35+ Mother's Day Gifts To Sell in 2024 (for Print-on-demand)

35+ Mother's Day Gifts To Sell Print-on-demand in 2024

best mother's day gifts to sell

Mother's Day is the third largest retail event in the US, 84% of consumers planning to celebrate and spend $35.7 billion (NRF 2023 survey). Among thousands of products, personalized items are the best Mother's Day gifts to sell. These products can create lasting memories and connect customers to their loved ones closer.

Here, Teeinblue Product Personalizer has compiled a list of the best things to sell for Mother's Day. Save it now!

  • Personalized jewelry: necklace, bracelet, earrings, and gift card.
  • Home decor and tools: acrylic plaque, canvas art, doormat, curtain, scented soap, basket, kitchenware, and garden tools.
  • Special outing: t-shirt, tote bag, canvas shoes, and headband.
  • Personal items for daily use: mug, tumbler, blanket, pillow, keychain, umbrella, personalized cosmetics, and more.
  • Tech accessories: phone case, chargers, headphones, and more.

Best Mother's Day Gifts to Sell: Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry has always been a top-spending Mother’s Day gift. According to the 2023 NFR survey, 44% of consumers were planning to gift jewelry, up from 41% in 2022. The total spending on jewelry might reach a whopping $7.8 billion. Here are the top ideas for you to sell personalized jewelry this holiday.

Personalized Necklace

The necklace is an affordable luxury that can be customized to represent a mother’s unique style and personality. Additionally, it is easy to design and ship worldwide, making them versatile for any budget or preference.

Simple yet elegant designs have been the top trend in recent years. Consider offering personalized birthstone, golden, or silver necklaces and allowing buyers to add their mother’s name, photos, etc.

best selling mother's day gifts

A necklace with custom gift cards for mommy (Teeinblue POD Demo store)

Custom Bracelet

A bracelet can stay on a mother’s hand daily as a reminder of a memorable moment or person in one's life. As a print-on-demand seller, offering custom bracelets for Mother’s Day is simple.

You can focus on designs including initials, dates, or symbols with special meaning to your customer’s mother. Best-selling materials for Mother’s Day bracelets are birthstones, leather, metal, and cloth.

Unique Earrings

This is a perfect gift for a fashion-conscious mom. Selling earrings with multiple materials, shapes, and designs can help you attract more tastes and styles. The top recommendations for your print-on-demand store are:

  • Materials: gold, silver, crystals, etc.
  • Shapes and designs: earrings with an engraved name, a character, a flower, a card, etc.
mother's day earrings gifts to sell

An engraved earrings for mom

Add a Gift Card as Mother's Day Craft to Sell

By offering personalized gift cards for Mother’s Day, you can keep customers staying in your store for everything they need for a gift. Creating that product is simple with a custom product builder like Teeinblue Product Personalizer. Here are ways how Teeinblue helps you:

  • Add image, text, maps, and star maps personalization options for your card designs.
  • View and use white-label gift cards from Printful, Picanova, Printify, Gelato, Dreamship, Customcat, ShineOn, etc.
  • Combine a design and a card to publish a personalized product to sell on Shopify.
  • Send orders quickly (via API or export CSV) and manage them efficiently.

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High-profit Mother's Day Gifts to Sell: Home Decor & Accessories

Following the NFR 2023 release about Mother’s Day spending, consumers were planning to spend $29 more than in 2022, at $274.02 per household. Therefore, be confident in creating high-quality Mother’s Day ideas to sell and earn a higher profit.

Tailor-made Acrylic Plaques for Mother’s Day

Don’t miss out on acrylic plaques, the hottest gift ideas in 2024. By allowing customers to personalize acrylic plaques with photos, songs, clipart, dates, names, or maps, you can create cute Mother’s Day gifts to sell and offer an extraordinary shopping experience.

Tips: To update the latest design trends, you can walk through print-on-demand marketplaces (like Zazzle, Redbubble, and Etsy), stores with a high volume of sales, and trend analytic tools.

cute mothers day gifts to sell
Trending acrylic plaques to offer in your print-on-demand stores

Individualized Canvas Art Gifts for Mom

To generate a revenue of $1,000, you may need to sell around 42-43 canvases at the average retail price of $35-$75. They can give a profit margin of about 15%-35% (Print-on-demand World).

But what designs to sell for Mother's Day canvas is not too challenging. Take time to the top trending personalized canvas this year:

  • Family portraits, baby photos, and pet photos.
  • Quotes or sayings that have special meaning to mom, grandma.
  • Customized typography art that showcases the family's name or other vital details.
high-profit canvas gifts to sell on mothers day

Design canvas art that shows love for mom

Doormat or Welcome Rug

A doormat can bring a warm welcome to guests and can also serve as a decorative piece for the front door. That is what mom loves.

