50+ Mug Design Ideas For Couples That Sell The Best

50+ Mug Design Ideas For Couples That Sell The Best

Mug design ideas for couples to sell

An attractive, creative, and unique mug design can improve the value of your product as well as increase your profit margin. Most of them usually don't take you a lot of time if you understand your target customers and have a list of winning designs. Save the best mug design ideas for couples below to make mugs great gifts for couples!

Creative Couples Mug Design Ideas

There is a sky of ideas to design mugs. Regardless of the type of mugs, you can create winning designs with these ideas:

Couple Mug Design with Photo

For couples, a mug with a photo is special and meaningful. It can remind a memorable milestone in their relationship and evoke feelings of nostalgia and sentimental value. Moreover, it also serves as a functional mug that can be used to hold drinks.

For sellers, it is fast to deliver because of the advance in printing technology and shipping method. Here are ever-green ideas when selling print-on-demand mugs for couples:

  • Get free-license or paid couple photos from multiple resources, such as Freepik, Unsplash, Pinterest, Shutterstock, etc.
  • Allow customers to add their own photos to your store by integrating product personalizer software.
creative couples mug design ideas 2

The couple sitting together photo on heat activated mug

couple mug design with photo

A couple embracing

kissing design for mugs
Couple memory photos printed on ceramic mugs

couple with their children and pets

The couple with their family

The famous place that lovers often visit

The famous place that lovers often visit

upload couples photos on mugs

Enable customers to upload photos on mugs to make them reminisce and enjoy happiness

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Everything Goes In Pairs

Things that go in pairs can bring feelings of unity and love. Owning these mugs can make the couple feel like they are always together.

Your surrounding is a great inspiration to design mugs for lovers. Save the ideas below:

heart-shaped design to print mugs for couples
Heart Shaped shows a passionate love

lips and moustache images to add to couples' mugs

Lips and Moustache are cute and fun

king and queen mug designs for couples

Think about King & Queen symbols

coffee mug design ideas for couples

Print “His & Hers” on each mug

Mr & Mrs designs on mugs

“Mr. & Mrs.” is a good idea to sell mugs in bulk

comic couples design ideas for mugs

Comic couples are also popular

Cute milk and cookies design on mug

Milk and Cookies are cute designs for couples

printing rings on coffee mugs
Add jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, pillows, etc.

Holiday Trends Catching Up

Couples love gifting their partners on special events or holidays. Valentine, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year are the biggest holiday for you to sell mugs for couples. Besides, selling mug designs for birthday gifts, honeymoons, or couple vacations can also bring a high-profit margin.

You can find the latest design trends from multiple sources, such as Teeinblue Product Personalizer’s blog, image-sharing platforms, consumer surveys, and other methods. Make it easy to design by adding signature symbols for each event. Let’s have some excellent mug design ideas for couples!

Valentine’s design idea for mugs

Focus on selling mugs on Valentine’s Day

Mug design ideas for couples on halloween

Designs for couples on Halloween

easy mug designs ideas for couples on Christmas

It is easy to add Christmas colors to your couple designs

new year mug designs for couples

Prepare mugs for Christmas and New Year at the same time

cute mug for girlfriend

Give a cute mug for your girlfriend on her birthday

honeymoon photo on mugs

Keep sweet honeymoon moments on the couple’s mugs

Pet and Animal Designs for Couples

Pets and animals symbolize love, loyalty, and companionship, all important aspects of a relationship. Many couples share a passion for them, and incorporating a design featuring their favorite animal can be a fun and creative way. These designs are also a way for couples to show off their love for nature and the environment.

Get cute and playful pet design inspiration here!

pet design ideas for couple’s mugs

Capture animal’s moments

Couple mug ideas with pet images

Create a cute illustrated artwork for mugs

funny mug design ideas with animals

Use an animal-inspired font to spell out the couple's names or a special message

have pet silhouettes on mugs for couples

Add a pet silhouette to create a modern design for couple’s mugs

design mugs for couples with animal footprints
Animal prints are also great ideas. It is a good idea to replace it with other animal attributes or related patterns

personalized mugs for couples with pet

Add personalization options to help couples adjust their pet name

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Funny Mug Designs For Couples

Funny designs can bring couples closer and strengthen their bond. This gift can be a great conversation starter for couples in a sulk or just starting a relationship. It is also a memory keeper that makes your customers laugh and feel joy.

