Is Printify Worth It? How Much Profit Can You Make in 2024?

Is Printify Worth It? How Much Profit Can You Make?

is printify worth it

Is Printify worth it for your print-on-demand business? This article will guide you to find your own answer, providing practical tips to boost your earnings with Printify. So, buckle up, you're about to discover how Printify can take your business to the next level. Let's dive in!

Is Printify Worth It in 2024?

Yes, Printify is worth it in 2024 with competitive pricing and an extensive product catalog of over 900 offerings. It is a trustworthy print-on-demand company to make a profit as it’s one of the leading players in this industry (Grand View Search) with a valuation of approximately $300M in 2021.

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Is Printify Trustworthy?

Absolutely! Printify is a trustworthy print-on-demand supplier to help you earn money online. With Printify, you can trust that you're in good hands for your needs.

  • Time-tested: Founded in 2015, Printify has nearly a decade to prove its outstanding ability in the POD landscape.
  • Renowned: The company has showcased significant milestones with $500M of product delivered, 8M sellers, and 110+ printing locations across 12 countries.
  • User-acclaimed: It has received excellent ratings with a 4.8 score on both Trustpilot (2,902 reviews) and Shopify App Store (5,038 reviews).
is printify trustworthy
Printify has built a prominent reputation in the print-on-demand industry since 2015

Is Printify Profitable?

It’s undeniable that Printify is profitable for print-on-demand merchants. Merchants can generate thousands of dollars using Printify’s services. Let’s take a look at some success stories shared on Printify’s website:

  • Byron Allen achieved $350K in 2022, only one year of working with Printify. His offers include t-shirts covering various niches. Printify's competitive product pricing and the expert program were instrumental in helping Byron reach his earning achievement.
  • Gina Van De Voorde gained $100K in the first year and reached $500K in revenue after 2 years. Her niche focuses on Western-themed sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hoodies. Printify's wide range of products is the key to Gina’s breakthrough.
  • Rileigh Richardson generated $30K within her first year in this industry, specializing in t-shirts for teachers and nurses. Printify's supportive Rockstars Facebook group provided her with the support and guidance needed to thrive in the industry.
is printify profitable
Printify supports merchants in achieving success

How Much Profit Can You Make From Printify?

With Printify, you can make selling POD worth from multiple items like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and accessories. Your potential profit depends on the costs you have to pay and the margin you set. Let's delve into this further!

How Much Do You Have to Pay Printify?

Here's a breakdown of the costs you have to pay for this company:

  • Product cost: The price in the Printify catalog is the production fee for each POD item. It doesn’t cover the shipping fee. Printify will charge you this fee when you send orders for production within 24 hours as default or at any time depending on your settings.
  • Shipping cost: After Printify approves your order for production, you will pay for this fee along with the product cost. Different print providers charge different shipping fees.
  • Subscription: Printify offers 3 options: free plan, Premium for $24.99/month, and Enterprise with custom pricing. It will immediately charge your subscription after registration. The charges will automatically renew on the same date monthly or annually.
  • Additional expense: There are extra fees for a neck label, sleeve print, back print, and larger sizes of clothes from 2XL. When you choose an item, Printify automatically adds these fees to the product costs.
how much money does printify take

Printify is one of the budget-friendly solutions for POD sellers

Let's clarify with a specific example. You're using its free plan and going to sell a 15 oz ceramic coffee mug. The print provider is District Photo. Here is the amount you have to pay for a successful order to the US, Canada, and UK!

  • Product base: $5.66
  • Shipping: $9.69 to the US, $13.39 to Canada, and $17.99 to the UK.
  • Total cost: $15.35 for a US order, $19.05 for a Canada order, and $23.65 for a UK order.

Printify Profit Margins

Printify suggests a minimum profit margin for POD products is around 40%. You can adjust it higher or lower to align with your goal. When choosing a margin, It's essential to ensure that the retail price falls within a range that potential buyers are willing to pay and remains competitive with similar items in the market.

Keep in mind the basic formula to set an appropriate margin:

Retail price = Total cost + Profit

Profit = Total cost * Profit margin (%)

printify profit margins to sell print on demand

A suggested margin when selling with Printify is around 40%

You can increase return to make selling with Printify worth with the following tips:

  • Consider a suitable subscription such as Premium or Enterprise to access additional benefits if you can sell many orders. For example, you can save up to 20% of product costs with a Premium subscription.
  • Select a suit supplier located closer to your target customers to minimize shipping expenses. This both increases your earnings and offers faster delivery.
  • Minimize your expense of e-commerce platforms, marketing activities, and design to decrease input expenses. You can enhance your profit margin without necessarily increasing your prices.
  • Add extra value to your offers with product personalization or additional services such as gift wrapping, gift cards, etc. These enhance the shopping experience and generate additional revenue. It also leads to repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth, which can ultimately increase your profitability.

Come back to the above example of selling ceramic mugs. With a 40% mark up, you can earn from $7.34 profit.

Market US Canada  UK
Printify cost $15.35 $19.05 $23.65
Marketing cost $2 $2 $2
Platform/tool charge $1 $1 $1
Total cost $18.35 $22.05 $26.65


(at 40% mark up)

$7.34 $8.82 $10.66

How to Make Money With Printify in 6 Steps

Making money with Printify is easier than ever. Here's how you can get started in 6 simple steps.

  • 1-Create a Printify account: You can easily create a free Printify account on its website > Navigate the Sign up button > Fill in your email and password.
  • 2-Set up a Printify account: Go to the Printify dashboard and set up important information, such as shipping, payment, billing, and taxes.
  • 3-Select a product from Printify’s catalog: Browse through Printify’s extensive catalog of over 900 products and choose the ones you want to sell. You can use the search filter to find the best-selling items.
  • 4-Design and upload it to add to Printify product: Utilize Printify and Shutterstock integration and Product Creators to create engaging products.
  • 5-Connect your online store with a Printify account: You can scale your POD business with Printify by connecting to 10 platforms, including Shopify, Etsy, Walmart, eBay, TikTok Shop, Wix, Squarespace, WooCommerce, Prestashop, BigCommer.
  • 6-Get orders and send them to Printify to fulfill: When your orders come, send them to Printify and pay charges for product and shipping fees.
how to make money with printify

You can easily start making money with Printify

Hope this article can help you find the answer to the question "Is Printify worth it?" By understanding Printify's profitability, you are now ready to earn money with this company. Let's kickstart your print-on-demand business today! Join the Teeinblue Global Community to receive invaluable tips from other merchants.