45+ Best Summer Products to Sell Print-on-demand (2024)

45+ Best Summer Products to Sell Print-on-demand (2024)

summer products to sell

It’s time to unlock lucrative opportunities with the 45+ best profitable summer products to sell print-on-demand. Whether you start diving into the summer market or maximizing your sales, this article has everything you need. Let’s explore invaluable tips and sales strategies. Here you go!

  • Beach collection: rash guards, bikini, swim trunks, swimming gear, beach sandals, sand-proof & water-proof bags, sand buckets & shovels, beach mat, towel, toys, phone pouch, and beach chair.
  • Summer clothes and accessories: tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, dresses, joggers, headscarves, sun protection shirts, tote bags, hats, and crocs.
  • Travel packages: luggage, travel bags, backpacks, sunglasses, mugs, cups, Bluetooth speakers, portable fans, stickers, and sublimation socks.
  • Custom sports products: yoga mats, yoga leggings, running shoes, headbands, and cycling clothing.
  • Personalized gifts: for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation day.
  • Other best-selling items: pet items, tech accessories, home decor, and gardening tools.

Beach Collection – Best Summer Products to Sell

Summertime means beach time, where swimwear and beach gear become essential for almost everyone. According to Optimove’s survey, swimwear ranked second among the most sought-after items in the summer of 2023.

Let’s take a look at trending print-on-demand products to sell for beach lovers in 2024 summer.

1. Rash guards

This product is perfect for sun protection and comfort during summer water activities like swimming, surfing, or snorkeling. You can make rash guards even more appealing with vibrant colors and beach-themed designs. Palm trees, waves, or marine life patterns are creative ideas.

popular summer products for beach lovers
A rash guard is an essential beach item for protecting the skin under the summer sun

2. Bikini

During the summer, bikinis are must-have items for both pool parties and beach outings. This two-piece swimsuit comes with a variety of options, including different colors, designs, and patterns. Floral patterns, tropical fruits, and geometric designs are the most popular choices.

3. Swim trunks for men

Undoubtedly, swim trunks offer comfort and a trendy look for swimming, beach volleyball, or just relaxing by the water. The most trending all-over-print designs range from classic stripes and solid colors to bold graphics like surfboards, palm leaves, or retro-inspired prints.

4. Swimsuits

Another popular option for women's swimwear is one-piece swimsuits, which offer convenience and ample coverage for enjoying water activities. Besides athletic styles featuring sporty designs, summer-ready shades such as coral, turquoise, or lemon yellow are highly sought-after. It's important to pay attention to the size guide to ensure your product will fit every woman comfortably.

5. Swimming gear

From swimming goggles and swim caps to kickboards, personalized print-on-demand options will adapt to the various tastes of customers. Colorful designs featuring tropical elements will perfectly complement the summer vibe. Additionally, consider selling these summer products in bundles to encourage customers to purchase multiple items at once and boost your sales.

6. Beach sandals

People tend to choose cozy yet stylish summer products and beach sandals tend to do well. This water-friendly footwear is versatile for walking comfortably on hot sand or rocky shores. Sandals with aqua blue, coral pink, or sunshine yellow color with elements like seashells, or palm trees are best-selling summer products.

best selling summer products footwear
Beach sandals often feature water-friendly and durable materials

7. Sand-proof and waterproof bag

If you're looking for practical POD summer products to sell online, sand-proof and waterproof bags are top choices. These items keep essential things safe and dry from sand, water, and sun damage. You can create POD designs featuring summer themes, or allow buyers to customize their designs with their names or quotes.

8. Sand bucket & shovels set

With this classic beach toy set, your little customers can enjoy endless fun building sandcastles. The best-selling products come in fun shapes like sea creatures, pirates, or castles. It's creative to offer name personalization with an ocean theme, cute designs, and bright colors for children. This makes your products more appealing to parents looking for customized options for their kids.

9. Beach Mat

What could be more relaxing than lying under the sun while enjoying the beach? Unique beach mats are essential for lounging comfortably on the sand without getting dirty. Lightweight and portable mats with patterns like tropical palm leaves, stripes, or geometric prints help attract potential buyers effortlessly.