It is essential to notice that humor can be subjective. The boy may find it funny, but the girl is not. An excellent funny design needs to connect with the couple's sense of humor and make them happy. Let’s discover the most popular ideas to create amusing designs.

It is simple to custom funny designs for couple mugs with the following:

create funny mug designs for couples

Incorporate puns and wordplay

funny mug designs for couples with meme

Add a creative meme of movies, TV shows, etc

ideas to make a funny mug artwork

Humorous cartoon characters that your boyfriend or girlfriend likes

Self-deprecating humor in mug design for couple

Self-deprecating humor in the design, such as poking fun at the couple's quirks or habits

Sarcasm and irony can bring funny designs for couples

Sarcasm and irony can bring big laughs for him and her

Matching Coffee Mug Design Ideas

A pair of mugs with matching printing helps couples show off their love to others. It can evoke pride, joy, appreciation, and gratitude for the partner. Creating matching designs for couples’ coffee mugs is a good niche to sell this year.

Scroll down to get more ideas to create matching coffee couple mug designs!

Matching mug design ideas for couples

Use a shared color scheme to create a cohesive and matching look

coffee mug design ideas with matching patterns

Add matching patterns or images

couple mug ideas with matching lettering
Think about matching fonts or matching lettering styles

design mugs for couples with matching symbols
Matching symbols, such as matching hearts or infinity symbols, can represent the couple's love

matching cartoon characters on mugs for couples

Create a playful and lighthearted look with matching cartoon characters or matching illustrated images

match quotes to design mugs for couples

Don’t forget to match print-on-demand quotes or phrases

Simple Mug Design Ideas For Boyfriend

Simple designs make the mug for a boyfriend clean, uncluttered, and easy on the eyes, which may appeal to those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic. Besides, mugs with uncomplicated painting are easy to clean and maintain. They are timeless and practical gifts for him.

What mug design ideas for boyfriends are waiting for you? Let’s check it out!

simple mug design ideas for boyfriend

His favorite quote or saying

ceramic mug design ideas with a football team logo for boyfriend

Put a logo of his favorite football team on the mug

mug design ideas for boyfriend with a favorite place

Print an image of a city or place that he loves to travel

Add his most-liked pet or animal

Add his most favorite pet or animal

emblem mugs for boyfriend

A simple design featuring a meaningful symbol or emblem

Wedding Mug Ideas

People buy wedding mugs for many purposes, such as commemoration, gift, decoration, etc. Here are the top-trending wedding mug ideas for you to sell!

wedding mug ideas

Help buyers to add the couple's names and wedding date

illustrated design trends for couples

Offer a cute product with an illustrated or cartoon version of the couple

add a special place for most couples

A photo of a favorite city or landmark that holds special meaning to the couple

wedding mug design suggestions

Make typography for a quote

add flowers to offer more romantic mugs

A favorite flower or floral pattern is more romantic

Trending Couple Mug Quotes

Love quotes can give inspiration and motivation for a relationship. Some people use a quote to express their feelings to their partner. Although simple, it is the most meaningful mug design idea for couples.

Here are the most well-liked quotes for lovers:

  • Together is a beautiful place to be
  • You're my person
  • Forever and Always
  • I choose you
  • I love you to the moon and back
  • Always and forever
  • You complete me
  • Love of my life
  • Soulmates
  • Better together

Personalized Couple Mug Trends

In 2021, the global market size of Personalized Gifts was valued at $29.2 billion (GlobeNewswire). By 2027, it is expected to reach $47.14 billion. Among them, personalized mugs are the top-selling items. For couples, custom mugs allow people to add personal touches and make the mug their own.

personalize mug designs for couples

Consumers prefer stores that allow them to choose multiple options and upload their images

If you have had a print-on-demand mug store, it is simple to create customized mugs. The next step is to choose the best product personalization app that helps you to add personalized options.

Let’s discover easy steps to sell personalized mugs on Shopify with Teeinblue Product Personalizer!

A design for couples is more likely to bring success when it matches the target audience’s needs. Therefore, it is essential to research your customer’s hobbies. Hopefully, the above mug design ideas for couples may inspire and help you to launch winning selling campaigns. Let’s follow the latest trends from Teeinblue to keep your print-on-demand business on track.


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