16+ Personalized Gifts for Women's Day: Best Ideas for Girls, Ladies

16+ Personalized Gifts for Women's Day: Best Ideas for Girls, Ladies

sell personalized gifts for Women's Day

International Women’s Day is one of the most significant global events, making it the perfect season to sell print-on-demand products. Selling personalized gifts for Women's Day can help your store tap into the high-profit margin gift market. Offering a personalized gift for a specific audience is the best way to start. Then you can attract various consumers with a wide range of products. Women's Day gift ideas below may inspire you!

16 Best Personalized Gifts for Women's Day

Custom Jewelry Pieces

Personalized print-on-demand jewelry for Women's Day is a great gift with a powerful message. It allows your customers to create one-of-a-kind items that show sincere appreciation to their mom, daughters, wife, or girlfriend.

Moreover, personalized jewelry brings the highest profit margin. On average, the gross profit of these items is about 42% to 47%.

<div style="text-align: center;">best personalized gifts for women’s day jewelry</div> <p style="text-align: center;"> </p>

An example of a personalized necklace with an engraving photo

Diversifying designs of jewelry can help to earn more revenue. Consider adding the following gift ideas to sell for Women's Day:

  • Name necklaces
  • Monogrammed bracelets
  • Coordinate jewelry
  • Family tree necklaces
  • Pet portrait jewelry
  • Memory lockets

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Customized Jewelry Box and Card

Jewelry boxes and cards are not only functional but also wrap sentimental meanings. It should come with your jewelry to offer a thoughtful gift for Women's Day.

Let’s create unique and touching items with the below ideas!

  • Help customers to have a special message or name engraved on the jewelry box.
  • Offer monogrammed jewelry box with a thank-you card for female friends.
  • Sell various shapes of jewelry boxes to attract more consumers.
  • Enable your customer to add photos with their beloved women on memory cards.
  • Design inspirational cards to encourage and celebrate the achievements of females on Women’s Day.
customized jewelry box and card for women’s day

Keep your customer stay longer with these offers

personalized jewelry cards for women’s day
Don’t forget to offer personalized gift cards

T-shirts for Women’s Day

Women's Day is ideal for people to hang out and celebrate together. Wearing personalized print-on-demand t-shirts is an affordable method to make them closer and distinctive in the crowd. Hence, offering personalized T-shirts has the following benefits.

  • Generate more sales: enhance the customer buying experience by allowing them to add their favorite designs.
  • Improve brand awareness: People can wear T-shirts in multiple situations to many places. Thanks to that, they can help to advertise your brand.

You can make attractive T-shirts for Women’s Day with the evergreen design ideas below:

  • Create women's empowerment designs, such as “Girl Power” or “The Future is Female”.
  • Use images of iconic women, such as Susan B. Anthony, Malala Yousafzai, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, etc.
  • Allow customers to add their quotes and messages. For example, "Best Mom Ever; I love you, my girl; etc”.
  • Print women’s hobbies and interests on T-shirts like designs of women playing sports, practicing yoga, or applying make-up.
personalized women t-shirts on women's day

Pay attention to designs when selling T-shirts for Women’s Day

Personalized Mugs for Girlfriend

Besides Valentine’s Day, a mug for a girlfriend is also an excellent personalized gift for Women's Day. These items have become increasingly popular as they are practical, affordable, and can improve the emotional connection for couples.

The hottest trends are love quotes, inside jokes, special dates, hobbies, and artistic designs. You can enhance the customer experience by enabling customization features with an app for product personalization.

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Special Tumblers for Daughter

People love buying tumblers as a gift for daughters since they can help their little girls easily take water, tea, or soda to school outdoors, camping, hiking, etc. Besides, it is also a fashionable accessory for her.

personalized gifts for daughter on international women’s day

Think about the daughter’s hobbies in creating designs

Adding cute patterns, colors, images, favorite characters, or school spirit with your logos and slogans is an excellent way to spread your brand. Don’t forget inspirational quotes to encourage your customers.

Unique Socks for Gen Z Women

The growing trend of self-expression and individuality in fashion, especially among Gen Z, makes customized socks a popular gift for Women's Day. The key to success is to make the socks well-designed and high-quality.

Some best-selling design ideas for women’s socks are bold patterns and colors, pop culture references, animal illustrations, nature themes, etc. You can get the highest printing quality on cotton, polyester, spandex, and merino wool. Consider using eco-friendly materials if you want to build a sustainable store.

socks are small and cheap women's day gift ideas

Unique sock designs help to attract more audience

Canvas Bag Gifts on Women's Day

It is another great idea to sell a personalized canvas bag as a gift for Women's Day. This type of product is versatile, durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. You can print custom designs on canvas with high quality.

Working women, students, moms, or travel girls uses canvas bag for different purposes. Therefore, understanding their behavior will make it easier to improve the revenue.

For example, working women often use canvas bags to carry laptops and documents; bring them along for business trips; take the bag as an alternative to a purse; etc. Therefore, it’s better to offer large canvas bag gifts on Women’s Day.

women's day gift bag ideas

Canvas bags are thoughtful Women's Day gift ideas for colleagues

Luxury Personalized Phone Case

This gift idea for Women's Day will likely bring a high-profit margin for your print-on-demand business. Phone cases are lightweight and cost-effective to ship globally. Investing $5, you may earn a substantial profit margin of 50% (Shopify).

