10 Successful Print-on-demand Store Examples to Learn From

10 Successful Print-on-demand Store Examples to Learn From

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For newbies of the print-on-demand journey, this article will guide you through 10 successful print-on-demand examples. Learning from the other’s experience is a powerful way to grow. While there's no magic formula for crown, remember to keep trying and never give up!

This table wraps all store examples listed in this blog. Feel free to find and move to your favorite one!

No Example Best products Iconic identity Powered by
1 Giftymize Personalized gifts Dog lovers focus Shopify
2 Alice Potter Books, greeting cards, and posters for kids Children items with pastel colors Wix eCommerce
3 Starrypaige Stickers, prints, and clothing Reptiles’ adorable illustrations Etsy
4 GearBunch Custom leggings and activewear Women who love sport focus Shopify
5 iLikeMaps Personalized maps Cartographic maps Shopify
6 Sharp Shirter Quirky designs on tees and wallpapers Sharp all-over print tees and unusual designs Shopify
7 House Of Chingasos Custom apparel and accessories Latino heritage lovers focus Shopify
8 The Happy Givers Apparel and accessories Non-profit store Shopify
9 Classic Dad T-shirt and tanks Dad focus Shopify
10 Shadawear T-shirts, hats, leggings, and phone cases Community-driven brand  Shopify

Let's delve into the inspiring stories behind these successful examples to earn print-on-demand passive income or empower your business!

1. Giftymize

Founded in 2020 by Thanh Dang, Giftymize specializes in high-quality personalized gifts for dog lovers. Their product range includes mugs, phone cases, and doormats.

successful print on demand store examples
Explore the successful story of Giftymize, a personalized gift brand for dog lovers

Giftymize’s Success

At Giftymize, each product represents a heartfelt message of love. To meet various customer demands, Giftymize has partnered with Teeinblue Product Personalizer.

This app allows them to create their own products with various dog clipart choices to match customers’ needs. The intuitive features also significantly improved the shopping experience and boosted their sales.

By mid-2022, Giftymize successfully launched over 3600 campaigns, achieving an impressive Sale/Add-to-Cart (ATC) rate of 43.7%. Their achievement is rooted in a customer-centric approach and a deep understanding of customer preferences. This drives the creation of products that deeply resonate with buyers.

Key Takeaways

  • Customizable items: Integrate product customization software like Teeinblue Product Personalizer to allow buyers to easily design their gifts.
  • Market savvy: Update industry trends and customer needs to create best-selling print-on-demand items.
  • Great customer service: Actively listening to customers helps to promptly address concerns and ensure positive buying experiences.

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2. Alice Potter

Alice Potter is a great print-on-demand example that looks to bring joy with pastel color products. This online store specializes in offering children's illustrations and patterns in three main product categories: posters, blankets, and cushions.

examples of print on demand stores
Alice Potter features with pastel themes home-decor

Alice Potter’s Success

Drawing inspiration from an art school background, Alice, the founder of Alice Potter, crafts enchanting illustrations in pastel themes. Her original artworks are perfect to elevate home decor or nursery items.

By attentively listening to buyers' opinions, Alice continuously evolved her designs and expanded more collections for different demands. In addition, she maintained promotions to reach a wider audience and generate more sales.

Key Takeaways

  • Specialized niche: Alice focuses on pastel-colored pieces that align perfectly with her niche – the children's market.
  • Seeking customer insights: Utilizing the opinions of the customer on social media helps to stay attuned to various demands and enhance her product ranges.
  • Effective promotions: It’s wise to turn potential customers into buyers through discounts and promotions.

3. Starrypaige

With a deep passion for reptiles, Starrypaige specializes in nake-oriented art on stickers, prints, t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, and more. Through beautiful designs, this store aims to celebrate and appreciate these remarkable creatures.

print on demand etsy examples
Adorable illustrations of reptiles are specialties of Starrypaige

Starrypaige’s Success

One of Starrypaige's effective marketing strategies involves using their own offerings. Paige, the store owner, proudly wears t-shirts with reptile designs or hangs her printed artwork as decoration in the room. This approach helps customers envision the real items and builds trust in the quality.

Key Takeaways

  • Product appreciation: Starrypaige shows a genuine passion for her products by wearing, using, and talking about them on social media.
  • Unique original designs: Eye-catching and simple artwork often resonates strongly with specific niches or communities, appealing to those seeking something distinctive.
  • Competitive shipping rates: Starrypaige offers an attractive shipping policy, including free shipping for most U.S. orders and international shipments starting at just $2.00.

4. GearBunch

Gearbunch is a well-known brand of women’s workout leggings that combine sporty clothes with fashion. They offer an extensive design catalog to cater to a diverse range of women preferences.

print on demand niche examples
GearBunch is famous for women’s trendy leggings

GearBunch’s Success

GearBunch was one of the fastest-growing print-on-demand examples with a whopping $5 million in revenue in 2016 – their first year. This brand’s leggings are appealing to fitness enthusiasts while also offering trendy and captivating designs.

