Redbubble Vs Printful: Which is Better to Sell With? (2024)

Redbubble Vs Printful: Which is Better to Sell With? (2024)

redbubble vs printful

Redbubble vs Printful, which is the best fit for your print-on-demand business? Here are 9 things to help you find your ideal print-on-demand partner more easily. Let’s be with Teeinblue, start with cost, products, production, delivery, integration, custom branding offers, ease of use, customer support, and user reviews. Wrap it now!

Redbubble and Printful: a Quick Overview

Redbubble and Printful share similarities in allowing both merchants and customers to sell and buy print-on-demand products.

Company Profile

Let’s wrap some key information from two print-on-demand giants.

Information Redbubble Printful
Revenue (RocketReach) $364.8M $77M
Foundation year 2006 2013
No. of staff 200-500 1700+
Headquarter Melbourne, Australia  North Carolina, USA

Printful and Redbubble Differences

The core difference between Printful and Redbuble stays in the operational model:

  • Redbubble operates as a standalone print-on-demand marketplace. This company enables merchants to establish online stores, upload designs, and directly sell print-on-demand products. It automatically sends orders to its global printing partners for fulfillment and delivery to customers.
  • On the other hand, Printful primarily functions as a print-on-demand service provider, focusing on printing, packing, and shipping custom products. You cannot directly sell on Printful; instead, you must integrate Printful with third-party platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, etc. You can create designs, publish products on your online store, and let Printful handle the rest when orders come.

Besides, Redbubble leans towards a more graphic-centric approach, featuring one-of-a-kind artwork from various artists. While Printful boasts a wider range of customizable products.

redbubble vs printful differences

Redbubble vs Printful has major differences in operational methods

Each company possesses unique strengths, making it crucial to conduct a comprehensive comparison to determine your best fit. Stay tuned for the upcoming part of this article to gain deeper insights.

Let’s delve into this in-depth comparison between Redbubble and Printful, focusing on 9 key factors. They include cost, products, fulfillment, delivery, integration, branding options, feature tools, custom support, and reviews.

1. Redbubble Vs Printful Cost

It’s hard to say which is cheaper between Printful and Redbubble as each has its distinct pricing plan for different needs. Printful is more suitable for building a long-term business, whereas Redbubble is ideal for beginning print-on-demand artists.

Let’s check their pricing policy to consider:

  • Besides the free plan, Printful users can upgrade to Growth at $24.99 per month for more valuable discounts. You will have 14 trial days to enjoy up to 30% off on POD products, 7% off on product branding, and unlimited stores per account. Moreover, if your store achieves a sales threshold of $12,000+, you'll receive a free year's subscription to Growth.
  • In contrast, Redbubble charges a flat fee corresponding to the earning bracket. It classifies your account based on the quality and uniqueness of the artwork you made. Higher account tiers such as Premium and Pro offer sellers benefits like free account fees and priority participation in fan art programs.
redbubble vs printful cost to use

Printful is more suitable for long-term print-on-demand sellers

Other offers:

  • For bulk orders discounts, both Redbubble and Printful offer savings of up to 55%. With Printful, the minimum order is 25 items. Redbubble provides coupons for sample orders and free shipping couple for qualifying orders.
  • In terms of affiliate programs, you will receive a 2% commission on sales within 30 days from Redbubble. While Printful offers a 10% commission on every order made through your affiliate link.
  • About sample orders, you can order up to 3 items per sample order per month with a 20% discount from Printful. However, Redbubble doesn’t offer any discounts.

2. Redbubble Vs Printful Products

When it comes to product comparison, Printful overpasses Redbubble in both range and price. Both companies offer similar print-on-demand categories such as clothes, accessories, home & living, wall art, phone cases, stickers, stationery, etc.

Scroll down to the table below to better understand the differences between Redbubble vs Printful.

Factor Redbubble Printful
Number of products 70+ 340+
Unique products Desk mats, mounted prints, tapestries, bath mats, acrylic block, duvet cover Swimwear, beanies, hair accessories, footwear, water bottles, body lotions
Product strengths More graphic design approach with unique artwork A large array of POD products
Sustainable commitment

Small footprint with 95% of orders printed and shipped locally

Collaboration with 3Degree for green projects

84% of orders fulfilled and shipped locally

90%–100% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging

Eco-friendly products made with at least 70% organic or recycled materials

Now, let’s compare the price of some products of Redbubble vs Printful!

