2 Easy Ways to Add Custom Text Field on Shopify Product Page

Guide to Add Custom Text Field on Shopify Product Page Easily

 how to add custom text field on Shopify product page

Are you finding a quick and easy guide on how to add custom text fields on Shopify product page? You have been to the correct address. This article will suggest two best practices, with or without coding skills. Therefore, you can pick the most appropriate method to insert a custom text box collect customers' customization data for personalized Shopify products.

Benefits of Adding Shopify Custom Text Fields

Custom text fields are input boxes that allow your customers to enter text information on your Shopify product page. You can use them to collect names, initials, dates, messages, engraving details, or any other customization requests from your customers.

Incorporating Shopify custom text fields is not just a feature; it’s a strategic investment in the future of your e-commerce venture. The benefits are as diverse as the products you offer.

  • Offer personalized products: Empowering customers to personalize their purchases transforms ordinary products into one-of-a-kind treasures.
  • Enhance customer experience and loyalty: By allowing customers to express their preferences, they will have a sense of ownership and involvement, increasing their satisfaction.
  • Maximize conversion rates: Satisfied customers not only increase the likelihood of a sale but also foster customer loyalty, encouraging repeat purchases.
  • Gather customization data: You can analyze this information to tailor your product offerings to align with market trends and customer demands.
  • Support marketing activities: Unique, personalized items serve as shareable content on social media, fostering organic marketing, and enhancing brand visibility.

*** This article will focus on ways to create custom text fields utilizing line item properties for collecting customization data and seeing it in the order details.

How to Add Custom Text Fields on Shopify Product Page By Coding?

This section will show you how to add custom text fields on your Shopify product page using code. It’s simple and easy to practice. Here is the latest guide to adding Line item properties in the Shopify theme to create a text box. Then, you can gather customer input in order details.

  • Step 1: Log in to your Shopify admin > Sales channels > Online Store > Themes > Click the button on the right section > Click Edit code.
  • Step 2: On the top right menu, choose main-product.liquid > Find the {%- when 'buy_buttons' -%} block > Find the form 'product' in that block.
  • Step 3: Paste the below code under that form following the images > Click Save.

Here is the code:

"<div class="product-form__input">
<label for="custom-text">Custom Text</label>
<input type="text" id="custom-text" name="properties[Custom Text]"/>

Follow these images to get a better visualization:

how to add custom text box in shopify without an app

shopify add text field to product by coding

Let’s enjoy the outcome of this process!

how to add a text box in shopify to collect customization data

Note: The liquid code may vary based on your needs or your theme.

Add a Custom Text Box on Shopify Product Easily with Teeinblue

Some merchants wonder that apps may cost money and affect the store’s performance. However, installing the best Shopify app for product customization is risk-free. It has no code skills requirement, offers more advanced features, and smoothly integrates with Shopify.

Among hundreds of choices, Teeinblue is the Shopify top-rated developer for adding custom text boxes on Shopify product pages.

Why Should You Use Teeinblue to Create Custom Text Boxes?

If you're seeking a solution to create personalized print-on-demand products in Shopify, the app is at your service. It enables you to add unlimited text fields on a product page with multiple types of input, styles, and effects.

  • One-line and multiple-line
  • Curved text, skewed text
  • Date picker
  • Text effects: stroke and text background

When using Teeinblue, you can also enable buyers to change the text’s font and color with a real-time preview. This allows your customers to make swift purchases, minimizing potential misunderstandings between you and them.

Moreover, the app provides powerful personalization features for clipart, photos, maps, etc. It’s a design-to-print solution for print-on-demand. Consider trying the app for free within 14 days before committing.

How to Add Text Boxes to Shopify Product Page Using Teeinblue?

You can easily find Teeinblue Product Personalizer on the Shopify App Store. Click on the Install button to quickly add the app. Once you have added the app, practice these steps in the app portal:

  • Add a white-label item: Go to the Product Base page to import products from your connected print-on-demand providers, or manually add your own product.
  • Create an Artwork: Go to the Artworks page > Click New Artwork with a print area matching the fulfill requirements.
  • Add a text layer: Click the Text button to create a text layer.
  • Personalize the text layer: Click the pencil icon on that layer to open the personalization settings. Here you can change the text field’s title, placeholder text, input type, case, character limit, etc.
how to add a custom text box in shopify

Add a text field to Shopify products with Teeinblue POD Personalizer

This is the result:

create shopify custom text field using teeinblue

Custom text boxes to collect order customization data

Tips to Enhance Shopify Custom Text Fields

These tips can help to enhance the effectiveness of your Shopify custom text fields and contribute to an improved overall online shopping journey for your customers. Check them out!

  • Understand your needs: Identifying the types of text input and products you would like to offer with custom text fields will help you choose the right method to sell efficiently.
  • Check compatibility: Remember to test the custom text field on various devices to confirm compatibility, ensuring a consistent user experience and optimizing conversions.
  • Eliminate conflicts: Regularly audit installed apps and features. If conflicts arise, adjust settings or seek support from developers to prevent disruptions, reducing the likelihood of abandoned carts.
  • Clear cache and cookies: Suggesting and explaining how customers can clear their browser cache and cookies to enhance load times and reduce display issues. Consider implementing automatic prompts for a smoother process.

enhance shopify custom text field with other personalization options
Or set up text personalization with photo upload

Adding custom text fields on the Shopify product page is a great way to collect valuable data from your customers and boost your sales. You can easily create and display custom text fields on Shopify using an app or code, depending on your preference and skill level. Now that you know how to add custom text fields on Shopify product page, why not give it a try? Let us know how it goes in the comment section or join Teeinblue Global Group to have a further discussion.


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