7 Acrylic Plaque Ideas That Sell the Most for Print-on-demand

7 Acrylic Plaque Ideas That Sell the Most for Print-on-demand

acrylic plaque ideas to sell

The acrylic plaque market has seen remarkable growth in recent years, making it a top-selling niche. Let’s boost the revenue of your print-on-demand store with the 7 most popular acrylic plaque ideas. Stay tuned until the end for valuable tips on selling print-on-demand acrylic plaques. Dive in now!

Is Selling Acrylic Plaques Worth It?

Yes, acrylic plaque is worth selling and it is currently one of the best print-on-demand niches. The versatility, clarity, and elegance make acrylic rank among the top five best-selling plaque materials, which include acrylic, silver, crystal, brass, and wood.

Acrylic plaques are more and more popular as they cater to various demands from decoration, gifts, to souvenirs.

  • An ideal home and office decor item to create a modern and elegant ambiance.
  • A thoughtful gift for special occasions such as a wedding, anniversary, graduation, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc.
  • A great souvenir to express gratitude or capture important events and memories.

The potential market of acrylic plaque presents promising opportunities for print-on-demand sellers. The best way to tap into this niche is by selling personalized acrylic plaques. This approach is less competitive with a higher profit margin.

Best Acrylic Plaque Ideas to Sell on Your POD Store

Acrylic plaques come in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs. Here are the 7 best-selling acrylic plaques products from the most successful stores and marketplaces. Select the most suitable products to kickstart your POD business now!

Acrylic Plaque With Photo

People often reminisce about significant moments and people in their lives. Acrylic plaques with photos provide the perfect means to keep the past alive and readily accessible. This product also allows people to print their quotes or messages, making it a great gift to show love and affection.

Best to offer: personalized gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, graduation, retirement, and memorials who passed away.

Design ideas: Consider these creative options for acrylic plaques with photos.

  • Plaque shapes: rectangle, square, heart shape, puzzle piece, etc.
  • Design elements: personalized photos, names, messages, quotes, dates,...
  • Structure: easel stands for stylish and easy display.

Besides high-quality photos, it's crucial to install easy-to-use personalization tools that allow customers to effortlessly upload their photos and tailor elements on your store. Thus, you can enhance the buying experience and encourage repeat purchases.

how to make acrylic plaque with photo
Acrylic plaque with photo plays a role as a meaningful keepsake

Music Acrylic Plaque

Music is often associated with significant life events, memories, and emotions. Whether it's a song that played at a wedding, or lyrics that hold personal meaning, a music acrylic plaque creates an atmosphere matching the song's spirit.

Best to offer: home decor and anniversary gift.

Design ideas: Here are creative ideas to make an impressive music acrylic plaque.

  • Plaque shapes: vertical rectangles and squares, musical instruments, or musical notes.
  • Design elements: customer’s photo, song lyrics, name of song, Spotify or Apple Music music player buttons, etc.
  • Structure: wooden display stand or LED backlighting.

It’s a creative idea when incorporate a QR code that links to a song and allow buyers to upload their own. By scanning it on the phone, your customers can access their favorite songs on specific music platforms like Spotify, or Apple Music. This feature can make your product more appealing and set it apart from traditional plaques.

music acrylic plaque with personalized song title
Engaging music acrylic plaque with customized songs and photos

Heart-shaped Acrylic Plaque

This product is ideal for customers to express love and appreciation for their special. The transparent surface of the acrylic plaque allows the light to shine through and create a stunning effect.
Best to offer: romantic gifts, wedding favors, anniversary presents, love tokens, graduation gifts for couples, etc.
Design ideas: Make your heart-shaped acrylic plaque unique and personal with these suggestions.
  • Plaque shapes: hearts of different sizes and styles, such as classic, modern, or rustic.
  • Design elements: name of the recipient or the sender, date of the occasion, message of love or gratitude, photo of the couple or the person, etc.
  • Structure: a flat side or stand for easy and elegant display.

With a transparent surface, you can choose any color or design that suits your preference and theme. You can also add some embellishments, such as glitter, stickers, or ribbons, to make your plaque more attractive. Remember to consult with your print-on-demand supplier and order a sample to ensure the quality before offering it to your customers.

heart shaped acrylic plaque ideas to sell

Increase average order value by offering custom options to your acrylic plaques

Clear Acrylic Plaque with Clipart

With custom clipart on clear acrylic plaques, your products look more modern, sophisticated, and elegant. With their transparent finish and timeless simplicity, they are highly sought-after for a wide array of occasions.

Best to offer: wedding plaques, gifts for mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, or best friends.

Design ideas: Take a look at design options for clear acrylic plaques.
  • Plaque shapes: circle, belenux, rectangle, square, or other custom shapes.
  • Design elements: besties, family, couples, or pet clipart; people’s names, milestones, dates; etc.
  • Structure: detachable base or wall mount for ease of use.

