55 Best Halloween Products to Sell on Dropshipping POD Stores

55 Best Halloween Products to Sell on Dropshipping POD Stores

halloween products to sell

Are you ready to make this Halloween season a booming success for your dropshipping print-on-demand business? This article will suggest the best Halloween products to sell in 2023, from decorations, costumes, accessories, and party items, to print-on-demand personalization gift ideas. Let's dive right in!

18 Best-selling Halloween Decorations 2023

The 2022 National Retail Federation survey reveals that a significant 51% of consumers planned to spend on decorations for Halloween. With a total expense of $3.4 billion, decoration items undoubtedly are one of the mainstays for Halloween.

Update the best-selling Halloween decoration 2023 below.

  • Indoor decor (1-10): Add Halloween designs to ornaments, canvas art, mirrors, magical bottles, pillow covers, candles, wax melts, candle holders, wind chimes, and dream catchers.
  • Outdoor decor (11-14): Set up a Halloween theme with inflatable or yard scarecrows, frightening animatronics, wreaths, and foam graveyard tombstones.
  • Bathroom decor (15-16): Create Halloween atmosphere with tea towels and bath bombs.
  • Cooking tools (17-18): Attract Halloween enthusiasts with custom silicone molds, and personalized cookie cutters.

1. Halloween Ornaments

Ornaments are always the most popular decoration on Halloween. People love buying them to hang on trees, garlands, or other spaces in their houses. You can easily sell them with iconic designs such as pumpkin-shaped, black cat, ghost, and witch hat. You also should offer a variety of designs that cater to different tastes and boost your sales.

2. Spooky Canvas Art

For decor lovers, spooky canvas art is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. You can create haunting wall art with forest scenes, gothic architecture, and silhouettes of classic monsters like vampires and werewolves.

Tips: Offering custom canvas art allows you to reach a wider audience and improve your sales.

spooky canvas art is the best halloween product to sell
Spooky canvas art is the best Halloween product to sell

3. Haunted Mirrors

If you want to sell something more startling on Halloween, definitely think about haunted mirrors. They are good choices to surprise guests with creepy reflections. To create a sense of mystery and eeriness, you may include spooky frames, cracked surfaces, or a ghostly appearance.

4. Magical Bottles

Magical bottles are decorative containers often filled with faux ingredients like colorful liquids, glitter, and small objects. As the name, they create a mystical vibe with labels of potion-themed or ancient spells. People love to use them as home decor or as props in fantasy-themed events.

5. Bone-chilling Pillow Covers

Bond-chilling pillow covers are a simple way to transform everyday home decor into a Halloween setting. The best-selling ideas include skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, bats, spiders, or eerie text. You also offer a collection centered around the Halloween theme to increase sales and earn more money.

best selling halloween decorations 
Set up Halloween decorations with bone-chilling pillow covers

6. Chilling Candles

If you find Halloween products to create both ambient lighting and a haunting atmosphere, chilling candles tend to do well. Popular designs include skull-shaped, black, blood-red candles, and candles with scents like pumpkin spice or witches' brew.

7. Halloween-shape Wax Melts

Buyers love to make their rooms fit the Halloween theme with wax melts. By releasing fragrance, Halloween-shape wax melts offer the dual purpose of scenting spaces and decorations. The top trending shapes for these products are bats, ghosts, witches hats, and pumpkins.

8. Creepy Candle Holders

People often place candle holders as decorations on mantels, tables, or centerpieces for Halloween parties. These candle holders come in various spooky designs such as skulls, spiders, and haunted houses, adding an eerie ambiance to any Halloween setting.

creepy candle holders are top selling halloween items
Creepy candle holders are top-selling Halloween items

9. Ghastly Wind Chimes

Ghastly wind chimes are hanging decorations near the door or window to create a chilling sound when the wind blows. They also add an extra element of spookiness to your Halloween decor. These chimes often feature metal ghosts, bats, or skeletons, making them a perfect addition to any haunted house theme.

10. Macabre Dream Catchers

To appeal who love supernatural aesthetics, custom macabre dream catchers are perfect Halloween products to sell in your print-on-demand store. These unique items not only capture bad dreams but also add an eerie touch to any room. The most trending gruesome designs are bone, spider-web patterns, pumpkin, dark feathers, and moon motifs.

