Pros and Cons of Printify: All Features Review (2024)

Pros and Cons of Printify: All Features Review

pros and cons of printify

Holding in hand the pros and cons of Printify will help you determine if this company is the ideal partner for your print-on-demand business. With an in-depth analysis of 7 key services and invaluable tips, this article will help you make an informed decision, let's dive straight in!

Pros and Cons of Printify: a Highlight

Here are summaries highlighting the pros and cons of Printify.


  • Flexible subscriptions of both free and paid plans for beginners and enterprise
  • Extensive product catalog with 900+ print-on-demand items
  • Budget-friendly product costs to maximize your profits
  • Worldwide shipping network with transparent pricing
  • Easy-to-use interface to add products, create designs, and manage orders
  • Quickly connect to 10+ online platforms and marketplaces


  • Fluctuating product quality among different print providers
  • Slightly slow and expensive delivery due to dependence on third-party providers
  • Lack of immediate assistance without phone support
  • Limited branding options for order items and packages

Overall, Printify ratings are highly favorable with a 4.8 score on both Shopify App Store (5,500+ reviews) and Trustpilot (2,900+ reviews).

printify reviews

Most reviews of Printify are positive

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Printify Reviews: 8 Key Services

Is Printify a good company? Let’s delve into detailed Printify reviews for subscription, product, production, delivery, selling tools, integrations, branded offerings, and customer support.

1. Subscription

Printify provides flexible subscriptions with 3 plans tailored for print-on-demand sellers. All of them come with unlimited product designs. Especially, you can choose the forever-free plan to sell without restricted products in up to 5 stores.

Their paid plans also offer merchants many benefits:

  • Premium: For $29/month (or $24.99/month when paid annually), you’ll have up to 20% discount on all Printify products and 10 stores per account. The discount helps you easily increase your profit margin.
  • Enterprise: It’s ideal for high-volume businesses with unlimited stores per account and significant product discounts. You’ll receive an exclusive deal when filling out the Printify contact form.
pros and cons of using printify pricing plans
Printify offers flexible plans for print-on-demand sellers

2. Products

When it comes to Printify's pros, its wide range of products is something you can't overlook. This company boasts more than 900 items including apparel, accessories, and home goods. It regularly updates the catalog with trending products such as coffee and beauty merchandise.

Printify charges competitive prices for print-on-demand items. Take a look at prices for some of their best-selling products (price updated in May 2024):

Product Partner  Price (from)
Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee Gildan $8.67
Unisex Heavy Blend Crewneck Sweatshirt Gildan $16.79
Ceramic Mug (11oz, 15oz) Generic $4.40
Women's Ideal Racerback Tank Next Level $10.49
Matte Vertical Posters Generic $4.66
Canvas 0.75” Generic $12.85

However, the product cost of Printify does not include a shipping fee. It takes time to check these costs on each product page to estimate the total price accurately.

3. Production

Printify is known for its vast network of printing providers worldwide. With 90+ providers and 110+ printing locations across 12 countries, you can easily choose vendors closest to your customers.

With various printing methods, this company caters to different product types and customer preferences. You can choose from options such as DTG, DTF, AOP, sublimation, UV printing, and digital printing.

Additionally, Printify enables you to catch the trend of selling eco-friendly products. Its catalog includes a “green” category with products made from organic materials from renewable resources.

Although Printify has established quality standards to ensure vibrant colors and durable materials for final products, it’s hard to maintain a consistent quality among different providers. Sometimes, the company still receives claims about product quality.

is printify a good company to sell print on demand
Printify product quality is good but inconsistent among providers

4. Delivery

Printify offers global shipping to most countries worldwide, except for some countries. You can easily estimate delivery fees based on Printify’s transparent shipping prices for each supplier in each country.

However, delivery may be slow and slightly expensive due to Printify’s heavy dependence on third-party partners. It's important to note that Printify only shows the estimated production time, not the delivery time on product pages.