Consider offering scratch-resistant coatings as an additional option. These coatings provide an extra layer of protection against scratches and damage, assuring your clear acrylic plaque’s longevity.

clear acrylic plaque with custom clipart
Clear acrylic items with customizable clipart are versatile for multiple occasions

Personalized Acrylic Plaques with Star Maps

These customized items can show the alignment of the stars, constellations, coordinate grid, and Milky Way as seen from a specific location and date. You can create multiple star map styles with a few clicks using online tools.

Best to offer: romantic gifts, personal keepsakes, and home decor.

Design ideas: Discover some typical design elements for personalized acrylic plaques with star maps below.

  • Plaque shapes: hearts, circles, rounded squares, rectangles, or custom shapes.
  • Design elements: stars, constellations, coordinate grid, Milky Way, background photo, names, addresses, or dates.
  • Structure: wooden or metal stands for a stable and attractive display.

Consider using a product configurator app that allows you to add personalization options to your star map artwork. It will be much more engaging and exciting when customers can see the instant change when they custom a design element.

acrylic plaque ideas with star maps
An elegant example of a star map acrylic plaque

Acrylic Plaques With Lights

For decor enthusiasts, acrylic plaques with lights are indispensable items. They serve as both eye-catching decorations and night lamps. The gentle LED illumination of these acrylic plaques can create a warm, enchanting, relaxing, or tranquil atmosphere.

Best to offer: decor for home, parties, or wedding.

Design ideas: Check out inspiration to create POD acrylic plaques with lights.

  • Plaque shapes: rectangles, squares, circles, hearts, or custom shapes following text styles.
  • Design elements: names, dates, customer’s photos, meaningful quotes, etc.
  • Structure: a clear acrylic panel with embedded or surface-mounted LED lights.

It’s wise to invest in appealing mockups to engage customers and boost your sales. A realistic and captivating one can make all the difference when it comes to selling acrylic plaques with lights.

unique plaque ideas with warming light
Acrylic plaque with light serves as home decoration and night lamp

Acrylic Plaques Engraved

This product features intricate artwork precisely etched onto the surface of an acrylic sheet. Engraved acrylic plaques trigger luxury and appreciation. Besides, they tend to be highly durable from fading, scratching, or other forms of wear and tear.

Best to offer: acrylic awards, trophies, and nameplates.

Design ideas: The most common elements of engraved acrylic plaques include:

  • Plaque shapes: rectangle, square, trophy, number, water drop, star, etc.
  • Design elements: name of winner, brand, or organization; prize title; logo; date; etc.
  • Structure: acrylic plaque stand for easy display on shelves, desks, or mantels.

The most critical aspect of engraved acrylic plaques is high-precision details. It's essential to choose reliable POD providers who offer durable acrylic sheets and top-notch engraving techniques, such as laser engraving. And ensure that the depth of the engraving is sufficient to withstand damage.

luxury acrylic plaques engraved
Acrylic plaques engraved are well-suited for awards, trophies, and nameplates

Winning Tips to Sell Print-on-demand Acrylic Plaques

The POD acrylic plaque market is emerging to bloom. Hold in hand the invaluable tips below to wrap secrets to success.

  • Create unique and engaging designs to distinguish your store from your competitors. Make sure you research thoroughly about the market and customer behavior to catch up on their insight and various tastes.
  • Mix and match materials, for example, wood and acrylic to create visually appealing acrylic plaques. Don’t forget to highlight the distinctive aesthetics of the combined materials in your product descriptions.
  • Increase sales by adding personalization options such as photo upload, names, dates, or meaningful messages. Optimize your POD personalization tools to help your customer experience be smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Use realistic mockup images to accurately represent your products. Professional mockups featuring various angles to help your customer easily envision how the acrylic plaques will appear in their own spaces.
  • Choose fulfillment companies with high-quality acrylic sheets is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction. Consider elements of thickness, clearness, and color that should match your business plan. You also need to understand clearly the return or cashback policy in case of low-quality products.
print on demand acrylic plaque ideas to sell
Custom acrylic plaques with photo upload bring a high profit margin

Sell Print-on-demand Acrylic Plaques with Teeinblue Product Personalizer

With Teeinblue Product Personalizer, you can create and sell print-on-demand acrylic plaques in one place. This versatile app offers an all-in-one solution to sell custom acrylic trophies, gifts, and souvenirs:

  • Import acrylic products with mockup images from API-integrated partners, including ShineOn and Printify. This streamlines your product selection process, giving you a wider range of options to offer to your customers.
  • Easily create artwork and add personalization options for text, photos, clipart, maps, and more. This level of customization helps you cater to your customer's unique preferences and create one-of-a-kind products.
  • Send orders to fulfill quickly via API or CSV-exporting, reducing time and effort to manage orders. Automated order submission to your fulfillment partners also minimizes the risk of manual data entry errors and work overload.

Let’s delve into Teeinblue Product Personalizer's features and simple usage steps.

This article aims to expand your knowledge of acrylic plaque and guide you in choosing the right types to sell. Leveraging personalization tools can help you create engaging acrylic plaque ideas that captivate your customers. Stay updated with the latest trends and insights of the print-on-demand world in the Teeinblue Global Community.


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