Where to Sell Art Prints Online? 11 Best Places for Artists

Where to Sell Art Prints Online? 11 Best Places for Artists

where to sell art prints online

If you’re an artist or a designer and curious about where to sell art prints online, you’ve come to the right place. Dive into this article with Teeinblue to explore the 11 best online places to improve your income. Let’s go through e-commerce platforms to marketplaces to find your perfect match. Get it now!

Hold in hand the top 11 online platforms to sell art prints online:

  • E-commerce platform: Shopify to create your own website to sell your creative printed masterpieces with ease.
  • Online marketplaces: Etsy, Fine Art America, Society 6, UGallery, Zazzle, Minted, Saatchi Art, Redbubble, Amazon, and eBay to sell your art prints alongside other artists.

Where to Sell Art Prints Online for Artists?

The best place to sell multiple print-on-demand product types may not be the perfect one for art prints. Choosing the platform that serves this niche well can help you seize lucrative opportunities and maximize your earnings. Let’s explore 11 popular platforms to make a decision on where to sell art prints online.

Shopify - the Best Place to Sell Art Prints Online

Shopify is a mega e-commerce platform with 1.75 million sellers worldwide. Featuring a user-friendly interface and flexibility, Shopify offers an ideal environment to create an online store that suits your unique styles.

Best for selling: all types of art prints, especially personalized print-on-demand items.

How Shopify helps

  • Intuitive features: Shopify's user-friendly platform simplifies the setup and management of online stores. With customizable themes and straightforward guides, you can effortlessly create an appealing and functional website in just a few clicks.
  • Diverse apps: There is an extensive library of apps to integrate into your Shopify store. You can install print-on-demand, social marketing, customer service apps, etc., to enhance your online store.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, Shopify scales alongside you with advanced support and top-notch functions, Shopify Plus for example. Shopify is a wise choice if you plan to develop your business sustainably.

Cost: To launch a website or start a print-on-demand Shopify store, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee starting from $29/month. New accounts will enjoy a discount of only $1/month for the first 3 months. Additionally, there are other potential fees for transaction, credit card, currency conversion, domain, or Shopify premium themes.

where can i sell my artwork
Shopify is an ideal e-commerce platform to sell all types of art prints

Etsy - Sell Fine Art Prints Online

Connected 7.5 million sellers with 95.1 million buyers in 2022 (Integrated Annual Report), Etsy solidified its position as a global marketplace for unique and handmade products. It has become a go-to spot for crafters, designers, painters, and artists.

Best for selling: personalized canvas, DIY & Craft paintings, and wall art.

How Etsy helps

  • Artistic focus: Etsy protects handmade makers’ and designers’ work by prohibiting reselling and restricting rules. It distinguishes Etsy from more mass-produced e-commerce platforms.
  • Global reach: With an estimated daily traffic of 120 million globally (Semrush, Oct 2023), it allows you to tap into diverse audiences. Therefore, your art print may generate a lot of attention and increase sales significantly.
  • Product tags: Etsy offers a tagging system to display relevant products when buyers search for a query. So you can use relevant keywords for your art prints to reach target customers.

Cost: It’s reasonable to start selling printed masterpieces online with Etsy. Sellers only take $0.2 for each item listed for sale on Etsy. Once you make a sale, you need to pay transaction fees and payment processing fees.

best place to sell art prints online etsy

Etsy lists products of multiple artists when customers search for "art prints" keyword

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Fine Art America - Sell Multiple Types of Art Prints

Being one of the world's largest online art marketplaces, Fine Art America blends a traditional gallery model with various print-on-demand offerings. This is home to numerous artists, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, and global brands.

Best for selling: original art, canvas, framed, metal, and acrylic prints.

How Fine Art America helps

  • 100% commission-free for selling original art: Fine Art America enables visitors to directly connect with creators. You are only responsible for payment collection, packing, shipping, and keeping the full amount you earn.
  • Quality assurance: This site prioritizes high-quality printing and reliable shipping for art prints. They ensure your customers will receive well-crated products and allow them to return delivered items within 30 days for any reason.
  • Large print-on-demand system: This platform seamlessly optimizes the fulfillment and shipping process with 16 manufacturing centers located in 5 countries. This extensive network makes it easy to ship products quickly worldwide.