10. Beach towel

Beach towels are not only essential for drying off after swimming but also for lounging on the sand comfortably. Oversized beach towels with bold prints such as tropical fruits, flamingos, or beach scenes are trending picks for beach lovers. Don't forget to check with your suppliers to ensure large sizes and quick-drying materials.

summer products to sell online for beach vacations
Attract customers with vibrant colors and cute designs on print-on-demand beach towels

11. Bathing toys for kids

It’s ideal to keep kids entertained during beach outings with tailor-made bathing toys. These products often feature colorful shapes such as floating animals, water guns, or sandcastle molds. You can increase your average order value by selling sets that include various toys.

12. Phone pouch

Waterproof phone pouches with clear windows and adjustable straps are sought-after summer products to sell online. They help your customers protect their smartphones from water damage while still easily capturing beach moments. Remember to highlight the waterproof features in your product description to entice more customers.

13. Beach chair

One of the best-selling summer products for beachgoers is a bespoke beach chair, offering comfortable seating to soak up the sun. Trending designs for this season include tropical florals, palm leaves, stunning sunsets, and colorful fish patterns. Customers often prefer lightweight, foldable beach chairs for ease of transport and storage.

The trending print-on-demand summer products to sell online

Tropical florals and palm trees are the most popular summer patterns

For essential beach items, customers tend to choose products that blend practicality with fashion. As a POD seller, you should stay up-to-date on trends with personalized all-over-print items to tap into the latest demands. Adding popular summer features like tropical prints, seashells, and vibrant colors into your products increases their appeal and drives more sales.

Summer Clothes & Accessories – Most Popular Summer Products

Summer brings a surge in demand for clothes and accessories. In a 2023 Optimove survey, 78% of respondents indicated that clothing is the summer product they were most likely to purchase. As the season changes, people tend to update their wardrobes with lighter fabrics to suit the hot weather and outdoor activities.

Now is the time to capitalize on lucrative opportunities with these popular print-on-demand summer items below.

14. Tank tops

Due to their sleeveless design, tank tops become the perfect summer products to sell for both indoor and outdoor activities during hot summer days. Customers can easily pair them with any outfit, making them not only practical but also fashionable. There are many popular patterns available, such as summer vibes featuring sun, beach, palm trees, or positive quotes. Consider offering personalization options for families or groups of friends to maximize your profit.

what product is best to sell during summer
Made-to-order tank top is a wardrobe centerpiece for summer outfits

15. Summer T-shirts

It's hard to imagine summer without eye-catching T-shirts. They are a wardrobe staple for casual summer wear due to their versatility and comfort. People often love summer-vibe t-shirts with playful graphics related to vacations, travel, hobbies, and motivational messages. It's important to ensure your t-shirts are made from breathable fabrics to keep customers comfortable in the summer heat.

16. Women's shorts

Another must-have summer item in the closet is custom shorts for women. These shorts pair well with crop tops, tank tops, and t-shirts, making them ideal for casual outings or light exercise. The best-selling summer designs include floral prints, geometric patterns, and tropical motifs.

17. Dresses

When considering summer products to sell, dresses have myriad options available, with different lengths, materials, and designs. Spice up the summer spirit with graphics featuring florals, stripes, boho-chic, and polka dots. You can offer your customers something a little different by enabling them to customize their own designs for printing. This personalization may help your store stand out from the rivals and boost sales.

18. Athletic joggers

Print-on-demand joggers are the best products to sell in summer for customers who prioritize comfort and flexibility. This product is ideal for casual wear, outdoor workouts, and travel. Simple logos, motivational quotes, and ombre gradients are trendy options in the summer. Remember to sell joggers in moisture-wicking fabrics to ensure customer comfort, especially during hot weather.

best products to sell in summer to boost sales
Walking or running with print-on-demand athletic joggers

19. Headscarves

For fashion-forward customers, the headscarf is an ideal summer accessory. Not only does it keep hair in place, but it also provides sun protection. People love adding a pop of color to their summer outfits with vibrant floral prints, geometric patterns, or paisley designs.

20. Women's sun protection shirts

With various outdoor activities in summer, you can boost your revenue by selling individualized sun protection shirts. These products are essential for staying safe from the sun's harmful rays while remaining stylish. Beach scenes, tropical leaves, and flowers are trending patterns to sell in summer.