Targeting countries with a high smartphone user population is the best way to boost sales. The United States, China, India, and Brazil are the most promising markets.

Tips: Target regions with high demand for luxury personalized phone cases, such as big cities, is much more cost-saving.

Small Accessories for Her Pet – Creative Women’s Day Gift Ideas

Women who have pets love shopping for themselves and their pets, too. It is a great idea to sell cute pet accessories for Women's Day. Or you may add them to other personalized products as extra gifts. Some best-seller personalized pet items are clothing, bandanas, collars, leashes, blankets, and bowls.

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Area Rug for Her on Women's Day

This item is a floor covering mat to create a focal point for a room. A personalized area rug is a creative gift for girls who love decorating.

women's day gift ideas for girlfriend and sister

Target young people who have girlfriends and sisters

Consider using material, texture, and color that bring warmth and comfort, such as

  • Materials: fluffy or plush materials (shag, faux fur), soft and cozy fabrics (velvet, corduroy, wool), etc.
  • Textures: nubby or rough textures (jute, sisal, or burlap), woven, knit, coarse, or bumpy style.
  • Colors: earth tones (brown, beige, or orange), soft reds (brick or salmon), yellows (sunny lemon or warm honey), warm greens (olive or sage), from soft blush to deep berries of pinks and purples, etc.

Indoor Tapestries for Ladies on Women's Day

Similar to area rugh, indoor tapestries are decorating items, too. However, it is for hanging purposes. Don’t forget to offer this personalized gift on Women's Day to customers who appreciate tapestries' aesthetic value.

To create soft, warm, cozy, affordable, and unique tapestries, these below ideas may inspire you:

  • Choose soft and light materials like cotton, polyester, or fleece.
  • Choose a high-quality print partner to keep colors vibrant and long-lasting.
  • Design creatively with soft colors, nature-inspired patterns, and warm textures, allowing your customers to custom their designs.

Bookmarks for Employees

Many companies choose bookmarks to gift their female employees on Women's Day because they are helpful, timeless, and eco-friendly. It is simple to offer wholesale customized bookmarks for this type of customer.

iinternational women's day gift ideas for employees

Enable your customer to upload the company’s name and logo

Best-selling designs often come with personalization options for text, images, maps, etc. Product customization app like Teeinblue Product Personalizer may help you to create these options.

Extra ideas: Besides bookmarks, calendars, notebooks or journals, and laptop sleeves are also popular personalized gifts for female coworkers.

Personalized Poster Gifts for Her

People buy personalized posters on Women's Day as a particular way to express their appreciation and love. Their women can use them to decorate their rooms and remember them when looking at them.

There is a sky of poster design ideas for Women's Day. Check out the ultimate guideline for how to create print-on-demand designs on our blogs for this special day!

special Personalized posters for international women’s day

Offer multiple poster sizes to sell more items

Gift Pillows for Women's Day

Pillows can taste the consumers who want to show genuine care for their beloved wife, mother, and daughters. Besides traditional pillows, consider creating customized pillowcases for smart pillows. The smart pillows market was estimated at $623.9 million in 2018. And it will achieve a significant CAGR rate of 31.6% in the stage 2019 - 2025.

Personalize Crystal Cube with Photo

It is a perfect souvenir to keep in memory with women in the family or girlfriend. Making these personalized gifts for Women's Day is not that complex. The first step is to choose a fulfillment provider that offers high-quality crystal cubes at the most affordable price. Then, enable customers to upload their own photos on your print-on-demand store.

Unique personalized gifts for her on women’s day

A crystal cube with a photo is a unique gift for her on Women’s Day

Fridge Magnet Gifts for Women's Day

Fridge magnets are ideal gifts for love-cooking women. Let’s think out of the box to design unique fridge magnets for Women's Day. Some ideas below may be useful:

  • Add cute symbols of favorite dishes, vegetables, animals, etc.
  • Enable them to adjust the design by uploading their family photos and customizing their quotes or address.

Sell Personalized Gifts for Women’s Day with Teeinblue Product Personalizer

Teeinblue Product Personalizer is the best product personalizer Shopify for print-on-demand stores. With easy-to-use design features, fast loading speed, and excellent support, you can improve efficiency, save costs, enhance customer experience, and increase revenue.

how to sell personalized gifts for women’s day

A demo for a personalized product created with Teeinblue Product Personalizer

The app helps you to:

  • Create design and add personalization options quickly with a friendly working space.
  • Add product: effortlessly import products from 9+ integrated worldwide fulfillment providers or other print service providers.
  • Set up a campaign to sell: easily combine multiple products with designs to create a campaign. When published, each personalized campaign will be synced as a product on Shopify.
  • Send orders to fulfillment straightforwardly by auto-generating printable files and customer shipping information and supporting to send them to Teeinblue’s integrated partners directly.

Discover more of Teeinblue Product Personalizer’s features here, or watch a short introduction video about the app below!

With various hobbies and interests, personalized gift ideas for Women's Day are endless. Whether it be customized jewelry, t-shirt, mug, bag, phone case, decorative rug, poster, etc., it is essential to add a personal touch to make it sell better. And an excellent personalization app for print-on-demand will help you maximize profit. If you want to ask about personalized gifts for Women's Day or Teeinblue Product Personalizer, don’t hesitate to leave comments below this article.


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