Product Redbubble Printful
T-shirts $19.07 - $50.14 $6.95 - $29.5
Canvas prints $51.51 - $121.15 $22.5 - $51.25
Phone cases $13.88 - $27.78 $9.5 - $16.25
Mugs $14.81 $6.75 - $19.75
Sticker $2.14 - $14.42 $2.5 - $5.25
Hats $19.52 $12.95 - $26.25

Notes: The base price of Redbubble items is not fixed because it depends on third-party manufacturers and may include discounts. You should keep a close watch on these prices to protect profits. Therefore, you should set your profit through a percentage artist margin rather than a fixed amount.

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3. Production & Printing

Redbubble’s commitment boasts slightly faster production. Whereas, Printful stands out with more diverse printing methods. Both giants are famous for high print-on-demand product quality.

For example, Printful utilizes top-notch Kornit printers and well-known brands such as Adidas, Bella Canvas, or Gilden. However, both companies sometimes still receive some complaints regarding inconsistent product quality.

Find more detailed information in the table comparison below.

Factor Redbubble Printful
Production time 2-3 business days 2-5 business days
Printing methods DTG, sublimation printing DTG, DTF, sublimation, all-over printing, embroidery
Factory None of in-house fulfillment station 8 in-house printing facilities in the USA (3), Canada, Mexico, UK, Latvia, Spain
Fulfillment partners In 10 countries, such as Australia, Canada, France, UK, the USA, etc 4 printing vendors in Brazil, Japan, Australia (2)
Printing location selection No No
Quality control process Strict artwork guideline 3-step progress: graphics optimization, fulfillment check, final review

4. Shipping Comparison

Redbubble seems to have the upper hand in faster delivery speed when compared with Printful. From discussions on forums, it typically takes within a week for US orders and 3-10 business days for the rest. Meanwhile, Printful often requires 1-8 days for orders within the US and EU and 1-20 days for others.

Both print-on-demand companies provide shipping services to most of the countries in the world. They rely on trusted delivery partners such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and various local postal services to ensure efficient shipping. Additionally, they both allow customers to upgrade from Standard to Express shipping options for faster delivery.

redbubble vs printful shipping comparison

Both companies provide shipping services to most countries in the world

Notes: Printful Express shipping option is only available for the live shipping rate method. Customers have to provide their phone numbers in advance to avoid shipment holds.

5. Integration Comparison

Printful definitely takes the crown in integration comparison with 24 connections with third-party platforms. Notable names include Shopify, Etsy, Woocommerce, Wix, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Amazon, and more. This extensive integration facilitates easy scalability across multiple platforms to reach a broader potential audience. However, managing multiple platforms sometimes becomes cumbersome and consumes time and effort.

Redbubble, on the other hand, works as a standalone marketplace and doesn’t offer integration with any other platform. If managing multiple platforms seems overly complex, Redbubble might be the optimal choice for you. It allows you to showcase your personal website and social channels directly on your Redbubble account.

redbubble vs printful integration

Redbubble is a standalone print-on-demand marketplace

Tips: Although Redbubble does not offer direct integration, you can still connect it with Shopify through third-party apps.

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6. Branding Options

Printful is the winner in offering diverse branding options for both products and packaging. Conversely, Redbubble does not offer any custom branding choices. The end customer will receive the packages with the Redbubble logo.

Printful sellers can create inside and outside labels for products ($2.49), sleeve customization (from $2.49), and logo embroidery ($2.95). You also have room for creativity with signature packaging ($0.50), pack-ins ($0.50), free customized packing slips, and personalized order tracking pages.

redbubble vs printful branding offerings
Impress your print-on-demand customers with eye-catching branded packages

7. Selling Tools

Both Redbubble and Printful’s websites are beginner-friendly with clear layouts, intuitive menus, a convenient search box, and easy-to-use navigator buttons. Two companies have robust mobile apps on Apple Store and Google Player, allowing users to manage everything effortlessly.

Here are some key features of each print-on-demand company.


  • Its website is a fully-featured online marketplace for buyers and merchants.
  • Quick store setup function enables you straightforward sell POD items on the Rebubble online store.
  • Built-in Artist Analytics allows sellers to manage traffic, earnings, and products easily.
  • Bulk Editing tool helps add and edit print-on-demand artwork on a single page.
  • BubbleTrends Finder updates daily latest popular trends to tap into and generate more sales.


  • Its website features rich services for print-on-demand businesses and individuals, as well as warehousing and fulfillment.
  • Design Maker simplifies crafting eye-catching artwork with a source of 791 fonts, 110M+ Premium Images, and 20,496+ clipart graphics.
  • Mockup Generator assists you create visuals within 5 minutes from free 2,550+ mockup templates.

