How to Add Upload Photo Option in Shopify Product Page Quickly?

How to Add Upload Photo Option in Shopify Product Page Quickly?

how to add upload photo option in shopify

When searching for the question “How to add upload photo option in Shopify product page”, you may find two solutions. The first is editing your theme code, and the other is using a Shopify app. While adding additional code to your theme may be tricky, integrating apps is more easy-to-use and more advanced personalized options.

In this article, Teeinblue Product Personalizer will give you the straightforward guideline to use an app for adding an upload image button on the Shopify product page. Whatever your theme is, whether you’re an experienced developer or not, it can help. Get it now!

How to Add Upload Photo Option in Shopify Quickly?

Using an app, you can practice a more straightforward process to help customers upload photos on Shopify. Apps are often well-compatible with most Shopify themes. Moreover, they have a user-friendly interface with convenient buttons. Sellers without coding experience can easily add an upload photo option with some clicks.

Some apps even enable your customer to custom image shape, preview images on the product page, etc. If you are going to enhance customer experience with personalized print-on-demand products, let’s utilize Teeinblue Product Personalizer.

how to add upload button for images in shopify

Take time to visit products with the upload photo button in Teeinblue Demo Store

With Teeinblue product builder, you have the ability to enhance the photo upload function. Then, your customers can upload their photos and

  • Crop it in a fixed custom shape.
  • Remove the photo’s background.
  • Get a real-time preview of the final products.

Let's start practicing now!

#1: Install the App to Your Store

At first, it is essential to have the app in your store. To get Teeinblue Product Personalizer from Shopify App Store, Click Add app > Choose a store > Wait for installation > Click Open app to direct to Teeinblue’s portal.

add upload photo option in shopify using an app
Teeinblue Product Personalizer is well-compatible with many themes

#2: Prepare Your Product

To enable customers to upload a photo and see how it looks on the product, it is more engaging to choose a white-label product. In Teeinblue’s portal, you can add products following these processes:

  • Direct to the menu bar on the left side of the portal. Click Product base.
  • Direct to the top right corner, Select Import Product or Add manual to add your product.
  • Complete the product with essential information: name, SKU, mockup images, print areas, and variants.
add upload image file in shopify product page
You are free to use all Teeinblue features in the 14-day trial

#3: Add the Upload Photo Option to an Artwork

As a new user, you can quickly get familiar with creating a personalized design with the upload photo feature to sell on Shopify. From the menu bar on the left, under the Product base page, click Artworks and continue to:

  • Click New artwork or PSD group-to-template > Fill in all required information > Click Save to go to the Artwork Editor.
  • On the left, click Image > Upload a photo > Click Select to import an image. Import completed, and you will have a new layer.
  • Hover on that layer, and you will see a pencil icon on its right side > Click it to open the Personalization Options table > Select Upload photo.
Add an upload photo button in Shopify with teeinblue product personalizer
Add an upload photo option in Shopify with teeinblue product personalizer 2

The process to enable the photo upload function

Then, the Photo upload setting shows up for you to:

  • Add an option title on the product page, for example, “Upload your image.”
  • Enable/Disable customers to crop photos, see a live preview of final products, and remove the background of the uploaded image.
  • Give customer instructions, for example, “Please upload a photo.”
  • Enable/Disable features, including Mark this option as required and Show customization information on your cart and checkout.

#4: Launch a Campaign in Teeinblue Product Personalizer

This step helps you to create a product with photo upload button to sell on Shopify. The campaign name in Teeinblue Product Personalizer is the Shopify product name. You can combine multiple artworks and products in a campaign.

Here you go:

  • Select Campaigns on the left menu bar > Click New campaign on the top right corner > Fill in Campaign title > Click Save.
  • In Step 1, Available Products, click the + button to add products one by one > Choose a product > At Print Areas of {{Product name}}, click Select artwork to choose your designs.
  • In Step 2, you can edit the campaign name, mockups, and test the upload photo button.
  • When the message at the bottom is green, click Launch in the top right corner to publish it on your store.
allow customers to upload a photo on shopify product page

The Campaigns page in the app’s portal

You have successfully added the upload photo option to your Shopify product page. Once your customers upload an image successfully, add it to the card, or go to the checkout page, the order will include the product name (the campaign name) and customization information (if you enable it in the setting). You can place a test order to check if it works properly.

Bonus: You can create one-by-one or use Bulk creator to combine many products with an artwork having an upload photo option.

Check the example to insert the upload photo button for canvas printing on Shopify!

💡 You may concern: Best Product Customizers Shopify With and Without Live Preview

Should You Edit Your Theme Code to Add the Upload Image Button in Shopify?

This method helps you to add the upload image button to the Shopify product page without an app. If you are not a developer, it is wise not to editting the theme code yourself. On the other hand, you can get some advantages if you are an experienced developer:

  • Easy to control the site performance, such as site loading speed, response time, render time, etc.
  • Fast and free to edit in Online Store > Themes. The process often includes 4 main steps: Create a new custom product template in the Shopify theme > Code a custom section to add an upload photo button > Apply the new template to a product > Manage (show/hide/…) customization information in the checkout, cart, and emails.
Should you edit theme to add the upload image button in Shopify

Don’t edit Shopify theme if you are not good at coding

However, keep in mind that it may be

  • Complex and time-consuming for sellers who do not know about code. You may find instructions somewhere on the Internet, but each one is only for specific, not most, themes. So, it’s tough to find what is suitable for you.
  • High risks of errors or bugs that can interrupt buying journey. Hire a skillful developer from the beginning or add an app to utilize their support to avoid irrefutableness.
  • Not for products with multiple personalization options. The more customization options, the more complex the code. Spending time and money on an app is much more cost-saving.

Hope you find this article helpful about how to add upload photo option in Shopify. As an online merchant, which method do you prefer? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion or place a question in the comment section below!


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