21. Tote bags

Being simple, practical, and eco-friendly, tote bags have become the hottest summer products to sell for everyday use. They help carry essential items and are versatile enough for various occasions, such as beach outings, grocery shopping, picnics, etc. Exclusive tote bags could be a hit, especially with personalized options featuring names, quotes, or summer-inspired designs.

print on demand tote bags best summer products to sell
Tote bags never go out of style

22. Hats

Other essential accessories for sun protection that add a stylish touch to summer outfits are hats. By offering various types of hats, you can cater to different tastes of buyers and maximize your earnings. From sunhats, bucket hats to floppy sun hats, you can add trending summer-themed designs like palm trees, pineapples, flamingos, and more.

23. Crocs

Crocs never go out of style, thanks to their comfort and ease of wear. Additionally, their water-resistant and easy-to-clean materials make them ideal for summer adventures to the beach, the forest, or everyday activities. Some trending graphics for customizable Crocs include beach scenes, palm trees, surfing, sunsets, quotes, etc.

best product to sell in summer for print on demand sellers

Crocs are famous for their comfort and ease of wear

As summer approaches, there are numerous opportunities to promote your POD business with seasonal graphics. Beach scenes, surfing, palm trees, flamingos, etc are sought-after for summer clothing and accessories. Additionally, you can create summer collections, cross-sell with accessories, or offer summer bundles to offer complete outfits and boost sales further.

Travel Packages – Best-selling Summer Products

The summer season offers high-yielding opportunities for selling travel items. Almost 90% of consumers planned to travel in the summer of 2023, up from 85% in 2022.

As people embark on vacations and outdoor adventures, here are the most profitable summer products to sell for travelers.

24. Luggage

Luggage is essential for summer adventures, whether it's a weekend getaway or a long vacation. You can start to sell tailored luggage with trendy patterns like floral prints, geometric designs, or tropical motifs. It’s also wise to allow your customer to personalize with travel-themed designs, destinations, or funny quotes.

products to sell in summer for travelers
Luggage helps to pack essential things for the travel trips

25. Travel Bags

For customers seeking flexibility during summer trips, the travel bag is an ideal choice. This product is versatile for carrying essentials during summer trips due to multiple compartments and adjustable straps. The most popular summery designs are palm leaves, beach scenes, sunset gradients, fruits, flowers, etc.

26. Backpack

Another ideal product for hands-free exploration is the backpack. Whether for summer hikes, beach outings, urban adventures, or everyday use, this product adapts well to various activities. Bright colors, playful summer patterns, and motivational quotes can get your products noticed in the crowded market.

Print on demand summer best selling products
Hiking with convenient print-on-demand backpacks

27. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential accessories for protecting the eyes from the sun's glare while adding style to summer outfits. Customers tend to choose products that offer a variety of shapes and color choices to suit their personal preferences. By providing custom POD designs with engraved text, you meet diverse tastes and gain more profit.

28. Mugs

Mugs are traveler's delights, perfect for savoring refreshing drinks like iced coffee or lemonade on hot summer days. Customers enjoy personalizing their mugs with hobbies such as camping or hiking, favorite animals like dogs or cats, or humorous quotes. By offering custom text or photo options, you allow buyers to create the perfect mug that reflects their unique tastes.

best summer products to sell online in 2024
Enjoy coffee in a personalized mug during the camping trip

29. Suave acrylic cup

As one of the best summer products to sell, the suave acrylic cup is perfect for trips, camping, beach outings, and even daily use. Featuring a lid and straw, this cup keeps drinks cold or hot for extended periods. Trending designs for these cups include palm trees, flamingos, pineapples, umbrellas, ice cream motifs, vibrant summer florals, and more.

30. Bluetooth speakers

Music sets the tone for outdoor gatherings and beach parties, making portable Bluetooth speakers essential for playing tunes on the go. These speakers often come in vibrant colors or tropical prints for a lively summer vibe. With their convenience and stylish designs, portable Bluetooth speakers are a must-have accessory for any summer adventure.

popular summer products to sell in 2024
Make the most of your vacation with bespoke Bluetooth speakers

31. Portable fans

If you are looking for a profitable summer product to sell online, the portable fan is a good idea. Being a summertime favorite, this item is perfect for staying cool and comfortable during hot summer days. People often love it due to its compact and easy-to-use whether on the beach or in the forest.