Designing a doormat with monograms, family names, and cute and humorous sayings that reflect mom and granma's personality is best. Popular choices are floral, botanical patterns, or seasonal themes such as spring flowers or summer beach scenes.

Tips: You can also get these design ideas for bath mats and other mats to sell in your print-on-demand store.

Custom Printed Curtains

These things offer a unique and stylish way for moms to decorate any room in the house. Targeting a specific area and offering the most favorite design can help you reduce advertising costs and convert more sales.

For example, if you want to sell curtains with floral patterns in the US market, you could target ads to areas with high homeownership rates, such as the Northeast, Midwest, or West Coast. Besides, don’t forget to diversify your gifts in color schemes and sizes to meet a broader range of customer preferences.

mothers day gifts to make and sell

Custom window curtains are good Mother's Day gifts to make and sell

Scented Soaps

This is one of the top Mother's Day gifts to sell, as they offer a luxurious and pampering experience that many moms enjoy. As a print-on-demand seller, you can personalize wrapping designs of scented soap.

Popular options include minimalist designs with simple text, monograms, and botanical or abstract patterns. You can choose among many scents:

  • Floral scents: rose, lavender, jasmine, and gardenia
  • Fruity scents: lemon, orange, grapefruit, and berry
  • Earthy scents: sandalwood, patchouli, and cedarwood

Baskets for Young Moms

You can allow customers to create their own designs for a basket from a fulfillment partner. It is wise to keep your design simple and elegant.

Understanding target consumers is essential before choosing a basket type to sell. Wiker, bamboo, or metal wire baskets may significantly differ in cost and audience. In addition, there are also many kinds of baskets to gift moms on this special day, including spa, gourmet food, and self-care baskets.

custom baskets for mothers day

An example of a personalized basket for young moms

Personalized Print-on-demand Kitchenware

For the mom who loves cooking, don’t forget to create custom designs for the following products:

  • Plate
  • Trivet
  • Phablet
  • Napkins
  • Table mats
  • Kitchen tools

Tips: A set of kitchen tools in a style that reflects mummy’s favorites seems to sell more. Don’t forget to create many styles and allow purchasers to upload photos.

Things to Sell for Mother's Day for Garden Lover

When it comes to garden tools, there are a lot of things to sell online. However, the best-selling Mother's Day gifts should be small and cute. Let’s create unique gifts for mom and grandma with Teeinblue!

  • Garden flag: designs that include the word "mom" or "mother" and incorporate feminine colors such as pink and purple are trending.
  • Gardening gloves: floral patterns, inspirational quotes, and personalized monograms have high demand. Remember to include many sizes to sell for Mother’s Day.
  • Gardening tool set: Add a mother's name, a personalized message, and floral designs for the coverage part.
what to sell for mother's day

The garden flag can generate more sales than gloves and tools

Mother's Day Special Outing Gift Ideas to Sell

According to the 2023 NRF survey, a household would spend $43.29 on special outing items. With that budget, the best Mother’s Day gifts to sell are T-shirts, tote bags, canvas shoes, and headbands.


T-shirts are the most popular things to sell on Mother’s Day as they come in various styles and designs, from trendy to basic. Besides the above design ideas, selling custom T-shirts for a business or event celebrating Mother’s Day can help you earn more revenue.

Tote bags

Tote bags make it easy to carry groceries, books, and other everyday items. They are also fashionable accessories for any outfit, making them worthy Mother's Day gifts to make and sell. Making your design simple with short quotes and clipart is the hottest trend.

mother's day selling ideas with tote bags

Mother's day selling ideas with tote bags: consider choosing environment-friendly materials

Canvas shoes

You can choose premium canvas shoes from many fulfillment providers. And adding personalization options will become much easier with Teeinblue Product Personalizer. Your products will become the top Mother’s Day products for moms who love fashion and footwear.


They are the favorite accessories of moms who want a quick and easy way to make hairstyles, especially moms with young children. The types of hair accessories may be different among ages:

  • For younger moms: headbands, hair clips, and scrunchies.
  • For middle-aged moms: hair combs, barrettes, and hairpins.
  • For older moms: sticks, hair forks, and hair combs.

Make and Sell Unique Gifts for Everyday Use

Giving personal items as a gift is a meaningful way to show appreciation and the message: “don’t just take care of the family, enjoy your life, too.” They are simple and practical but exquisite Mother’s Day gifts to sell. Here they are!

Mugs & Tumblers

One of the benefits of selling personalized mugs is that you can market to a wide range of customers, especially those looking for affordable and practical gift options. Don’t stop selling one item for only mummy; think about offering custom mugs for her whole family.