The key to crafting these perfect sales lies in their deep understanding of the target audience's behavior. This brand has conducted thorough research to gain comprehensive insights into potential shoppers. For example, with niches like bikers and Irish Americans, they launched leggings featuring the iconic shamrock pattern, symbolizing Ireland.

Key Takeaways

  • Diverse designs: GearBunch offers a range of designs to match customers' unique tastes and entice them to make purchases.
  • Effective advertising: Utilizing Facebook video ads and YouTube ads helps this brand reach a vast audience and generate brand awareness.
  • Deep customer insights: Through extensive research, they align products precisely with customer preferences and boost sales.

5. iLikeMaps

iLikeMaps, true to its name, offers print-on-demand cartographic prints and maps of cities, countries, and regions across the globe.

print on demand stores examples
iLikeMaps offers more than 200 major city maps for buyers to personalize

iLikeMaps’ Success

From the hobby of loving maps, Olivier Gratton-Gagné turned designing his map posters into a lucrative full-time job. His business currently provides over 200 major city maps for customers to personalize.

iLikeMaps' secret is attributed to a strategic approach. It prioritizes website optimization using SEO techniques to enhance search visibility for customers. Additionally, multi-channel selling including online and offline helps this store tap into new markets and drive remarkable growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Personalized designs: Customer is likely to buy custom-made products that have a strong emotional connection with them.
  • Free shipping policy: This attractive policy increases conversion rates by couraging larger orders.
  • Multi-channel selling: By selling both online and in trade shows and craft shows, iLikeMaps attracts a broader audience, leading to more sales and growth opportunities.

6. Sharp Shirter

As one of the best Shopify print-on-demand store examples, Sharp Shirter focuses on playful animal and nature designs. They create one-of-a-kind home decor and apparel, such as t-shirts, wallpaper, tapestries, art prints, etc.

print on demand shopify store examples
Sharp Shirter is one of the best Shopify print-on-demand store examples

Sharp Shirter’s Success

Sharp Shirter's achievement is anchored in their unique and quirky design styles onto everyday household items. This distinct approach sets them apart from rivals in the market. Eye-catching artwork also sparks interest among customers seeking something different, ultimately driving sales and their thriving reputation in the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Unique design: The rarity of Sharp Shirter piques curiosity and encourages customers to explore their products.
  • Social proof: The store establishes trust by prominently featuring customer photos and reviews.
  • High-quality images: Professional-quality images enhance product visibility and appeal, effectively capturing the attention of potential buyers.

7. House Of Chingasos

This example is renowned for its vibrant and culturally rich designs for Latino heritage. It offers a diverse range of products, including shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, beanies, and mugs.

print on demand business examples
House Of Chingasos is renowned for vibrant and humorous designs

House Of Chingasos’ Success

The key to House Of Chingasos' high revenue lies in its precision targeting of a specific audience, primarily Latin Americans. A profound understanding of this community provides invaluable insights to create humorous quotes and prominent images.

Another effective strategy for brand promotion is the use of Facebook ads to attract customers and test new designs. This approach helps House Of Chingasos identify potential winning designs and scale up their sales efforts.

Key Takeaways

  • Witty designs: Humorous artworks of House Of Chingasos often stand out and easily catch people's attention.
  • Substantial social following: 128k followers on Instagram and 167k likes on Fanpage (2023) are valuable platforms to reach potential customers and ultimately drive sales.
  • Customer understanding: Deep insights into Latin Americans enable this store to tailor their products effectively.

8. The Happy Givers

The Happy Givers is a non-profit store dedicated to supporting The Happy NPO in building homes in Puerto Rico. Their unique mission involves reinvesting 100% of their profits to uplift communities in need.

print on demand example shops
The Happy Givers is a print-on-demand example for a non-profit model

The Happy Givers’ Success

The Happy Givers sells meaningful apparel and accessories like t-shirts, sweatshirts, pillows, posters, and pin buttons. Besides highly polished images, their products inspire customers to make purchases with a sense of goodwill.

Success at this brand comes from building a thriving community and network of like-minded individuals who believe in their mission. Passionate supporters play a vital role in expanding The Happy Givers’s reputation and influence.

Key Takeaways

  • Ambassador program: The Happy Givers reward people who are the most invested in their brand with exclusive gifts or discounts.
  • Powerful mission: People choose The Happy Giver's products because they believe that their purchase will make a positive impact on the world.
  • Enthusiastic community: An engaged network tends to share their positive experiences with The Happy Givers, leading to valuable word-of-mouth referrals.

9. Classic Dad

Classic Dad specializes in designs that capture the humor of dads everywhere, focusing solely on selling t-shirts and tanks.

class dad is one of the best printify store example
Classic Dad attracts people with fun quotes about fatherhood

Classic Dad’s Success

This store’s journey began as a fun social page about dad memes. A loyal following on Instagram and Facebook provided Classic Dad with a solid foundation to reach their target audience effectively.

