What is Printify and How Does It Work in A Nutshell

What is Printify and How Does It Work in A Nutshell

what is printify

Printify has rapidly become a go-to platform for online merchants selling personalized print-on-demand products. But what is Printify exactly, and how does it work? This straightforward guide covers everything you need to know about this global print-on-demand provider, from its background and services to how it fulfills orders. Keep reading to get the full scoop on this company with Teeinblue!

What is Printify?

Printify is a leading global print-on-demand (POD) provider that has delivered over 500 million orders for more than 8 million merchants since its inception in 2015. Founded by James Berdigans, Artis Kehris, and Gatis Dukurs, this US-based company simplifies the process of producing personalized products and shipping them to end-users.

What is printify print on demand

Printify is a POD company

Printify enables merchants to create and sell customized orders with ease. Here are some of Printify's key print-on-demand services:

  • E-commerce integrations: Quick connection to 10 popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy.
  • Largest product catalog: Over 900 customizable products across categories like clothing, accessories, homeware, and more.
  • Global delivery: International shipping to most countries, with average delivery times as fast as 3-5 days in the US.
  • Brand customization: Ability to add logos, brand colors, and personalized packaging inserts to orders.
  • Printify dashboard: A centralized platform for managing stores, orders, payments, and more.
  • Design Maker: Design tools and thousands of free design templates for creating custom designs.
  • Free Mockup Generator: High-quality product visualizations with customizable backgrounds.
  • Shutterstock integration: Over 300 million stock images for designing print-on-demand products, with pay-per-order pricing.

Printify also offers Printify Studio for creating and designing online stores, and the Printify Experts program for guidance from industry professionals.

what does printify do

Printify provides print-on-demand services

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How Does Printify Work?

Printify works as a middleman between merchants and customers. Its workflow is receiving orders from merchants, printing custom designs on white-label products, packaging the orders, and shipping them directly to end customers. Here's a more detailed look at how Printify works.

1. Receive Orders From POD Merchants

Print-on-demand merchants can create a pop-up store on their website or connect their existing e-commerce store to their Printify account. They then add custom designs to Printify's products, and publish them to their store for customers to purchase.

When an order comes, merchants will send it to Printify for fulfillment (production and shipping). This company enables them to have orders sent to Printify manually or automatically after a set time. It charges sellers for the product cost and shipping immediately after receiving an order.

How does printify work
The process of selling Printify’s products

2. Print Custom Designs on White-label Products

Once a merchant sends an order for fulfillment, the selected print partner will print the custom design on the corresponding product. The average production time is 2-5 days in the US and Canada and 3-8 days in Europe and other regions.

Printify has a network of over 110 print partners across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, and European countries. These partners use various printing methods such as all-over-print (AOP), direct-to-garment (DTG), direct-to-film (DTF), and more.

Notes: When merchants add a Printify product, they can select a print provider, which will process orders from that product.

what is printify and how does it work
Printify works with a lot of local print locations

3. Package Orders

After printing, Printify's partners package orders securely. Merchants can opt for custom-branded packaging by taking advantage of Printify's branding services:

  • Packaging Inserts: Add branded cards, flyers, or vouchers from $0.15.
  • Gift Messages: Include a personalized gift message from $0.15.

4. Ship Orders to End Buyers

Printify partners with major carriers like USPS, UPS, DHL, and regional providers to ship orders globally and fast. It offers several shipping options:

  • Economy (from $3.99): The most affordable option with 4-8 days (*) in the US.
  • Standard (from $4.75): A balanced option, 2-5 days shipping in the US and 10-30 days internationally.
  • Express ($7.99): Faster shipping within 2-3 days in the US.
  • Priority (custom price): The quickest option with 2-3 days in the US and 3-5 days internationally.

The company's Order Routing system automatically reroutes orders to available partners during production delays, ensuring faster fulfillment.

(*): Duration is business day

what does printify ship with
Printify’s delivery partners

FAQs on Printify

1. What is Printify Used for?

Printify is primarily used by online merchants to sell customized print-on-demand products. With Printify, merchants can easily add a wide range of customizable products to their e-commerce stores and have Printify print, package, and ship orders.

2. How Much Does It Cost to Use Printify in 2024?

The Printify cost varies based on the services used. The majority of costs to use Printify include the base cost of products and shipping fees. Additionally, you also need to pay for subscriptions and add-on services like custom branding, the Printify Studio service, and the Experts program consultations.

Is printify free to use

Printify isn’t free to use

In conclusion, what is Printify? It's a global print-on-demand solution that empowers merchants to easily sell customized products without handling production or fulfillment. With a vast product catalog, seamless e-commerce integrations, and reliable international shipping, Printify simplifies the POD process from start to finish.


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