11. Halloween Inflatable or Yard Scarecrow

People tend to love decorating outdoors and enjoy with neighborhood. Inflatable and yard scarecrows are top-selling items that customers would go for. They are easily set up to make your customer’s house look more inviting. Inflatable decorations often catch attention with their vibrant colors and eye-catching designs with ghosts, reapers, or pumpkins.

best selling halloween products to earn money 
Halloween outdoor decoration with Yard Scarecrow

12. Frightening Animatronics

Let’s take fright to a new level with frightening animatronics that boast horror sounds and lifelike movements. Halloween is a fun time to surprise and entertain trick-or-treaters coming home. Scary animatronics often resemble creatures or characters such as zombie figures, skeletons, witches, and jumping spiders.

13. Mysterious Wreaths

Simple yet fun, wreaths are great to hang on the door or wall to greet guests. Mysterious wreaths can range from fall foliage to black roses or dried flowers. ‘Scary’ things such as fake spiders, black feathers, dark ribbons, and skull accents are also creative ideas.

14. Foam Graveyard Tombstones

Foam graveyard tombstones are always a hit for haunted houses and themed parties. They create a spooky cemetery scene with aged tombstones and creepy engravings. Offering personalized engraving tombstones can help you get a huge spike in interest during the Halloween season.

15. Creepy Tea Towels

Being one of the most sought-after items on Halloween, creepy tea towels make everyday tasks more festive. Not only used for drying hands or dishes, this product adds a spooky-like touch to table decor at parties. It is attractive to combine custom text with Halloween special symbols in your design.

creepy tea towels are the best halloween dropshipping products to sell
Creepy tea towels are profitable Halloween products to sell

16. Spooky Bath Bombs

Spooky bath bombs not only create a mysterious atmosphere but also release haunting scence like pumpkin spice or black magic. You can craft bath bombs in pumpkin-shaped, or skull-shaped with glitter and ghoulish colors.

Tips: Since bath bombs are small and cheap, gifting them as a thank-you gift in each order will help increase customer satisfaction.

17. Custom Halloween Silicone Molds

Appeal to both kids and adults, custom Halloween silicone molds are perfect for crafting candies and chocolates. Ghosts, pumpkins, bats, skulls, and witches’ hats are the most popular spooky designs you can sell during the festive season.

18. Personalized Cookie Cutters

Besides candy, people also bake cookies for treats at children’s parties. Personalized cookie cutters allow them to add a personal touch to treats with spooky shapes like ghosts, pumpkins, or bats. You can offer combos of different shapes to entice high-demand customers and maximize your profit.

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Best Halloween Dropshipping Products for Parties

According to NRF’s 2022 survey, Halloween-related engagement would return to pre-pandemic levels with 69% of participants planning to celebrate Halloween parties. For dropshipping print-on-demand sellers, this is a high-yielding chance to rock your revenue.

halloween selling ideas with party products 
Halloween 2023 spending is forecasted to be around $10B

19. Personalized Candy

Candy is definitely a sought-after item on Halloween, not only for gifting, and parties but also for just enjoying spooky sweets. Print-on-demand sellers can add more value by offering custom boxes and packages with various themes and patterns.

20. Halloween Greeting Cards

Among the top four most spent products on Halloween 2022, greeting cards were expected to achieve $0.6 billion in total. Such a huge profit chance to start your custom print-on-demand business now. You can maximize sales by offering numerous customized options with popular things of pumpkins, ghosts, witches, jack-o-lanterns, and black cats.

halloween product ideas with spooky greeting cards
Spooky designs for Halloween greeting cards

21. Enchanting Banners

Enchanting banner creates an inviting atmosphere for Halloween parties with festive messages and designs. You can make it to sell with phrases like "Trick or Treat" with spooky imagery such as bats, spiders, and skulls. Customers will stay longer in your print-on-demand stores if they can tailor their banners with custom text and designs.

22. Magical Confetti

Magical confetti plays a vital role in parties and social events since it easily transforms any space into a festive look. Adding an extra layer of charm with iconic designs including pumpkin, bat, and ghost-shaped confetti, you will easily profit from this product.

23. Spider Web/Pumpkin/Ghost Lights

Lights in a spider web, pumpkin, or ghost shape are incredibly profitable products to sell for Halloween. People love them since they are durable and easy to use to create thrilling and mysterious atmospheres for indoor or outdoor parties.

Spooky lights are best selling items for halloween
Increase your sales with Halloween theme lights 

24. Spiderweb Garlands

These are potential products to sell on Halloween since it’s easy to use in decorating parties. Spiderweb garlands are great for adding mystery to any space like walls, ceilings, and doorways. You should offer garlands of various lengths to ensure they're easy to hang. Remember to follow supplier’s print area sizes to avoid printing mistakes.

