Gooten Vs Printify Ultimate Comparison: Which Is Better?

Gooten Vs Printify Ultimate Comparison: Which Is Better?

gooten vs printify

Considering Gooten vs Printify as your ideal print-on-demand supplier? This article will help you decide by comparing two companies in terms of products, printing process, shipping, pricing, customer services, and reviews. There's lots to cover, so let's dive straight in with Teeinblue!

Gooten vs Printify Comparision Highlight

Both Gooten and Printify operate their print-on-demand services in the same way. Rather than owning in-house facilities, they collaborate with global print partners to fulfill custom orders. Then, their delivery partners ship orders directly to your customer's doors.

The question is, what sets them apart from each other? Let's get a quick overview before diving into the details!

Company Profiles

Take a look at the backgrounds and capabilities of Gooten and Printify below!

  • Foundation: Gooten began its business earlier in 2012, while Printify started in 2015.
  • Orders: Gooten has delivered over 4 million products. In comparison, Printify has fulfilled orders worth over $500 million.
  • Company size: Printify has a bigger team, employing around 600 staff members. Gooten, on the other hand, has a team of about 100 employees.
gooten vs printify general comparison
Printify is younger but bigger

Evaluate Pros and Cons

Let’s check out some advantages and drawbacks of both print-on-demand companies.

Pros/Cons Gooten Printify
  • Affordable product cost
  • Fast turn-around time
  • Printing location selection
  • High-quality apparel
  • Wide range of products
  • Numerous print locations
  • Printing location selection
  • Seamless integrations with 10 notable sales channels
  • Fewer integration choices
  • Limited branding services
  • Lacking live chat support
  • Slightly slow production time
  • Product quality may fluctuate
  • Lack of immediate assistance with no phone support 

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Gooten vs Printify Product

In terms of print-on-demand products, let’s compare Gooten vs Printify based on product diversity, cost, and branding services.

Product Diversity

Printify's catalog surpasses Gooten's by more than twice the size. Printify boasts over 900 products, while Gooten offers a selection of 400+ products.

Gooten places a strong emphasis on sustainability, offering over 150 eco-friendly print-on-demand items. Additionally, it features a premium collection that includes unique products like nursing covers, woven blankets, placemats, bottle stoppers, fabrics, etc.

On the other hand, Printify is renowned for its affordable and diverse product range. It offers exclusive print-on-demand products including kitchen items, beauty products, coffee accessories, face masks, swimwear, shoes, and more.

gooten vs printify product comparison
Printify stands out with an extensive catalog while Gooten focuses on sustainability

Product Cost

Both Gooten and Printify offer budget-friendly base costs. However, Gooten edges ahead with a wider range of pricing options and slightly lower starting prices.

Here is a comparison table of selected trending products from these companies.

Products Gooten  Printify
T-shirts $8.4 - $36.9 $9.38 - $34.4
Hoodies $19.40 - $116.40 $18.61 - $61.70
Canvas wall art $6.9 - $296.9 $9.12 - $29.49
Mugs $4.5 - $18.4 $4.4 - $19.37
Pet accessories $7.4 - $71.4 $7.76 - $26.33
Cards $0.52 - $90.9 $3.96 - $14.55

Branding Options

Printify emerges as a more affordable and diverse branding customization than Gooten. Both companies provide branding services for products and packaging. However, their offerings are somewhat limited compared to other print-on-demand companies.

Gooten branding options

  • Products: branded neck labels at $2 for each.
  • Packages: customized packing slips featuring store names, logos, thank-you messages, and website or contact information, free of charge.

Printify branding options

  • Products: branded neck labels, starting at $0.55 each.
  • Packages: Packaging inserts start from $0.15 and a gift message for Etsy orders comes at an additional $0.15 fee.
printify vs gooten branding services
Printify sellers have more branding options than Gooten

Order Processing

Both companies operate with similar workflows. Upon receiving an order, they promptly move it to third-party production facilities for printing.

Print Network

Printify boasts a broader network of print providers compared to Gooten. It collaborates with over 90 providers across more than 110 global printing facilities. In contrast, Gooten partners with 30+ manufacturers located in over 70 locations worldwide.

gooten vs printify network of print suppliers
Both companies partner with various suppliers worldwide

Print Quality

The companies generally receive positive feedback regarding their print quality. Gooten boasts a consistent track record with a less than 2% error rate. Printify, on the other hand, has implemented a three-step quality control process to ensure print quality.

DTG and DTF are popular print methods utilized by both companies to produce print-on-demand items. In addition to these methods, Gooten utilizes advanced techniques such as dye-sublimation printing, woven techniques, and embroidery. On the other hand, Printify specializes in all-over printing, sublimation, UV printing, and digital printing techniques.

Production Time

When it comes to production speed and detailed information, Gooten seems to outperform Printify. Most of its products typically take within 2 days.

  • Stationery and drinkware (excluding mugs) require 5-6 days for production.
  • Items such as embroidery, phone cases, and products for pets, kids & babies generally have a production time of up to 6 days.

In contrast, Printify's production times range from 2 to 7 days.

gooten vs printify fulfillment
Many reviews say that Gooten boasts a fast turn-around time

Order Delivery

Both companies allow you to select the closest manufacturer to your customer, optimizing shipping time and cost.

Shipping Time

Gooten potentially offers faster delivery for European orders, while Printify may excel in speed for orders within the USA. With Gooten, you can use delivery services from 7 services. Printify partners with a larger number of delivery companies, 11 companies.