Add these design ideas to boost your print-on-demand store this Mother’s Day:

  • Best gifts with clipart personalization options: offer multiple family clipart for consumers.
  • Customized mugs with photos: allow customers to upload their family photos, pets, or vacation memories to their mugs.
  • Monogram mugs: feature the recipient's initials or name in a stylish design.
  • Unique mugs with quotes: enable buyers to print their own text and quotes or suggest some humorous or meaningful quotes about mothers to them.
  • Custom-made mugs with maps: show addresses of family members who live far away from their mom.

Tips: Including trending materials for mugs will help you gain more sales. For mugs, they are ceramic and enamel. And top-rated tumblers are made of stainless steel and plastic.

what can i sell for mother's day

Make your design unique with appealing clipart and quotes

Blanket & Pillow

Custom blankets and pillows are top Mother's Day gift ideas to sell as they can express the love and appreciation of the family. You can create personalization templates in many styles and then allow your customer to customize images, clipart, text, maps, dates, etc. Another creative idea is enabling them to upload family members' faces to create pattern products.


These practical gifts can be used daily, reminding mummy of your appreciation. You can easily personalize metal, plastic, or leather keychains with messages and images.


This item may not have as much sentimental value as other personalized gift ideas. However, it’s a good niche to sell for Mother’s Day. Custom umbrellas with the mummy’s name or their favorite textures are buzzworthy.

Specialized Cosmetics

Giving high-end cosmetics with custom packaging is one of Mother’s Day’s hottest trends. Designing personalized gifts that match their style can make them feel genuinely appreciated.

cosmetics are great mothers day ideas to sell

Personalizing cosmetics packaging is one of the most creative Mother's Day ideas to sell

    Personalized Tech Things to Sell for Mother’s Day

    The demand for personalized technology gifts has been increasing steadily. The more premium items, the higher the profit margin you achieve. Suggesting other top things to sell for Mother's Day can help you increase sales:

    • Phone case
    • Laptop cover
    • Chargers
    • Speakers
    • Headphones
    • USB flash drives
    technology mother’s day items to sell

    Or you can cngrave mom’s name on the accessories

    Besides these accessories, consider adding trending technology healthcare products such as back neck shoulder massagers, eye massagers, etc. Remember to make it unique by allowing your customer to add their mom’s name or meaningful messages.

    Bonus: Books are also top-selling Mother's Day gifts. You can let your customer write all their love, stories, and memorial photos with their mom in the book.

    FAQs for Mother's Day Gifts to Make and Sell

    How should you personalize your design for Mother’s Day?

    There are many different characteristics of moms. The difficulty is how to design personalized gifts that match their style. Here are some tips:

    • Traditional mother: classic designs and colors like floral patterns, pastels, and elegant fonts.
    • Tech-savvy mother: modern and minimalist patterns, bold colors, or tech-related icons.
    • Nature-loving mother: earthy tones, botanical patterns, or nature-themed graphics.
    • Sports-loving mother: team logos or colors, sports equipment graphics, or motivational quotes related to sports.
    • Foodie mother: food-related graphics, recipe ideas, or restaurant recommendations.

    Ultimately, thinking about a group of moms' unique characteristics and preferences is the key to creating successful design styles. Another important thing is to understand who will buy Mother’s Day gifts.

    What are the top 10 Mother's day gifts?

    Besides flowers, something foodies, here are the top 10 personalized Mother’s Day gifts with the highest search volume:

    • Mug and coffee mug
    • Shirt and T-shirt
    • Name necklace
    • Canvas art
    • Keychain
    • Pillow
    • Bracelet
    • Blankets
    • Tumbler
    • Book
    top mothers day gift ideas to sell

    You can research the word “personalized Mother’s Day gifts ideas” to discover more products

    How can you promote your Mother's day gift?

    You can promote your Mother’s Day gifts to sell in many ways:

    • Social Media Marketing: Showcase your products on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Regularly post about promotions, usages, buying tips, etc., to engage more audience.
    • Email Marketing: Send out an email campaign and offer your subscribers a discount or promotion code to promote your Mother's Day gift.
    • Influencer Marketing: Partner with social media influencers or bloggers who cater to a similar audience and have them promote your Mother's Day gift on their platforms.
    • Paid Advertising: Utilize paid advertising options such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads to promote your Mother's Day gift to a broader audience.
    • Collaborations: Partner with other businesses or brands that cater to a similar audience and collaborate on a Mother's Day gift package or promotion.

    In conclusion, Mother's Day is a significant holiday that presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses, particularly those in the print-on-demand industry. Among an ocean of products, the way to choose the winning Mother's Day gifts to sell is to understand the needs and preferences of your target audience. If you have any questions or other ideas, let’s discuss them in the comment section or join Teeinblue Global Community for print-on-demand.


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