25. Scary Lanterns

Scary lanterns are a prerequisite for night Halloween parties since they create eerie lighting on pathways, porches, and indoor spaces. These lanterns can attract potential customers with eye-catching shapes like jack-o-lanterns, skulls, witches hats, pumpkins, haunted houses, or devils.

Scary lanterns are great halloween things to make and sell 
Scary lanterns are essential for Halloween nights

26. Smoke Machine

This is perfect for creating a spooky mist for haunted houses, parties, and outdoor setups. Your customers will love a hidden smoke machine inside a pumpkin, a cauldron, or an engraving machine box with thrilling quotes. 

Note: Make sure you offer machines with clear instructions for safe use and maintenance when selling them.

27. Halloween Stickers

Halloween stickers are a beginner-friendly product to sell on Halloween. It’s great to tap into the demand by featuring Halloween iconic symbols for window, wall, and party favor stickers. Consider offering competitive wholesale prices to maximize profits and attract more buyers to your collection.

28. Embossed Cardboard

Let your customers enjoy Halloween parties with stunning photos with spooky embossed cardboard, which includes patterns like skulls, bats, and haunted houses. It is best to design it for backdrop decorations, photo booth props, and table accents.

top selling halloween products for parties
People love taking photos with Halloween embossed cardboard 

29. Apothecary Jars

With vintage-style labels of spells and potion ingredients, apothecary jars are another great option to add a touch of cryptic to Halloween parties. People often use them to showcase Halloween-themed candies, potions, and small decorations. You can cater to different needs by offering jars of different sizes, shapes, and labels.

30. Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers are a fun and creative addition to Halloween treats at parties and gatherings. These products are also best-selling items since they instantly transform ordinary cupcakes into spooky delights. Selling them as combos can help your print-on-demand store boost sales.

31. Carving Kits

Carving a pumpkin was a highly anticipated Halloween 2022 activity, capturing the interest of 44% asked individuals. By selling this sought-after product, you can make a significant profit and enhance your business's success.

Top Halloween Costumes and Accessories Ideas

For Halloween enthusiasts, this season is all about dressing up in costumes and accessories. "Dress-up" category captured a significant 47% of the overall expenditure. Impressively, this category also took the lead in spending, $3.6 billion.

Now, let's take a look at the top-selling products for cosplayers on Halloween 2023: 

  • Halloween costumes (32-39): witch, clown, funny, pirate, vampire, animal, devil, and zombie.
  • Accessories (40-44): witch hats, headbands, broom, wings, and wigs.
  • Jewelry (45-47): spider earrings, goth collars, and pumpkin rings.
  • Halloween masks (48-50): animal’s skeleton decorations, mysterious led masks, and Halloween scavenger hunt pack.
what are the best selling halloween costumes 2023
People tend to spend more on costumes and accessories for Halloween

32. Witch

A witch costume embodies the quintessential Halloween spirit, making it a must-have item for this season. This classic outfit transforms individuals into enchanting and mysterious characters for trick-or-treating, themed parties, or haunted gatherings. Sellers can incorporate accessories such as pointed hats, flowing dresses, and broomsticks to offer a complete collection.

33. Clown

The clown costume is always in high demand every Halloween season since it adds a touch of surprise and entertainment. Besides vibrant colors, oversized shoes, and colorful wigs, consider offering a range of clown styles to cater to different preferences and enhance revenue.

how to sell halloween costumes in 2023
Clown costumes are great Halloween items to sell in 2023

34. Funny

Funny costumes are absolutely a hit for parties and events where humor takes center stage. As print-on-demand sellers, you can profit from these products with various designs from witty wordplay or cartoon characters to exaggerated characters.

35. Pirate

Ideal for trick-or-treating escapades, pirate outfits fit in the Halloween mood with their daring and adventurous appeal. People also tend to buy more if you offer popular accessories for pirate costumes like eye patches, hats, swords, and billowy shirts.

36. Vampire

Another popular costume for Halloween is for Vampire, which is perfect for themed events and parties. These alluring outfits allow wearers to display the elegance of immortal creatures of the night. You should ensure attention to detail in design and offer various vampire-inspired accessories to complete the look.

the best selling halloween items for cosplayers 
Vampire costume is a hit for themed events and parties

37. Animal

Animal costumes unleash the wild side of Halloween and are always a hit for both kids and adults. Popular designs can range from fierce predators to cuddly creatures, allowing for a variety of styles to attract your audience.