Here are the detailed estimated shipping durations from the two companies.

Region Gooten Printify
The US 2-12 business days 2-8 business days
Europe Up to 21 business days 3-30 business days
Australia Up to 30 business days 3-30 business days
Rest of the world Up to 30 business days 3-30 business days

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs vary based on factors such as product type, customer location, destination country, and specific logistics providers.

  • Gooten provides three shipping options: Standard, Expedite, and Overnight. The charge is different among products and shipping package.
  • Printify offers Economy starting from $3.99 for US orders, Standard from $4.75, Express from $7.99, and Priority (varies by specific suppliers).

It’s hard to define which company offers cheaper shipping costs. For example, when comparing the shipping cost of a basic t-shirt shipped to the US, Printify shipping may be more wallet-friendly. Its economy shipping starts from $3.99, whereas Gooten charges $4.95 for the first item using its standard shipping option. However, the cheaper may cause longer delivery.

printify vs gooten delivery
Two companies generally offer fast delivery for US orders

Gooten vs Printify Subscriptions

Comparing the cost of subscriptions between Gooten and Printify is challenging due to their different pricing models.

Gooten offers a free plan with no monthly fee. You can connect unlimited stores from Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. Based on your spending, it classifies you into its VIM Program, a loyalty program with four tiers: Insider, Plus, Pro, and Elite. Higher tiers provide additional account support, rewards, and offers from Gooten’s partners. Gooten is ideal for budget-conscious print-on-demand sellers.

Printify offers both free and paid plans, allowing you to create from 5 stores per account. Upgrading to a paid plan provides access to additional benefits and discounts on Printify products. Premium costs $29 per month, while Enterprise offers tailored solutions with custom pricing. The paid plans are advantageous as your print-on-demand business grows.

gooten is free to use
You can use Gooten’s print-on-demand services at no cost

e-Commerce Integrations

Printify provides a broader range of integrations, with over 10 compared to Gooten's 5. While you can connect Gooten to additional apps and platforms via API, direct integrations are rated more stable and convenient.

Both companies connects with Shopify, Etsy, TikTok Shop, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and offer API access for custom connections. Moreover, Printify exclusively integrates with Walmart, eBay, Wix Stores, Squarespace, and PrestaShop.

Selling Tools

Both companies offer easy-to-use interfaces suitable for beginners and non-tech-savvy sellers. However, Printify delivers more tools than Gooten.

Gooten's web-based dashboard allows users to create products and manage orders and inventory effortlessly. Key features include:

  • Product Hub: Manage orders from sales platforms with a dedicated tab.
  • Bulk Upload: Quickly apply designs to products, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Mock-Ups Page: Choose background colors for products you want to showcase.

Printify not only provides a user-friendly dashboard but also offers robust built-in tools to support sellers. Here are some core features.

  • Free Pop-Up Store: A unique function that allows sellers to own a standalone online store.
  • Product Creator: Easily upload and edit designs, add text, and incorporate artwork.
  • AI Image Generator: Create stunning artwork in a few clicks without needing to master design tools.
Printify selling tools
Printify also integrates with Shutterstock to offer high-quality images

Customer Support

Print-on-demand sellers receive 24/7 support from both companies, including request forms and helpful help centers. However, both lack phone support and only assist in English.

Printify potentially outshines Gooten with a quicker response time and more support methods. You can promptly resolve inquiries via email and live chat within 24 hours. In contrast, Gooten may take up to 72 hours to receive the first response.

Merchant and Customer Reviews

Customers often praise these companies for their high-quality products, responsive support, and user-friendly interfaces. Generally, Printify tends to have higher scores and more reviews than Gooten.

  • Shopify: Printify has a higher rating of 4.8 with nearly 5,600 reviews. It surpasses Gooten's rating of 4.4 with almost 500 reviews.
  • Trustpilot: Printify maintains a higher rating of 4.8 from nearly 3,000 reviews. While Gooten achieves a commendable 4.3 based on approximately 160 reviews.
  • G2: Gooten holds a rating of 4.5 from 278 reviews. However, Printify's rating of 4.0 is based on a smaller sample size of 13 reviews.
gooten vs printify review from customers

People give both companies high marks

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FAQs on Printify vs Gooten

Is Gooten or Printify Better for Print-on-demand?

The choice between Gooten or Printify depends on your specific needs. Both companies are suitable for print-on-demand sellers operating in the US and product personalization.

Gooten is ideal for sellers interested in sustainable products and seeking cost efficiency with a forever-free plan. On the flip side, Printify caters well to sellers looking for diverse product options to expand business and market reach.

What are Gooten Vs Printify Vs Shopify Differences?

Gooten and Printify function as print-on-demand suppliers, whereas Shopify operates as an e-commerce platform. Each plays a completely distinct role in the print-on-demand industry.

Gooten and Printify enable merchants to create POD products, then manage production and handle shipping directly to end customers. In contrast, Shopify enables users to create an online storefront with a custom domain and theme. You can connect Shopify to Gooten or Printify to leverage their POD services seamlessly.

printify vs gooten vs shopify

Printify and Gooten can connect to Shopify

This article aims to provide a comprehensive comparison of two major print-on-demand companies. Hopefully, you now have enough information to make an informed decision between Gooten vs Printify. Join the print-on-demand industry with Teeinblue Global Community for Print-on-demand Product Personalization today!