32. Stickers

Unique stickers are a popular choice for individuals to express their personality and add flair to their belongings. Beach scenes, tropical fruits, cute animals, or summer quotes in vibrant colors or holographic finishes are top choices for travelers. As a POD seller, you can use these stickers as gifts to enhance the buyer experience and promote customer loyalty.

33. Sublimation socks

A simple way to make travel outfits stand out is by wearing sublimation socks with playful designs. Ice cream cones, palm trees, tropical patterns, and funny quotes are creative ideas that add a touch of summer.

best selling summer products to maximize profit

Trending print-on-demand sublimation socks feature a flower-shaped design

When selecting summer products to sell in 2024, you better prioritize high-quality items that are durable enough to adapt to travel journeys. Offering customers a travel checklist or travel tips is a great way to enhance their buying experience and encourage repeat purchases. Moreover, summer designs and personalization options are effective ways to attract potential customers during this season.

Custom Sport Products – Trending This Hot Season

Summer is the peak season for sports items. The pleasant weather encourages people to spend more time outside engaging in physical activities.

Summer sports products are emerging as a trending opportunity to kickstart your POD store.

34. Yoga mats

Yoga is a popular activity year-round, but people particularly enjoy practicing outdoors during the warm summer months. Yoga mats offer great opportunities to tap into this demand. These products often feature nature-inspired designs like ocean waves, sunset gradients, tropical foliage, and more.

Print-on-demand summer products to sell online for yogi
Practice yoga with a specialized yoga mat

35. Yoga leggings

Moisture-wicking and stretchy leggings are necessary for every yogi. These products ensure optimal comfort during summer yoga sessions and daily wear alike. The most popular summer designs are geometric patterns, floral motifs, or abstract art inspired by nature.

36. Running shoes

It’s no surprise that running shoes are one of the top summer products to sell for sports enthusiasts. However, you can take it a step further by offering custom shoes featuring graphics or text that your customers desire. These shoes seamlessly blend functionality with style, boasting summer-themed colors such as neon pink, electric blue, or sunny yellow.

37. Headbands

Headbands are must-have items for keeping hair in place during summer workouts, especially for people with long hair. Moisture-wicking headbands add a touch of style with options like tie-dye, geometric patterns, or motivational phrases.

38. Custom cycling clothing

Bike apparel, including jerseys, bib shorts, and cycling jackets are essential for keeping cyclists comfortable during rides under the summer sun. These items also help your customers stand out due to bold stripes, colorful abstract patterns, and landscape graphics. It’s a great idea to offer customization such as choosing colors, adding logos, and even incorporating team names.

popular summer items to sell for print on demand sellers

Many people enjoy cycling during summer days

In general, cheerful colors and summer-inspired patterns tend to be popular among sports product enthusiasts. Don’t forget to offer custom-made products, which allow your customers to personalize their items with names, initials, or team logos. By catering to various preferences, you can significantly increase conversion rates.

Custom Summer Gifts to Sell Online

The personalized gifts market presents immensely profitable chances, with the expectation to grow from $30B in 2023 to $42B by 2030. It’s obvious that people have a fondness for customized gifts that can be tailored to their specific interests. These products showcase the giver's extra effort in selecting something unique to the recipient, making them feel truly special.

Get inspiration with the best print-on-demand personalized gifts to sell in summer below!

39. Gifts For Mother's Day

According to NRF's survey in 2023, jewelry emerged as the top gift choice to buy on Mother's Day. The total spending might reach $7.8 billion. Personalized necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are sought-after options for this occasion.

best products to sell for summer celebrations

Make Mother’s Day bloom with custom print-on-demand gifts

People also enjoy sending gift cards as a way to express heartfelt emotions towards mothers. With customized options available, customers can easily add their own messages and images to tailor-made gift cards. Additionally, tailor-made home decor items such as doormats, welcome rugs, and custom-printed curtains are quintessential picks for Mother's Day.