Cost: It offers a membership plan for $30/year. By registering, you can access premium sale channels, marketing & promotion tools, and image management features.

where can i sell art prints
Selling various artwork prints at Fine Art America

Society 6 - a Marketplace to Sell Prints of Artwork

Society 6 is a prominent print-on-demand platform and marketplace offering various art-themed products. By using this platform, you can easily turn your design into a wide array of products, including unique options like furniture.

Best for selling: artwork for art, canvas, and framed prints.

How Society 6 helps

  • Artistic community: With over 450,000 independent artists spanning 170+ countries, Society 6’s community helps you gain exposure to like-minded individuals. It’s a great way to expand your network, share your art, and discover potential opportunities for creative collaborations.
  • Diverse wall art categories: They offer framed, floating acrylic, metal, and wood masterpieces. If you’re interested in these niches, this platform is a great option.
  • Customizable pricing: Society 6 enables you to adjust your markup, ranging from 10% to 999%. This flexibility allows you to charge higher prices to customers who are willing to pay more.

Cost: Society 6 is entirely free, without any fees or commissions. You receive a 10% commission on most products you sell, except for art prints, canvas prints, and framed prints, where you can set your custom markup.

sell art prints online on Society 6
Sell print-on-demand art prints with Society 6

UGallery - Ideal Website to Sell Framed Prints

UGallery is a carefully curated virtual art gallery, boasting a dedicated following of art enthusiasts from over 50 countries. They meticulously select and showcase exclusive artwork from emerging and mid-career artists to maintain a high standard of artistic quality.

Best for selling: framed prints.

How UGallery helps

  • Curated galleries: It is dedicated to curating original and exclusive masterpieces, with only about 3% of artists accepted. Therefore, you can significantly boost your exposure and credibility in the art world.
  • Personal artist liaison: You gain access to a personal artist liaison who supports pricing strategies or marketing. This partnership empowers you to make well-informed decisions and maximize your art-selling potential.
  • Global audience: This site offers a high-yielding opportunity to connect with art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Reaching a broader customer base not only expands sales opportunities but also enhances an artist's reputation on a global scale.

Cost: Before starting with UGallery, consider their price policies below.

  • Free packaging and shipping: UGallery's team provides a custom box to package your artwork for the buyer. They cover all associated packaging and shipping costs.
  • Application fee: It charges a one-time $5 application fee to display your art on their platform.
  • Commission split: Upon a successful sale, UGallery applies a 50% commission split, with the artist receiving 50% of the retail price.
where to sell framed prints online
UGallery carefully curates exclusive artwork

Zazzle - Place to Sell Artwork for Wall Art & Décor

Zazzle stands as a pioneering force in the world of POD marketplaces with an innovative approach to custom products. They empower artists and designers to transform their creative visions into a wide range of personalized items.

Best for selling: wall art & décor, and personalized art prints.

How Zazzle helps

  • Setting royalty rates: Zazzle grants you the ability to set your own royalty rates, providing control over your earnings from each sale. This flexibility ensures fair compensation and aligns with your unique business goals.
  • Customization options: On Zazzel, buyers can add a personal touch to prints with names, quotes, icons, configurable shapes, photo upload, etc. These tools help to boost sales effectively, making it one of the best places to sell personalized POD art printings.
  • Affiliate commission: In addition to your revenue from art prints selling, seize lucrative opportunity to earn passive income via Zazzle Associate Program. You’ll receive a 15% referral fee for each sale made through affiliate links you share.

Cost: Becoming a Zazzle creator is entirely free. When you make a sale, you earn a percentage based on the royalty percentage you've set. To access free shipping offers, you need to register for Zazzle Plus or Plus Premium, starting from $19.95 per year.

where to sell prints online
Zazzle is one of the best places for selling wall art and decor online

Minted - Marketplace to Sell Graphic Designs

Minted is a renowned online marketplace featuring unique design goods crafted by independent artists and designers. Its global reach extends to artists in all 50 U.S. states and over 100 countries, fostering a diverse and vibrant artistic community.