38. Devil

Devil costume is also a perfect outfit for those who want to embrace their dark side. Whether it's costume parties or themed gatherings, devil costumes never fail to make a standout. Increase your average order value by offering a complete look with horns, tails, and red accents.

39. Zombie

There are many ways to get thrilled and spine-chilling with Zombie costumes. Ideal for haunted attractions, parties, and zombie-themed events, these costumes have a ghoulish and thrilling presence. It’s worth offering related-theme accessories such as fake blood, fake wounds, scars, or bite marks to make this costume more realistic and terrifying.

40. Witch Hats

Witch hats are must-have Halloween products to sell for those who want to dress up as real witches. Moreover, this product is also a profitable accessory since it brings the spirit of Halloween magic and mystique. Cater to the demand with unique designs and kickstart your print-on-demand business now.

witch hats are must-have halloween products to sell Generate more profit on Halloween with witch hats

41. Headbands

Headbands appeal to everyone due to playful and eye-catching miniature hats, spider crowns, pumpkin antennae, bat ears, cat ears, etc. These versatile accessories have immense sales potential when they easily add flair to costumes and everyday wear alike.

42. Broom

The classic broom is a timeless accessory for authentic witch-themed costumes. Popular designs include rustic, twig-like brooms with decorative accents. Make sure you offer brooms for both adult and child costumes to entice more high-demand buyers.

43. Wings

Wings are cool and flexible extras for Halloween outfits, great for people who want to become angels or mythical beasts. You can give customers numerous options with angelic feathered wings, bat-like wings, or even shimmering fairy wings, and more.

44. Wigs

Wigs are getting popular as Halloween accessories because they're simple to use. With wigs, people can become someone completely different. Let’s attract more buyers by offering custom wigs that allow people to choose their preferred style and color, such as vibrant neon hues or ghostly white locks.

cosplay accessories are great halloween items to sell in 2023 Easily cosplay someone with colorful wigs 

45. Spider Earrings

Spider earrings are not only perfect for Halloween, but they also add a touch of elegance and mystery to any outfit. This is a fantastic product to offer for sale, suitable for both spooky season and everyday occasions. You can create them using various materials like metal, crystals, or enamel.

46. Goth Collars

Think about some different Halloween products to sell, goth collars tend to do well. These alluring collars serve as highlights of outfits, adding a touch of rebellion to one's look. You can earn more money if sell them with gothic elements such as faux leather collars adorned with spikes, chains, and intricate metal details.

47. Pumpkin Rings

When it comes to Halloween, pumpkin-themed products are always the mainstay. Pumpkin rings are seasonally appropriate accessories to sell. These adorable rings celebrate the iconic pumpkin motif, adding a touch of whimsy and playfulness to outfits. Consider offering rings in various sizes to accommodate different fingers and ensure durable materials for lasting wear.

pumpkin rings are feature products of halloween
Pumpkin rings are feature products of Halloween

48. Animal’s Skeleton Decoration

Get into the Halloween spirit with animal skeleton masks, which are perfect product ideas for cosplay lovers. These haunting masks turn people into mysterious creatures with skeletal faces, such as birds, rats, or cats.

49. Mysterious LED Masks

Mysterious LED masks are perfect fits for those who want to stand out at Halloween parties. Designs often feature intricate patterns or thematic motifs that light up with LED technology. Prin-on-demand sellers should prioritize comfortable wear and offer a range of color options to cater to different costume themes and individual preferences.

best selling halloween masks for cosplay parties
Stand out at Halloween parties with mysterious LED masks

50. Halloween Scavenger Hunt Pack

Halloween is a time for gathering families and friends, so the Halloween Scavenger Hunt Pack is a great way to bond with everybody. This item contains all the essentials for organizing a thrilling scavenger hunt, complete with clues, challenges, and riddles to discover hidden treasures.

Halloween Gift Ideas for Print-on-demand Personalization

Halloween holds a special significance as an occasion for sending gifts and expressing respect to loved ones. When it comes to choosing the unique present, personalized gifts below are the great selling ideas.

51. Enigmatic Puzzle Sets

These are intriguing collections of mind-teasing games that combine mystery and fun. Selling them during Halloween is a clever idea since they are perfect for family and friends gatherings. By offering personalized products, you allow customers to create their own puzzle sets with their family portrait, a breathtaking landscape, a special occasion, a beloved pet, etc.