Here are some shipping details from Printify you may need:

  • For US orders, delivery typically takes 2-8 days, while for other countries, it can take 3-30 days. Printify currently provides four shipping methods: Economy, Standard, Priority, and Express. Economy shipping is the most affordable option starting from $3.99.
  • Each provider has its own shipping pricing to certain countries. Therefore, it's essential to carefully check before choosing a provider to fulfill your print-on-demand orders.
review printify delivery
Print-on-demand merchants can choose close provider to customers for faster shipping

5. Selling Tools

Clear and user-friendly navigation makes Printify easy to use for POD beginners. A feature-rich web dashboard allows you to sell print-on-demand seamlessly:

  • Manage store: easily set up your store name and integrations, and keep track of orders and products.
  • Catalog: access all categories and choose print-on-demand products you wish to sell.
  • My products: check the inventory status of all the products you've created.
  • Orders: check all information and sale data of your store in multiple sales channels.
  • Wallets: easily set up and track payments and invoices.
  • Insights: get valuable data on your business performance to make timely adjustments.
  • Branding: promote your brand with package inserts, neck designs, or gift messages.

Additionally, Printify offers several helpful tools to support print-on-demand sellers.

  • Mockup Generator: swiftly showcase POD products in more professional ways. You can choose a white background or upload any colors you want.
  • Shutterstock integration: utilize a library of 300+ million premium images for just $0.99 per sale to quickly create ready-to-use artwork.
  • AI Image Generator: access to 15 free image generations every day to create engaging artwork without needing design software.

However, the Printify mobile app is currently only available for Android.

6. Integrations

When it comes to integrations, Printify offers seamless connections to notable sales channels. From e-commerce platforms to online marketplaces, you can connect to 10 sales channels, including Shopify, Etsy, Walmart, eBay, TikTok shop, Wix, Squarespace, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and BigCommerce.

It is easy to connect your Printify store with those platforms:

  • Create a Printify account
  • In Manage my store section, click Connect
  • Choose the sale channels you prefer and follow its instructions

For more advanced connections, Printify also offers an API connection option.

pros and cons of printify in integrations
Printify provides connections to 10 platforms

7. Branding Options

Printify offers several branding options, including:

  • Neck labels: from $0.55
  • Packaging inserts: from $0.15
  • Gift messages: $0.15 (for Etsy orders only)

However, its offerings are limited compared to competitors such as Printful. Additionally, these custom-branded services are only available with some suppliers.

pros and cons of printify branding options
There are only three types of branding offerings available in Printify

8. Customer Support

With high scores on the Shopify App Store and Trustpilot, Printify's services are generally well-received. However, some customers have complained about the lack of phone support and slow response times in some cases.

Here are key information about Printify's customer assistance services:

  • Support Time: 24/7
  • Languages: Only English
  • Methods: Live chat (automated chatbot) and email.
  • No phone support.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Printify

1-What Sets Printify Apart?

An edge over product aspects, including an extensive catalog, affordable price, and high quality are crucial factors setting Printify apart. User-friendly tools and a large global shipping network also play an important role in attracting more than 8M sellers worldwide.

2-Who is Printify Best for?

Printify is great for all sellers, whether you're just starting or an experienced merchant. Additionally, Printify is ideal for those who want to personalize products without needing advanced design skills.

3-How to Overcome Printify’s Drawbacks?

There are some practical tips to help you take the edge off Printify’s downside and improve your print-on-demand business.

  • Place a test order to check for quality and shipping time before selling. This helps you avoid unpleasant surprises for your customers.
  • Select a close provider to the customer to reduce shipping costs and delivery time. Faster delivery always makes customers happy.
  • Read the Printify knowledge base carefully to avoid costly mistakes and ensure smooth selling progress.

Printify has proved itself a trustworthy print-on-demand company for both beginner and experienced merchants. With a comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons of Printify, you can decide wisely. Ready to start making money with print-on-demand business? Be a member of the Teeinblue Global Community now!


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