Best for selling: art prints for pairs and sets, painting, photography, drawing, mixed media & collage, graphic prints, etc.

How Minted helps

  • Peer-selected art: Artist in their community will vote on the best submissions. The more top-rated work, the more exposure and recognition you win.
  • Personalization features: Extensive customization options allow buyers to tailor your art print. These features include color theme, foil color, silhouette shape, text, font, spacing, etc.
  • Quality guarantee: Minted is able to create top-notch prints using museum-quality materials and techniques. As a community member, you benefit from having your work presented and sold to a discerning audience.

Cost: Minted charges a 20% fee to artists based on the final value of the commissioned art sold.

where can i sell my art prints
Minted attracts many independent artists and designers

Saatchi Art - Sell Paintings, Photography, and More

If you're seeking a where to sell art prints online with great reputation, Saatchi Art stands as a respected name in the creative industry. This specialized art platform hosts a diverse and extensive collection of artworks for art enthusiasts from over 110 countries.

Best for selling: wall art.

How Saatchi Art helps

  • Recognized reputation: It claims to be the world's leading online gallery with 1.4 million original artworks and 94,000 emerging artists from 110 countries. Selling your artwork on such a well-regarded platform helps you build a discerning customer base.
  • Global exposure: Artists on Saatchi Art benefit from an extensive audience, boasting over 1.1 million Instagram followers. Through social channels, your art prints can easily reach broad international audiences.
  • Expert advice: Saatchi Art offers valuable art advisory services. Their expert feedback helps refine your existing portfolio, enabling your art to resonate more deeply with potential buyers.

Cost: Listing your art print for sale on Saatchi Art is free. They charge a 40% commission on the final sale price of any original artwork. However, they handle the cost of shipping, you only take care of the packaging.

artist selling prints on saatchi art
Saatchi Art serves as a professional platform for selling art prints online

Redbubble - Best for Selling Digital Arts

Redbubble has become a trusted print-on-demand platform with 44 fulfillment locations around the world. They are famous for artist-made products and a strong community of artists and art enthusiasts.

Best for selling: digital art for wall art, art board, canvas, framed, metal, mounted, photographic prints, posters, and tapestries.

How Redbubble helps

  • Quality assurance: Redbubble commits to quality by using 100% cotton paper for art prints and Kodak Endura paper for photographic prints. They ensure that each print uses vibrant and long-lasting colors.
  • Strong artist community: It’s highly beneficial to join a vibrant group of 800,000 Redbubble independent artists. Seeing their work, discussing ideas, and receiving feedback can help you generate new ideas and improve your art.
  • Diverse print-on-demand products: Redbubble offers 12 wall art categories and over 70 high-quality products in total. From stickers and apparel to home decor, this diversity provides more opportunities for your art to be featured on various items.

Cost: Creating a Redbubble account is free. When you make a sale, you'll need to pay a fee based on your monthly earnings, as outlined in Redbubble's Fee Table.

where to sell digital art prints
Start to sell digital art prints with Redbubble

Amazon - Largest Online Marketplace to Sell Art Prints

Without a doubt, Amazon stands as the giant in the world of online shopping. Millions of online shoppers turning to Amazon as their preferred platform. This opens up profitable opportunities for artists to sell art prints online.

Best for selling: customize art prints, wall art, home decor, apparel, and accessories.

How Amazon helps

  • Extensive customer reach: The broader your reach, the greater your potential for sales. With vast customers browsing Amazon regularly, you can capture the attention of art enthusiasts from various corners of the world.
  • Merch by Amazon: This is a specialized place for print-on-demand sellers. By combining on-demand selling features with the advantages of Amazon's vast marketplace, this is an excellent place to start selling art prints online.
  • Marketing tools: Amazon provides a range of marketing tools and advertising options, from sponsored product listings to targeted advertising campaigns. You can leverage these resources to increase the visibility of your prints and drive more sales.