40. Gifts For Graduation Day

Summer months often coincide with graduation ceremonies, making it the perfect occasion for giving custom graduation gifts to high school and college grads. Drinkware undoubtedly ranks among the best items to sell for graduation day. Cups, bottles, mugs, and tumblers are essential parts of student life. It's wise to offer personalization options with the name, graduation year, or motivational quotes to make your products more unique.

best products to sell in the summer to celebrate graduation day

Celebrate graduation day with meaningful individualized gifts

A new backpack for a new journey? Why not! This product is practical and versatile for various occasions such as attending college, starting a new job, or traveling. It’s also worth mentioning print-on-demand notebooks and planners, which are powerful study gear for your studious customers.

41. Gifts For Father's Day

Father's Day brings a surge in demand for certain types of products. NRF's 2023 survey reveals that gift cards and tech-based items are among the best-selling products on this occasion. You can enhance your Father’s Day gifts with personalization options to cater to a wide range of customer needs.

For example, summer t-shirts featuring family photos, inspirational quotes, or favorite sports teams make ideal gifts for every dad. Personalized gift cards hold the promise of potential profit, with an expected total spending of $0.9 billion in 2023. Additionally, some trending products for tech-savvy dads include watch bands, custom wireless chargers, and phone cases.

Fathers day hot products to sell in summer

Trending summer products for fathers to sell

Celebration occasions offer significant opportunities to generate higher profits. However, it's crucial to prepare your products and begin marketing them to customers at least two months before D-days. High demand during these holidays may impact fulfillment and shipping processes, potentially causing delays.

Therefore, having clear return and refund policies in place is essential to address any customer issues promptly. This ensures your customers have a positive experience, even if unforeseen challenges come.

Other Worthy Ideas to Sell in the Summer

With summer right around the corner, there are plenty of opportunities to boost your revenue with highly potential products. Continue reading to explore more.

42. Pet items

Summer is often a time for vacations and exploring the outdoors with beloved pets. In addition to leasing, collars, or carriers, you can offer more products related to protecting pets from the summer heat. These may include cooling vests, cooling pet mattress mats, portable water bowls, and more.

43. Tech accessories

With the increase in vacation activities during the summer season, there is a growing demand for tech-based items. Waterproof phone cases, portable chargers, travel adapters, mouse pads, laptop skins, and wireless speakers are particularly sought after during this time. These products offer convenience and functionality for travelers, allowing them to stay connected and entertained while on the go.

good products to sell in the summer for tech-savvy customers
Made-to-order phone case with a fun design

44. Home Decor

It's wonderful to give the home a fresh vibe that fits the mood of summer with a new wall art, curtain, door mat, tapestry, acrylic plaque, pillow, or ornament. People often incorporate natural elements into their new decors through floral patterns, tropical prints, geometric graphics, and abstract art. These elements evoke feelings of relaxation, making them perfect for enhancing the summer ambiance in any living space.

45. Gardening tools

People often desire to connect more with nature during the summer months. Moreover, the warm weather of summer brings suitable conditions for growing plants and engaging in garden activities. You can tap into this demand by offering customized gardening gear, such as gloves, aprons, masks, weeders, trowels, cultivators, etc. These personalized items can enhance the gardening experience and help you earn more from selling summer items.

Tips to Sell Effectively During Summertime

Summer season reveals both abundant opportunities and challenges. It's crucial to undertake comprehensive preparation to yield significant results.

  • Focus on the best-selling niches: Beach collection, gifts for Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day are the most profitable niches to explore.
  • Craft eye-catching designs: Add summer-themed elements, such as palm trees, seashells, or vibrant sunsets into your designs to resonate with customers' summer experiences.
  • Utilize tools to find trending summer products: Stay up-to-date with Google Trends, conduct market research, and analyze top-performing stores to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Add personalization options: Provide various personalization choices such as text, images, and maps to meet diverse needs. This not only encourages repeat purchases but also enhances your print-on-demand store's earnings.
  • Have products ready 2 months before summer starts: April and May are golden months when customers typically start purchasing summer items. By preparing your products in advance, you can capture these early-bird shoppers.
  • Leverage promotion ideas: Utilize Google Ads, TikTok, and SEO to amplify your social presence and effectively reach your desired audience.
best products to sell through shopify for the summer

Earn more with personalized print-on-demand items (See Teeinblue demo product)

This article aims to provide you with invaluable insights into 45+ best-trending summer products to sell in 2024. By seizing this significant opportunity of high market demand, you can elevate your POD online store to new heights. Become a member of the Teeinblue Global Community to access more practical tips on selling print-on-demand.


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