By tapping into humorous fatherhood-related content, Classic Dad attracts their target audience and creates a solid online presence. Meme marketing approach sets them apart from competitors and allows them to effectively engage with customers on a personal level.

Key Takeaways

  • Meme marketing: Humorous content has the power to quickly capture the audience's attention and go viral.
  • Devoted fan base: Customers who are dedicated to the brand are more likely to make repeat purchases.
  • High-quality products: Comfortable t-shirts in a range of sizes specifically designed for dads ensure that customers feel at ease when wearing them during their daily activities.

10. Shadawear

Shadawear is a community-driven brand founded by the musician Kaysha. It aims to spread positivity through stylish designs. They offer a wide range of products, including t-shirts, hats, leggings, phone cases, and much more.

Special print on demand website examples
Positive messages are key for the success of Shadawear

Shadawear’s Success

Shadawear’s products feature cohesive design and meaningful messages. Which inspires individuals to embrace their unique identities and express themselves confidently.

In addition to Kaysha's dedicated fan base, Shadawear has achieved high sales through a user-generated marketing strategy. They reward customers with shoutouts or promo codes for sharing photos of their new clothing on social media. This approach helps to create a sense of community and build truth around the brand, ultimately driving sales and brand loyalty.

Key Takeaways

  • User-generated marketing: Customer-created content serves as social proof to boost brand trust and engagement.
  • Meaningful message: Shadawear empowers customers to express themselves, proudly displaying positive quotes from their community.
  • Cohesive designs: Vibrant and modern artworks help Shadawear’s products stunning and easily attract high-demand customers.

How to Find the Best Examples of Print-on-demand Stores?

Well-selling print-on-demand examples offer valuable insights into the strategies, tactics, and products. Here are some reliable sources where you can discover such examples:

  • E-commerce platforms and marketplaces: You can identify successful print-on-demand stores by looking at their sales, ratings, and customer reviews on Etsy, Trustpilot, and other review pages.
  • Print-on-demand suppliers blog: Reknown platforms like Printful, Printify, or CustomCat often showcase businesses that have excelled in the print-on-demand industry.
  • Social communities: Discover inspiring examples by following relevant hashtags and accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • YouTube and Podcasts: Many content creators interview store owners or provide case studies of famous print-on-demand businesses.

Are you curious about which criteria to find exemplary print-on-demand stores? Hold in hands some key elements below:

  • Unique designs: Artwork is the soul of print-on-demand products. Make sure to check if the store features eye-catching designs that set them apart from competitors.
  • Success metrics: Evaluate a store’s performance by website traffic, social media engagement, number of products, etc.
  • Social proof: Positive customer reviews or a significant social media following are signs of popular and reputable stores.
how to find the best print on demand store examples
Testimonials are important to realize a good print-on-demand store

Closing Thoughts for Newbies

Amidst a vast amount of information about print-on-demand, here are some concise summaries for newcomers:

  • Best products to start: Personalized pet gifts, home decoration with unique design styles, apparel with unique nature and animal artworks, humorous quotes for dad, etc.
  • Best platform to create a POD store: Shopify is a top choice due to its user-friendly interface, robust e-commerce features, and seamless integration with POD services.
  • Best POD services: Gelato, merchOne, Printful, Dreamship, Customcat, ShineOn, Gelato, Printify, Shirtee.Cloud, Printway, etc.
  • Best marketing strategy: Establish a brand identity that aligns with your target audience and develop marketing plans to boost brand awareness.

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Are you ready to dive into the thrilling world of print-on-demand? Consider the personalization niche as your starting point to seize highly profitable opportunities. Teeinblue Product Personalizer offers an end-to-end solution to help you sell custom POD products with ease.

Explore the remarkable features below and take the first step towards profits!

  • Intuitive artwork editor: Even beginners can effortlessly create custom artwork by working with layers; editing text fonts, sizes, colors, and effects; using design tools like drag & drop, scale, etc.
  • Advanced personalized options: Multiple smart features give you a lot of room to offer types of custom options for text, images, maps, clipart, etc.
  • Unlimited product base: Expand your product range limitlessly and cater to a wide variety of customer preferences and niche markets.
  • Seamless fulfillment process: Enjoy the convenience of automated order submission to Teeinblue’s API-integrated print-on-demand partners or CSV order exporting to send to providers worldwide.

Through this article, hope you got the inspiration to kickstart your print-on-demand business. The print-on-demand industry holds the promise of lucrative opportunities for profits. Each successful print-on-demand example has its own formula, so don't hesitate to experiment and learn from their experience. Don’t hesitate to join Teeinblue POD Global Community, where you can access invaluable tips and share your own stories. Happy dropshipping print-on-demand and best of luck!


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