Cost: Amazon offers 2 plans for sellers. Individual sellers pay $0.09 for each item sold, while professional sellers pay a monthly fee of $39.99. There are some additional fees on Amazon such as refer fees, fulfillment fees, etc.

can you sell art prints on amazon
Merch by Amazon entices global buyers with attractive art prints

eBay - Sell Art Prints Worldwide With Ease

eBay holds the distinction of being one of the pioneers in the e-commerce industry. It established a platform that connects millions of buyers and sellers of various products and services.

Best for selling: original art prints, vintage artworks, and collectible pieces.

How eBay helps

  • Diverse audience: eBay’s expansive traffic broadens your potential customer base to over 135 million users worldwide. You have chances to tap into different markets, cultures, and preferences and expand your business internationally.
  • Auction format: The auction-style listings create excitement and competition among buyers. The competitive nature of auctions can lead to higher final sale prices for your art printings.
Cost: Here are some typical expenses to launch your online store on eBay.
  • Monthly Subscription: eBay offers various plans starting from just $4.95 per month for the Starter Store.
  • Insertion Fee: You'll need to pay a fee when listing items for sale, and these fees vary depending on the item categories.
  • Final Value Fees: eBay charges a final value fee once you make a sale. This fee is calculated as a percentage of the total sale amount, along with an additional $0.30 per order.
reviews where to sell art prints online
eBay suggests numerous options for art print searching

Relevant Questions: Sell Art Prints Online

Which is the Best Place to Start Selling Art Prints Online?

Choosing where to sell art prints depends on the artist’s style and specific goals. Shopify is the top-rated choice for global growth and sustainability. Meanwhile, Etsy is home to hand-made printings and one-of-a-kind creations.

When it comes to the world of fine art, Fine Art America is tailored to your needs to sell museum-grade quality. Last but not least, Redbubble is well-suited for artists selling digital art.

Where Can You Sell Art Prints Online for Free?

Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and other social networks are great sites to sell art prints online without any fees. Besides, you can begin selling your work for free on platforms like Fine Art America, Society 6, Zazzle, and Saatchi Art.

How to Start Selling Art Prints Online?

Starting to sell art prints online is simple if you know the way to do it properly. Follow 3 essential steps below:

  • Create an online store: Whether on an e-commerce platform or marketplace, setting up a dedicated space helps you showcase your products professionally and attract a high-demand customer base.
  • Set your prices: Determine the pricing of your art prints based on production costs, market demand, and your desired profit margin. It’s important to make your prices competitive yet profitable.
  • Market your business: Promote your online business through social media, online advertising, and artist communities to reach a broader audience and boost sales.

Tips: Always invest in high-quality photos and scans of your fine art. These visual assets enhance the appeal, accuracy, and credibility of your products.

how to sell art prints online

3 steps to start selling art prints online

Bonus: In addition to selling art prints online, you can generate income through licensing your work. It means granting permission for a brand, business, institution, agency, stock photography site, or individual to use a digital version of your image for a specific purpose and duration.

How to Increase Sales and Profit From Selling Art Prints?

Personalizing print-on-demand art prints is a best practice for boosting sales and revenue. It offers several benefits, including increased customer engagement, greater satisfaction, and a competitive edge.

You can get started with simple steps:

  • Create a design or artwork that resonates with your specific niches and target customers. If you have traditional fine art, scan it into high-quality digital files for online sales.
  • Choose suitable products to print your art on. You should select items that align with your artistic style and appeal to your desired customers.
  • Connect with POD suppliers to set up a streamlined process of fulfillment and shipping. Make sure to choose trustworthy partners to guarantee high-quality art prints to your customers.
  • Create personalized products with Teeinblue Product Personalizer to enable buyers to make their tailor-made products. This tool enhances customer engagement through various customized options with text, date, location, etc.

In conclusion, there are numerous platforms available to help you showcase your artwork to a global audience. This article aims to assist you in finding the answer to the question of where to sell art prints online. For more valuable insights, join Teeinblue Global Community now!


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