Text Personalization: Make Unique Products with Teeinblue

Text Personalization: Make Unique Products with Teeinblue

text personalization in teeinblue

Text Personalization: Make Unique Products with Teeinblue

Nowadays, customers prefer to customize their products before making a purchase, especially when it comes to online shopping. Personalization is a perfect way to show their personality on the products they bought.

For example, adding personalized text can make a product more meaningful to the customer - it can be a reminder of their trip or meaningful memories. Personalized text is also an ideal method to increase conversion rates by making the text’s font more unique and diverse

One more thing, it’s always important to show them how the options will look if you’d like to offer alternative personalization options to your customers. Now that you have your product, let's see some beautiful design ideas that show the incredible aspects of text personalization and how handy Teeinblue is!

Let’s get into it!

What is text personalization?

personalized text teeinblueYou can allow customers to customize text

Text Personalization is a feature on Teeinblue that helps users modify product pages to create user-friendly interactions and makes sure customers are happy when ordering. By applying this feature, you can provide your customers with the opportunity to design their text colors, fonts, styles and more. Also, your customers can visualize their text designs on the storefront with the Live Preview feature. This will contribute a vital role in their purchases and reduce the possibilities of order cancellation. 

text personalization teeinblue

The most interesting part is that Teeinblue can help handle all the hard work, all you have to do is just follow some basic drills.  

If you haven’t installed yet, don’t hesitate to get Teeinblue on your Shopify now! (with 21-day Free trial option).

Steps to set up text personalization on Teeinblue

Setting up the feature is very simple and can be done in a few minutes.

Create an Artwork

When using Teeinblue, you'll design your text and set up the personalization options on the Artwork page. This is a Photoshop-like editor that can help you easily create personalized designs.

text personalization on teeinblue

Here are some brief steps to enable text personalization on Artwork Editor:

  • On the right-side panel, simply hit the Text button
  • Hover to the text layer and click on the Pencil icon to get started.
  • Hover to Personalization Settings and choose Enable personalization

You may find more information at Teeinblue support center.

Change text color

Color is one of the most popular customizations. What is more personal and style than a personalized text that includes your favorite colors? Colors sometimes are the main reason that affects customers' buying action. Many customers want to buy products that allow them to add their favorite colors to it. Here are some examples of how important role that colors play.

text color personalization

Personalized Mug by gossby.com

That’s why we have created an easy-to-use solution to create professional product customization experiences for text colors. It includes an easy-to-use feature allowing you to set up your products. Moreover, customers can have their own touch by picking their colors on the storefront. 

text color personalization on teeinblue

You can allow customers to change the text color in Artwork Editor

personalized text color
Customer can pick their favorite colors on the storefront

Change font family

The option is a must for any store where your customers can choose fonts from the storefront and have it printed. Customers can pick their favored fonts to further the custom process. This is also a great idea for a personalized text. Let's take a look at some of the diverse and creative fonts on some designs. 

change font designPersonalized Canvas Print by agiftpersonalized.com

You can put your faith in product personalization like Teeinblue. We offer unlimited personalization options for text fonts to customize any kind of product. 

text font personalization on teeinblue
Upload a list of fonts and let your customers pick from this list
personalized text fonts
Change fonts in “Font Family” right on the storefront

Modify text effects with stroke and text background (optional)

Why not make your text design more personalized by adding a stroke around it? You can make your design even more colorful with text strokes.

Another awesome option that you can find in many stores is one that let customers choose backgrounds under texts, which makes an ideal gift for anyone. Check these examples with customized text background and look how amazing it is. 

text background design

Family Custom Photo by famiprints.com

 With Teeinblue your customers will be able to personalize their products while seeing a live preview of what they are creating.

text stroke teeinblueEnable text stroke effect at the top bar of Artwork Editor 

text background personalization on teeinblue

Text background in Artwork Editor

text background personalization
Customers can choose to change text background under “Text Background” section

Date picker (optional)

Special days such as birthday gifts, engagements, Christmas, New Year... there are too many occasions when this kind of product would make a perfect gift, so you definitely need a couple of options to cover them. If your customers are just looking to add their special date on products, then you might look into working a convenient way to help them out. Let’s just check these lovely ideas.

custom date picker design

Personalized Canvas Print by agiftpersonalized.com

Using Teeinblue, you can easily create your custom date for products and allow your customers to add their memorable dates to products on the storefronts.

date picker personalization on teeinblue

Users can allow their customers to change the date in Teeinblue 

date picker personalization

Customers can change the date on the storefront

Change text skew & curve (optional)

Skew allows you to change the text perspective to give it a more realistic appearance. Just have a look at the sample below. You can see that the canvas with text skew effects makes it more practical to customers by giving them an accurate perspective. Some Teeinblue users will prefer changing the text curve around just like the product below. 

custom text skew curve design

Custom Products by etsy.com & agiftpersonalized.com

With Teeinblue, you could freely change the skew & curve of your text designs. That way, Teeinblue users can make their designs look more appealing and realistic to customers.
text skew curve personalization on teeinblue

Easily change text skew & curve in Artwork Editor

Add prefix/suffix (optional)

This text personalized option is greatly helpful for some specific products such as name tags. If you do a bit of research online you'll see that "Mr or Mrs " is one of the most popular options, but you might also come up with some novel ideas to dazzle your customers.

text prefix suffix design

Personalized Mr & Mrs Canvas Print by agiftpersonalized.com

Teeinblue allows you to easily set a fixed word/character before or after your personalized text. The word's position won't change when your consumer adds text.

custom text prefix and suffix in teeinblue
Set prefix/suffix work for your artwork

Publish product to Shopify and start selling

By completing all steps above, you've successfully added personalized text to your Shopify product in Teeinblue. Now it’s time to publish products to your Shopify store.

You can find your products available on the Shopify store as all products designed in Teeinblue will be automatically synced with the eCommerce platform.

Visit the article about how to personalize text on Shopify to get more information about the settings process.

Final thought

Products that do not opt for text personalization lose opportunities to build tailored experiences with their customers and increase conversion rates. Text personalization is not a complex procedure, with Teeinblue, we offer the best solution available. 

Don't mind trying new things and use your imagination as Teeinblue makes it simple to offer unique text for any print-on-demand product on your Shopify store.

Pair our amazing feature with your products and see what it takes you. If you have any problems while using our app, feel free to contact our support team, we are here 24/7 to get your back!

Curious to see what this feature has to offer? Visit our demo store to find out.

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