52. Notebooks and Journals/Spellbooks

Adding a touch of Halloween enchantment into everyday gifts like notebooks and journals by offering them with spellbook-inspired covers. This unique twist is perfectly in tune with the spooky mood. You can also attract more buyers by providing customization options for names or messages, even book cover.

53. Candy Treat Bags/Bucket/Bowl

Candy treat bags, buckets, and bowls are must-selling items during this season because they're a big part of Halloween traditions. People often use them to hold yummy candy in trick-or-treating or hosting spooky gatherings. You can make these products truly special by offering personalization choices for customers’ name and design.

candy treat bag is best halloween product personalization to sell 
Candy treat bag plays an important role in Halloween traditions

54. Potion Kits

With personalized potion kits, you can let people dive into the world of potion-making. These kits let individuals create their own magic mixtures and even add their names or special messages. Therefore, you can increase earnings while offering customers cool and unique Halloween presents.

55. Halloween Charms

Another top-selling gift idea for the spooky season is personalized Halloween charms. These small and lovely ornaments come with spooky designs and custom options with names, dates, or messages. Providing a variety of options for customization can enhance your sales and cater to different preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Halloween Dropshipping Products

Is It Good to Dropship Halloween Products?

Yes, Halloween is definitely a great chance to boost your sales and achieve profitable revenue. According to the National Retail Federation survey, total 2022 Halloween spending witnessed an increase of around $10.6 billion, surpassing $10.1 billion in 2021.

Moreover, the average spent per household reached a record of $100 per consumer. Particularly, 31% of customers chose to shop for Halloween products through online platforms.

Therefore, print-on-demand sellers can expect the continued growth of demand on Halloween 2023 and achieve a solid stream of revenue. The survey also highlighted the best Halloween products to sell, such as costumes, decorations, and greeting cards.

What Customes Sell the Most During Halloween?

Here are some best profitable Halloween costume products to sell during the spooky season:

  • For kids: Spiderman, princess, witch, ghost, superhero, Batman, pumpkin, zombie, vampire, pirate, and Superman.
  • For adults: witch, vampire, ghost, pirate, Batman, zombie, Spiderman, Dracula, devil, and princess.
  • For pets: pumpkin, hot dog, bat, bumblebee, witch, lion, spider, ghost, cat, super dog, super cat, devil, or dog.
best halloween products to sell for children, adults, and pet
Halloween costumes and accessories for children and adults are top-selling items 

When to Start Selling Halloween Products on Our Online Store?

The best time to start selling Halloween products is about 2 months before Halloween. As the holiday approaches, people eagerly seek for unique decorations. This timeframe also gives you enough time to research the latest trends.

Hold in hand some important stages to be ready to sell Halloween products: 

  • 10 weeks: Research for latest trends in products and craft designs to ensure everything is ready.
  • 8 weeks: Publish products on online platforms to generate anticipation and interest.
  • 8-2 weeks: Use multiple advertising channels to reach high-demand customers.
  • 2 weeks: Offer last-minute sales and promotions to encourage potential customers to buy.
  • After Halloween: Give customers gifts or discounts to make a positive impression and potentially drive repeat business.

Tips: Once Halloween is past, it’s wise to shift your focus towards upcoming holidays such as Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year.

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Which Are the Best-Selling Designs for Halloween?

People in a festive mood for Halloween are more likely to make purchases with spooky looks. The top-selling designs for Halloween 2023 include: 

  • Witches with dogs or cats
  • Family Halloween clipart
  • Scary design of bats, cartoon characters, pets, etc
  • Spiders and cobwebs 
  • Skulls
  • Jack-o-lanterns
  • Ghosts 

How to Automate Your Halloween Dropshipping Print-on-demand Store?

Manual processes as usual can be time-consuming and hard to manage personalied print-on-demand products. Using Teeinblue Product Personalizer helps you save 50% of time and effort on print-on-demand personalization. With this app, you can easily create various personalization options, publish products, and automatically send orders to fulfill.

Install Teeinblue for your print-on-demand store to elevate your efficiency and boost your profits during the Halloween season. Let’s check how it can help via this video!

You now figure out the best Halloween products to sell in 2023. Hope with this list, you can be well-prepared to seize the chance to empower your print-on-demand store. Ready to boost your print-on-demand personalization success this Halloween season? Join Teeinblue Global Community now to get invaluable insights and support. Wishing you a prosperous print-on-demand journey ahead.


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