The Ultimate E-commerce Calendar For The Second Half Of 2022

Ultimate E-commerce Calendar For The Second Half Of 2022

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If you’re reading this, it’s probably because of your own business or your boss asked you to build an e-commerce holiday marketing calendar. We know how challenging this can be, especially when you need to cast a wide net and include all the holidays that will be worth preparing for your customers in the second half of 2022.

But with so many occasions to mark, it’s important to understand which of these exciting days and events are relevant to your business. We have compiled a list to help you keep track of crucial dates, so take notes and pick the occasion that aligns with your brand and target audience!

Download your Half-Year E-commerce Calendar 2022

Overall of the Half-Year E-commerce Calendar

This Half-year E-commerce Calendar 2022 points you to opportunities which can capture you customers attention. When it comes to events and big dates in 2022, we can't make 100% plans, but we already know that limiting public gatherings doesn't mean the festivities are over.

As you plan your e-commerce events and activities for 2022, you may want to focus most of your efforts towards the end of the coming year. Jam-packed with big sales events like Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and Christmas, the fourth quarter may feel like a sprint from a planning perspective.

Winning the game, however, was slow and steady. Maybe it's time to get up to speed, but there's no need to "sprint" in the last three months of the year. Instead, your best strategy may be to spread the word about your events and activities consistently throughout the year.

Every month counts and offers sales potential. Check out a few examples below:

  1. July: Summer Sale Season, Canada Day, Independence Day (USA), Amazon Prime Day.

  2. August: American Family Day, International Cat Day, Book Lovers’ Day, International Dog Day.

  3. September: Back to school, Jewish New Year, Oktoberfest, Self-Care Awareness Month

  4. October: Coffee Day, Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Canadian Thanksgiving

  5. November: Remembrance Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgivings

  6. December: Saint Nicholas Day, Green Monday, Super Saturday (Panic Saturday), Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve.

E-commerce Holiday and Event in Quarter 3


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We like to think of July as a bit of a step-back month. Checking your business over, reviewing your plans from the start of the year, and starting to stock up for the back-to-school rush:

  • July 1st - Canada Day

  • 4th July – American Independence Day

  • 7th July – World Chocolate Day

  • 17th July – World Emoji Day

  • 25th July – School Holidays (differs per school)

  • 30th July – International Day of Friendship

  • 31st July – National Avocado Day

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There are various different eCommerce holidays that you can take advantage of throughout August. As we said at the start, not every holiday is going to suit your brand, don't force it. Just use a holiday that fits your brand and use it to its full potential. 

  • 5th August – International Beer Day

  • 8th August – International Cat Day

  • 11th August – Son and Daughter Day

  • 19th August – World Photography Day

  • 25th August – National Burger Day

  • 26th August – National Dog Day


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The holiday madness is over, children are back to school, and maybe it's time to offer some promotions to pick up the post-holiday!

  • 1st September – Back to School

  • 5th September – Labour Day

  • 9th - 12th September - Chuseok (in Korea)

  • 15th September - National Hispanic Heritage Month

  • 17th September – Oktoberfest

  • 25th September - Jewish New Year

  • 26th September - EU Day of Language

  • 27th September – World Tourism Day

E-commerce Holiday and Event in Quarter 4


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We all love October, don't we? It's the real start to the holiday season. Night draws in, the Halloween coffee mugs come out and there's an abundance of pumpkins around. Some might say enough for a pumpkin spice latte.

  • 1st – 31st October – Black History Month (UK)

  • 1st – 31st October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  • 1st – 31st October – Go Sober for October (Stoptober)

  • 1st October – International Coffee Day

  • 2nd October – World Smile Day

  • 5th October - World Teacher Day

  • 10th October – Canadian Thanksgiving Day

  • 16th October – World Bosses Day

  • 24th October – Diwali

  • 31st October – Halloween


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November is a magical time, for most... Merchants start to kick things up a gear. The excitement levels are through the roof for the holidays. In the run-up to Black Friday, things can get a bit hectic.

  • 1st – 30th November – Movember (Men’s Health Awareness Month)

  • 1st November – World Vegan Day

  • 5th November – Bonfire Night

  • 11th November – Veterans Day

  • 19th November - International Men’s Day

  • 25th November – Black Friday

  • 28th – November – Cyber Monday


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December is a bit of a weird month, there's a mixture of people who've already done all of their holiday shopping throughout November, especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Then there's us... We've been working hard with clients throughout November to even have got a chance to check out any Black Friday deals and we've left it until the last minute to look for those last-minute gifts.

Make sure that when you're promoting any sales throughout December, let them know of any lead times and delays to avoid any Christmas day upsets.

  • 4th December – National Sock Day

  • 12th December – Green Monday Day

  • 17th December – Super Saturday

  • 18th December – US Free Shipping Day

  • 24th December – Christmas Day

  • 31st December – New Year’s Eve


Exploring new sales opportunities and options often allows sellers to plan and balance the sales between markets, spread the risk, and make the most of diversification.

The holiday season is a great chance to boost sales and customer engagement. However, you need to prepare yourself in advance to make sure everything runs smoothly. Having an e-commerce holiday calendar will help you strategize special promotions, social media posts, and email campaigns and get the special design ready for these potential upcoming events.

Happy sellings!

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