to add a personal touch to gifts, such as names, photos, or special messages. Therefore, customized gifts are always in demand, especially for birthdays, weddings, and other festive holidays.

Here are 10 trending and high-profit personalized print-on-demand gifts:

  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Map arts
  • Art prints
  • Tote bags
  • Phone cases
  • Engraved jewelry
  • Keychains
  • Blankets
  • Puzzle sets

Creative Designs

Eye-catching design is the heart of your print-on-demand business. Engaging designs help set your store apart from your rivals and ultimately drive sales.

Hold in hand 2 basic steps below to create appealing artwork:

  • Find design ideas: Follow the best sale holidays during the year, such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day to capitalize on consumer demands.
  • Create personalized designs: Simple and popular, photo upload and text personalization are top choices among customization options. Make sure your product personalizer is user-friendly to enhance customer’s experience.
Engaging designs are soul of print on demand products

Engaging designs are soul of print-on-demand products

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Good Fulfillment Companies

Fulfillment suppliers work as the backbone of your print-on-demand business. Reliable partners provide timely production, shipping, and overall customer satisfaction, ensuring your reputation and revenue.

When it comes to fulfillment partners, here are some factors you should consider:

  • Product quality: Quality is a prerequisite criterion since it may affect your reputation. Remember to order a sample to test out the quality before you sell it officially.
  • Fulfillment cost: The base cost of product significantly impacts your profit margin. Carefully choose suppliers that offer a price matching your budget.
  • Production and shipping time: Inquire about their production and shipping timelines to meet your expectations. Keep your eyes on fulfillment status to get real-time updates.
  • Refund & Remake policy: Check carefully their policies for handling returns, refunds, and product remakes. A fair and efficient policy can help you maintain positive customer relationships and reduce disputes.
passive income with print on demand suppliers

Select a reliable print-on-demand supplier help safeguard your store’s reputation

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An Online Store

As a stall to display and sell print-on-demand products, an online store allows you to reach your target audience effectively. You can build up your own online store with a marketplace like Etsy or an e-commerce platform such as Shopify.

  • Use a marketplace like Etsy: This option is suitable for those starting with limited resources. It provides built-in traffic and an existing customer base. However, it's important to be aware of the potential high competition and associated fees.
  • Use a platform like Shopify: This is the ideal choice for those seeking more control and print-on-demand customization. Shopify provides flexibility but requires a bit more initial setup and ongoing maintenance.

If you’re looking for suitable sites to sell personalized print-on-demand products, let’s explore best websites to sell custom products for beginners.

Tips: Running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads is currently the most effective marketing method to generate orders. However, it's equally important to handle after-sale service to build customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

passive income with print on demand online store
A well-established print-on-demand store is important to make passive income


Another way to create passive income with print-on-demand is through affiliate marketing. This involves introducing a brand to buyers or POD services to merchants. Then, you can earn commissions on successful referrals.

Here are some names of potential print-on-demand partners for you:

Affiliate marketing for products from other stores has been the best way to earn money due to its wide audience reach and easy profitability. You can tap into this trending opportunity by selecting suitable products from reputable stores that have win-win affiliate programs. Then promote them through social media and earn commissions.

Which Print-on-demand Platform Pays the Most?

To maximize your passive income from print-on-demand stores, selecting a well-suited and high-paying platform is extremely important. When it comes to sell print-on-demand yourself, here are some best suggestions.

Platform Average Earning Cost Outstanding features


Subscription, transaction, and credit card rates

From $25/month to use or enjoy the first 3 months for just $1/month

  • Various customization options
  • Capacity for business growth
  • Extensive app store


Profit margin: 40%-65%

Listing, transaction, & payment processing cost.

Need at least $0.20 to list each product.

  • POD-focused marketplace
  • Built-in audience of craft enthusiasts
  • Great for handmade products
Merch by Amazon

Profit margin:


Materials, production, and fulfillment cost.

No initial cost to start.

  • Access to Amazon's extensive customer base
  • Sync with the Amazon platforms
  • Global shipping capability
Redbubble  Profit margin: 10%-30%

Base product, payment processing, transaction, and currency conversion fee.

Zero start-up expense.

  • Diverse product range, including apparel and home decor.
  • Prominent artist community and support
  • Support for artists' rights and copyright protection.
TeeSpring Profit margin: 27%

Base product cost.

No upfront cost to start.

  • Extensive product catalog
  • Easy e-commerce integration
  • Built-in marketing tools

Note: Keep in mind that these figures may vary significantly based on your print-on-demand niche, marketing strategies, and product quality. Thus, you should try things out to figure out the best way to increase your passive income effectively.

Growing print-on-demand passive income looks like quite a promising idea if you know how to do it properly. Briefly, this article is your guide to discovering how you can make print-on-demand passive income with appropriate platforms. Now, it's your turn to start on this exciting journey. Don't miss out on the chance to get helpful tips about personalized print-on-demand, let’s join Teeinblue Global Community now!


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