8. Customer Support

When using print-on-demand services from Redbubble vs Printful, you'll easily find helpful resources, tips, or FAQs in their respective help centers or blogs. Both companies are active on social media to promptly address any issues you may encounter. Particularly, you’ll find the fastest support from Redbubble on Twitter.

In terms of speed of response and customer support, Printful appears to be better.

Factor Redbubble Printful
Available time 9 am - 6 pm PST, daily 24/7
Live chat In portal In portal
Email Yes Yes
Phone Yes No
Language 4 supported: English, Spanish, German, and French 6 supported: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese
Response time Within 48 hours Under 2 hours

With Printful, issues related to returns and refunds are free if the fault lies with the company. Customers have 30 days to submit their claims and receive a free replacement.

On the other hand, Redbubble's policies differ slightly. It offers free exchanges for damaged products, with claims within 14 days. Free returns, exchanges, or refunds are available due to the wrong color, size, or style. The submitted time is within 90 days for most items. Mask products are the exception with their own return window of 14 days.

9. Redbubble Vs Printful Reviews

Have a glance at reviews of Redbubble and Printful on Trustpilot, both companies generally receive positive feedback. Printful holds a higher overall score but it has 6 times fewer reviews than Redbubble. Therefore, it’s necessary to delve deeper into the customer feedback of each company.

  • Redbubble: Most reviews from the end-buyers with a 3.7 score (of 26,294 reviews). This is a great reference for Redbubble product quality, overall services, and print-on-demand customer insights.
  • Printful: Most reviews from sellers with a 4.6 score (of 4,282 reviews). You will get real-world advice from print-on-demand merchants about their experience when working with this platform.
redbubble vs printful customer reviews
Check user reviews on Trustpilot before making your decision

Which is Better: Redbubble or Printful?

Choosing between Redbubble and Printful depends heavily on your print-on-demand business goals and expectations.

Redbubble excels Printful in the ability to create online stores to sell directly, dynamic 700k+ artist communities, and over 8.5 million daily traffic (Semrush). If you have a graphic design-oriented approach, Redbubble may be your ideal partner.

On the other hand, Printful is the optimal choice for sellers who prefer cost-effective, wide product ranges, diverse integration, and branding offers. With Printful, you have opportunities to reach broader potential customers, as well as easily scale up your business across various platforms.

Advantages and Downsides of Redbubble


  • Ability to set up an online store for straightforward selling
  • Robust built-in analytic and bulk tools
  • Huge and active pre-existing customer community
  • Thriving artist networks with over 700,000 members


  • Limited print-on-demand product catalog and branding options
  • Long wait for money payout day, typically taking a month
  • Lack of e-commerce integration
  • Stiff competition among crowded artists

Advantages and Downsides of Printful


  • Better control of quality due to in-house fulfillment factories
  • Diverse product range and branding options, integration
  • The global network of partners across 4 continents
  • Featured warehousing and fulfillment service for merchants


  • Inability to edit multiple products at once
  • Products may be priced higher
  • Lack of built-in analytics
  • Some hidden costs of services

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There an Alternative Site Better Than Redbubble?

There are numerous alternatives to Redbubble, such as Spreadshirt, Design by Humans, Etsy, Zazzle, Teepublic, Society 6, Fine Art America, etc. They are trustworthy online marketplaces for print-on-demand merchants. Keep in mind that each company boasts its strengths and features. It's essential to assess them comprehensively to choose the optimal one for your needs.

Is It Better to Sell Print-on-demand on Etsy or Redbubble?

Redbubble has a higher Trustpilot score than Etsy, with a rating of 3.7 (of 26,294 reviews) compared to 1.5 (of 13,455 reviews). Furthermore, Redbubble automatically sends print-on-demand orders to printing suppliers to produce while Etsy doesn’t.

Additionally, each company boasts its own features. Redbubble is suitable for fast and easy profits with graphic artwork. Meanwhile, Etsy is ideal for one-of-a-kind and handmade items.

etsy vs redbubble

Which is better for your print-on-demand business: Etsy and Redbubble?

Which Is Better: Redbubble Vs Printify?

Let’s consider each company's advantages to make an informed decision.

  • Redbubble is better than Printify in fully-featured functions of the marketplace, vast community, and existing customer base.
  • Printify (similar to Printful) is superior to Redbubble with a large product catalog, 80+ suppliers with 110+ print locations worldwide, and extensive integration.

This article hopes to provide you comprehensive comparison of Redbubble vs Printful in terms of pricing, products, fulfillment, shipping, and more. However, it's essential to try and experience both platforms firsthand before making a decision. The print-on-demand industry presents both exciting challenges and rewarding opportunities. Don’t hesitate to join Teeinblue Global Community and embark on your print-on-demand business journey right now!


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